Veiled PAGE


Part 1

A project is planned to integrate the different religions into German society. Anita was a student who had committed herself to participate in the German-Arab Peace League during the semester break. Firstly, she needed the money, and secondly, it helped her during her studies. She had to spend six weeks with these women.

"We would like to help you! If you allow us, we will show you the way to the true faith, dear sister," Anita could read on the large display.

"But it would be nice if we could talk properly and not in writing about a large display hanging on the wall."

"Sister, you can always be reached through your smartphone, and you decide to whom you want to talk, too. So smartphones give us more intimacy because nobody can hear what we are talking about and it guaranteed our discretion is at all times".

Anita nodded confused and thought.

"No matter 'are you in Rome behave like a Roman'.

"Well, I guess sisters are the right form to address. What would you like to show me?"

"You will spend here with us for six weeks and share with us your life. First of all, we must look at your Outfit. So let's go into the bathroom."

Anita had to take off her clothes there, and one of the sisters gave new clothes to her, and she helped her to dress appropriately. She handed her some black panties, reaching up to her calves and over her navel. Then came a shirt, also black, with long sleeves reaching from the neck to the knees. Next, she fetched a black headscarf, which left only the face of Anita uncovered. She then handed Anita black thick socks and arm covers, which she pulled over the arms of the shirt. Her gloves were placed over her gauntlets so that Katie was dressed entirely in black apart from her face. Next garment was an overhead abaya with butterfly sleeves. To prevent the arms from slipping up, Katie had to pull the loops fastened to the envelope of the abaya over the middle finger. Slipping up the sleeves was effectively prevented. In the end, Anita put on the three-layer niqab. The initial layer was a transparent fabric that dropped down on her face. Then the second followed, which left a small slit for the eyes. Moreover, the third cloth was almost entirely invisible. Below them, she was only able to see the surroundings schematically.

"Well, just Khimar and we're done."

Looking into the large wall mirror, two black spirits of the same size were visible. Then she was led back to the others. There she was greeted with a loud knock on the tabletop.

Part 2

"Come and sit down and have some tea." Anita read. As she was sitting, they pulled two layers of the niqab above her head. Though everything was dipped in a milky grey through the first remaining cloth, she was able to see well.

"If we women are in the rooms among us, one layer is enough. When men can also use the other rooms, so we always wear the secondary layer. In the presence of strange men and outside the house, you pull the third layer all over your face. As you will notice, the veil also has its charms. Now we will teach you how to eat and drink with niqab". With some practice, Anita got the hang of it pretty fast.

"Here I am sitting deeply disguised and mute among women who call me 'sister', whom I cannot see, whom I do not know, and yet I can already tell them apart by their movements and gestures. So she wrote:

"On my left side sits sister 'wisdom', in the middle sister 'care' and next to her sister 'restraint'. What kind of sister am I?"

Sister 'Wisdom' wrote: " You touch our hearts, we were never so dearly named. We call you sister 'Love'".

Anita was strangely safe in their company. With tea and pastries, they had a lively but quiet exchange of thoughts. Anita asked Sister 'Wisdom' for how long now she had been veiling herself. She replied:

"Three months ago I converted to Islam and since then I wear the niqab. I would feel unveiled naked today."

" What were you doing before you converted?"

"I was a state prosecutor." At first, Anita was silenced. A former prosecutor, who now sat in front of her as a deeply veiled Muslim woman, was something extraordinary in her way. However, then her curiosity won: "How could you change your life so drastically in such a short period? "With the sleep mask, I gained the knowledge of Islam and the knowledge of a believing Muslim woman. Allah, be praised! You have to know that this is a learning mask which teaches you to read the Koran and pray. You can test it if you want."

"Sorry, I don't want to be influenced by a machine!"

"Nonsense, it only serves to teach you. You decide still yourself what you want. The mask only gives you faster access to the matter and allows you to form a better opinion."

Curious Anita wanted to know: " What does this mask do exactly?"

"You put it on, and a fine gas mixture emerges, which lets you calm down and the Koran verses are passed to you via earphones. You can take them off at any time. Why don't you take a five-minute test and see how harmless it is?"

"Okay, so I' ll try it."

Part 3

Wisdom removed the niqab from her and carefully placed earphones and mask on her. It instantly emanated a fragrant gas, and a soft voice recited Koran verses that were appearing inside the glasses. She quickly became calm and relaxed and listened to the poems with awe. She had been entirely isolated from her environment.

"The five minutes are up. How did you like it?" asked 'Wisdom'. A little shocked by the jerky end, 'Love' replied:

"It was delightful. It is true, and I quickly found the rhythm. I think it's just a very effective learning aid." At all, she didn't notice how time passed, and she even forgot that she was disguised. She felt easy and calm. Then the time came for prayer and a sister wrote:

"We want now to pray. Join us in prayer. You have to be there. It is only the will that counts".

Anita rose up with the women, and she followed them into the bathroom, where she was trained in the ritual ablutions. In the living room, they pointed out to her their prayer rug, on which she would kneel. Then a loudspeaker sounded the prayer softly. While Anita tried to pray with the woman, she felt a deep attachment to these women, and the typical subliminal competition was gone. For some reason, Anita always looked at them more than her sisters, and she guessed why these women veiled themselves so severely. After the prayer Sister 'Careful' said:

"Sister 'Love', we have dinner tonight, we read the Koran and after that, we will go to bed". They prepare dinner together. After the meal, the women cleared the table, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen. Here Anita learnt to work over her regular black glove with thick rubber gloves. In the living room, they were sitting and listening to the suras that appeared on the monitor at the same time.

"It's late," wrote 'Restraint'. " We should pray now and then go to sleep gradually." Wisdom replied:

"As always you are a dear sister. After prayer 'Love' you should look at your room. In the corridor are the bathroom and the toilets we share." Moreover, they entered the room. The room was simple and lovingly arranged. Also here on the wall, there was a large monitor. Wisdom' wrote:

"We sleep completely disguised. However, it would help if you made your own decision. You can find anything you need in the wardrobe. There is also a learning mask here, choose however you want. It has been very nice to share the afternoon with you and sleep well 'love' until tomorrow morning."

"I also wish you a good night, 'wisdom', sleep well," wrote 'love' back. She was alone then. Then she sat down on the bed and thought:

"What a day. In what a weird world she had gotten herself then."

Part 4

A month ago:

Anita Müller was sitting together with some of her fellow students in the Mensa.

"In one month it's semester break, and still I don't have a holiday job" Anita complained.

"Have you ever tried it with non-profit associations?" asked Franziska, one of her friends.

"You have to bring your own money, no thanks!"

"I didn't mean aid organisations, but more associations of political interests. If you like, I'll tell you, but not here."

"Okay, then let's go," said Anita, got up and packed her bag. The nice weather was inviting for a walk. So they walked into the nearby park and took a seat on a bench. Franziska began:

"You know that I am involved in various political organisations. I heard from a Syrian friend that the German-Arab Peace League was looking for students for a three-week integration project. All I do know, they do pay well. However, it's not clear what political ambitions they have. They don't set great store by transparency. Rather, they seem to belong to an orthodox Islamic wing. If they invite you to an interview, pay attention to your outfit. They are expecting applicants dressed in a decent way." "Veiled," asked Anita.

"Don't be foolish, don't wear décolletés and mini skirts. Are you interested? I' ll make you a connexion."

"Yes, please! I desperately need money! Next morning her Smartphone announced a call from a man named Abdul bin Almusa.

"Anja Müller on the line."

"Good morning Ms Müller, I am from the German Arab Peace League. Are you interested in one of our projects?"

"That went fast. I'm a student looking now for a paid vacation job."

"Very nice. Please come and see us today kindly. Otherwise, a later appointment would only be possible in a month. As you probably know, we soon will have Ramadan, and as a strictly religious organisation, a number of our activities will be suspended. I have an appointment for you today at about 16:00."

Anita buzzed her head - appearing immediately - strictly religious - Ramadan? At all, she needed the job.

"I would be delighted if I could come to you at 16:00." He told her the address. The university had to do without her today. She started to dress up for the interview. At 15:50 she contacted the reception.

"I have a meeting with Mr. bin Almusa. Name is Anita Müller".

"Ms Müller I announce you very gladly. Ms Müller here comes in a message concerning you. It is called: Dear Ms Müller, I regret it infinitely. However, I had to leave in an extremely urgently matter. If you want to wait for me, please go to my office, where they will take care of you until I return.

"Well, that's a good start," she thought, but she said,

"Where, could I find Mr. bin Al Musa's office?"

"Oh, so you' d like to wait. Please take place then. The Office will send somebody to pick you up. She must have been sitting there for half an hour, then a woman in strict Islamic clothing appeared. Without a word, she stood in front of the reception.

"Ms Müller, follow the lady, she will escort you to Mr Al Musa's office." Arriving at the office, she was asked to sit in a small windowless room. They brought her tea and some biscuits and asked for her application documents. They then left her alone.

In another room, Al Musa and some other gentlemen were sitting and watching Anita. "A handsome specimen, intelligent, from a broken home and strong-willed. I wonder how much longer she'll wait. If she holds out until 18:00, we will take her."

Now she sat almost an hour and a half alone in that hole and waited. When the door opened, she decided to leave, and a man stormed in.

"Dear Ms Müller, forgive me, please! I can never repay that! I am uncomfortable!"

"That depends very much on what kind of salary we agree on," she replied mischievously.

"Touche! I believe we made a great success by you. For six weeks we are offering you € 4000."

"I was thinking about a three-week job," she replied.

"Sorry, the project takes about six weeks. Do you accept it or not?"

" Six weeks and the holidays are over, 4000,- € on the other hand, who will pay so much?" she thought.

"Agreed, where will I be signing."

"Come along and talk to project manager Mesut Özil."

" But not that soccer player?"

"No,our Mesut Özil is looking a lot prettier," he said laughing. They then entered a spacious office.

Teil 5

"Mesut, may I present Ms Anita Müller. Ms Müller our Imam Mesut Özil and at the same time also one of our best project managers."

"I am very pleased, I will not give you my hand, not out of rudeness, but out of respect. Judging by the expression on your face, I confused you a bit. We have already reached the heart of the project. Our aim here is to make cultural differences generally known to clear up any misunderstandings. A Muslim man does not give a hand to a woman out of decency, not as is assumed here in many places as discrimination against women."

"And what would my job be?"

"Attendance and unbiased participation. You live together with Niqabis in a Madrasa, to submit to the customs and clothing regulations there and will not be hurt or tortured. We will prepare a personality profile of you today and a new one in six weeks after the project. We are hoping that this will lead to a useful result."

"I'm to live like a Muslim? Did I understand that correctly?"

" Exactly!"

" Live six weeks in a completely foreign, archaic culture. I don't understand why."

"We try to affect you in our interest. To inspire you for this life which is strange to you. You are supposed to help us to discover remedies for Islam hate. We are the German-Arab Peace League, and our motivation is honourable."

"So it might be that you turn me into a Muslim?"

"Nonsense, if you do, you' ll make yourself one. On the other hand, if you would be a devout Muslimah, I would immediately propose to you."

He laughed. Anita giggled a little embarrassed, not wanting to show how much she liked Özil. They then sat down together and wrote an employment contract. They said goodbye and will sent a copy of the agreement to Anita with a letter stating the place, date and time of the project.

Teil 6

Strangely enough, she no longer felt that she was veiled so strangely. It somehow began to make pleasure. It was only 20:00 and she was not tired at all. She was bored and leafed through the Qur'an, that she found on the console next to her bed with the Learning Mask. She remembered the soothing effect of the sleep mask, hesitantly picked it up in her hand and then took off the niqab to put the cover on. She immediately took action, and a pleasant feeling spread inside her. The Koran poems appeared again, recited by a soft voice in her earphones. She fell into a sleep-like state. So she learned the first suras and the first prayers that night by heart. At the same time, the mask programmed her to Salafistic values unnoticed. Sometime in the night, she woke up. She took off her mask, and went to the bathroom washing and brushing her teeth. Of course, she placed the niqab on again and laid down in bed to sleep, completely disguised. To her, it seemed reasonable that she had done it all her life. Early in the morning, the monitor awakened her to ask her to pray softly. Refreshed by a relaxing night's sleep, she stood up and knelt on the prayer rug for the morning prayer. Then she fetched some fresh clothing from the closet and set off for the bathroom, which was leaving 'Restraint'. In silence, they hugged and rubbed their veiled heads together. She acted as if she were a niqabi unconsciously. 'Love' took off her clothes and was showering extensively. She then took her new dresses and carefully clothed herself. She met the other women in the kitchen. After a long but silent greeting, she sat down for breakfast and ate in silence. Again they cleared the table, washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen, and then they met up in the living room for a small morning chat. "Well, how did your first sleep at our home feel" asked 'Wisdom' of 'Love'. "First I tested the mask and then I slept fully veiled. The mask is fantastic. This morning I knew how to pray. I think I enjoy being with you," she wrote, "I have not spoken a word since I' m with you and I didn't have a hard time with it. With a smiley, 'Restraint' replied:

"We love you, sister 'Love', be welcome! Moreover, greetings from 'wisdom' and 'care' followed. Anita was thinking, while the tears of emotion were running down her cheeks:

"How nice it is to be so loved. Here they call me 'love'. I feel entirely safe here."

"Please teach me to believe so that I may be like you."

" If you want to believe with all your heart, you don't need us. We want to pray now. If you like, afterwards you can wear a mask until noon. The prayer with her sister also perceived 'love' more intensely. Then she withdrew with the cover into a comfortable corner. She quickly became in tune with the mask. The voice was exceptionally soft and resonant through the headphones, not unpleasant at all. While fell into a trance, after hile the Quranic verses became quieter and just sounded like beautiful background music. A Niqabi woman appeared.

"Salam aleikum, 'Love' Well, I would like you to lean back, breathe deeply and relax."

She did as she was told and was amazed to sense the tension for a moment as she breathed out leaving her body. "Mmmm," Anita said. " That works."

"Do it again," said the niqabi. " Breathe in and breathe out all your stress and tension.

"Next time it would be even better. Anita felt like she was floating.

"Very good," said the Niqabi. " You reach a level of mind that is perfect for learning. You are very fortunate to be able to have these experiences. "Yes, it is a bit of great luck to be allowed to make these experiences," Anita thought.

Teil 7

"All right, here's the most important part of your training," said the niqabi. "You have to understand exactly why this topic is so relevant to your life. To assist you, I show you a computer simulation of someone who chose another way to understand it. When you learn to understand the things from her perspective, you will understand the concept better."

"I guess it makes sense", Anita thought. The idea seemed a bit strange, but it didn't matter. She certainly didn't want to do without the beautiful Quranic poems that quietly sounded in the background or to leave her comfortable place. A slender, busty young blonde woman appeared on the computer screen. She stood in a kitchen. Looking strangely familiar to Anita, she wasn't sure why. Indeed, none of her friends would style their hair in this naturally sexy way or wear such an outfit. She had a frilly pink apron around her waist, over a very short skirt. Her long, slender legs she covered with very high heeled pink pumps. The girl also had a white silk blouse with several open buttons under which there had to be a Wonderbra, considering the way her big, partially exposed breasts emerged. The girl had a pink lipstick, with so much lip gloss that her lips seemed incredibly wet.

Anya was shocked. A woman so naked disgusted her.

"Hello! I am here to share with you the pleasures of my home," said the woman in a soft, breathy voice.

"I love it!" The voice was sexy and giggling, like a stupid cheerleader. Anita wanted to say something else but was suddenly caught up in that calm, relaxed feeling. What did she want to say? She felt fantastic.

"Now it works like a language lab," the Niqabi said.

"She will say, and you will repeat. Also, remember, it is the idea to view things from her point of view."

"I could never see things the way she did," Anita protested. "I mean, look at her."

"Anita, she's a woman, just like you. Don't you think that you should have sympathy for other women?" It was a strange argument, but Anita couldn't deny it. She wanted to support other women.

"Yes," she said.

"Okay, then just try your best."

"All right," Anita said.

"The girl on the screen has such beautiful blue eyes, right Anita? They're pretty, just like yours."

"Yes," Anita said. They were gorgeous

"I love my home," said the girl with her sweet, sexy voice.

"Come on, Anita," said the Niqabi.

Um ... okay. She can give it a try. "I love my home."

"Come on, Anita, you can do better," said the Niqabi.

"Look at things the way she ... say it the way she does it. Feel it in you".

"I love my home" the girl repeated.

"I love my home," Anita said. That was better, she thought. She could feel a little giggle in her voice this time. That was undoubtedly a stupid exercise.

"I need my home," said the girl.

"I need my home" Anita repeated. Okay, that wasn't so hard.

"I need a home to spoil my husband," said the girl.

"What? wait!" said Anita. "I'm not saying that." In the background Anita heard the Niqabi say:

"Anita, 'love', you don't have to believe what she says. You have to understand from where she comes. Take her place. You can, can't you? Now relax and say it."

"I need my home to spoil my husband" the girl repeated.

"Okay ... I need my home to spoil my husband," Anita replied. Yes, she could now see it. Spoil a man. Why not actually?

"I need my home because I'm just a woman," she said.

"What? All right, that's crazy," Anita said. "I get out of the car.

The Quranic verses in Anita's ears became loud.

"Relax, Anita," the Niqabi cooed. " There is nothing false about what we are doing here. You are just beginning to learn new things. That's all right. Now relax, relax, relax."

Teil 8

Uh, Anita had to think. There was something wrong. She had to concentrate, but she had to relax, relax, relax, she could not seem,- to relax, to relax, to relax.

"It's so hard to think," said the woman on the screen.

"I'm just a woman, and it's hard for women to think."

"It's so hard to think," Anita heard herself say. Wait, she had to think. However, it's so hard for women to think! It is hard to think if you're just a stupid woman," the woman said.

"So hard to think if you're just a stupid woman.", Anita repeated. She almost giggled. This matter was just stupid.

"I just want to cook and clean and spoil my husband," said the woman. "My husband is so beautiful and strong," said the girl. He makes me feel so soft and feminine, and I get weak in my knees. I can't think when I'm around him. I can only think of him." Anita sensed that her mouth was opening a little. Her lips were not moving enough for her to repeat the words aloud, but they were buzzing around in her head. The girl had such beautiful blue eyes. She was just like her. Anita understands what she says. She was right. It was the truth!

"I used to think I was smart, but I know I' m only a woman anymore," she said,  "I am only allowed to do things that will help me to serve my husband. I can cook and clean and fix and sew. I wished he would sleep with me ... I need him to sleep with me all the time ... " Anita wishes her husband would sleep with her. She tried to think of something, which she had previously been thinking. You can hardly concentrate if you're only a woman.

"Wait, I can think for myself," Anita said weakly. The woman disappeared, and the Niqabi reappeared.

"Do you understand this woman what she is doing wrong, 'love'? She wants to pamper her husband, even to serve him. What do you think is wrong?" Anita said:

"I don't know. I find it hard to concentrate."

"Love, I do know you know this. The niqabi drilled, "What is wrong with her? Anita was listening to the Suras in the background, and the answers overwhelmed her:

"The woman was naked! She looked like a slut! No honourable man will ever take her to be his wife! All she said was right. To serve a man who loves you, to be a good housewife and be ready is good. She doesn't need to be clever. However, she veils her face if she wishes to be loved by him." " You' re going to earn your new name,'love'."

Then the niqabi disappeared, and the Quranic verses were recited louder again. Anita melted away with bliss. She had an empty head, and that was a good thing, and she didn't want to burden herself with heavy thoughts. Moreover, she didn't want to be smart. The emptiness in her head was filled with the sounds of the suras until they faded away. She slowly regained consciousness. Attempting to remember, it was only her bliss that remained.

Teil 9

"Sister you are awake?" she read on the monitor. She turned around and saw 'Care' sitting next to her.

"Oh, that was nice," she wrote.

"It's time for lunch prayer, come!" wrote 'Care'. A happy Anita followed her, and she prayed devoutly with her sisters. Anita rushed for lunch to get under the mask again quickly. In no time the kitchen was clean, and Anita withdrew with the cover into her corner. This time she listened to Arabic songs to praise Allah and His Prophet Mohammed. Touching her heart, she understood every word. Then the Niqabi sister reappeared.

"Salam aleikum, Sister 'Love' are you ready for a new lesson? Our Sister has also learned, see how pretty she looks in her veils". Anita saw a deeply veiled woman and recognised the former slut at once. However, Anita now felt honest, sisterly feelings for her:

"Yes, she is beautiful deserves a good husband who takes good care of her and his future children," Anita said.

"All she says I want to say and everything she thinks I want to think, too!" she said. The woman said, "I think whatever my husband is telling me. I can believe whatever my husband is telling me. I am so happy that my husband is always right. Big, strong men are always right! It felt good to be so weak and soft. I love to be only a woman." The words echoed in Anita's head, and she said:

"I can think whatever my husband is telling me. I can believe whatever my husband is telling me. I am so happy that my husband is always right. Men are so tall and strong, and it feels good to be so weak and soft. I love being only a woman."

"I want to forget the old Anita, the slut. I am 'love'. I am the Muslim sister of 'wisdom', 'care' and 'restraint'. I feel so good when I do not have to think!" Anita said. Feels so good to forget, to forget, to forget. I have to ... forget, forget, forget, Anita thought. No, not only that. I do need a good Muslim man who will make me feel so soft and secure. I must do everything he is telling me. I like to do anything that he says. I wish he loved me. I need him to sleep with me. I need him to love myself, Anita thought. My husband, my husband ..."

"Be patient, and soon your husband will embrace you! Learn the prayers and suras diligently by heart and become a good Muslim, then everything will turn to good! Forget Anita and become his 'love'."

The Arab songs of praise sounded, but this time they praised the modesty, obedience and modesty of a good Muslimah. 'Love' sang along with fervour. Slowly the songs faded away, leaving behind a happy 'love'. She was thoughtlessly happy and full of anticipation to submit to a man and to serve and obey him. 

Teil 10

Soon she spoke the Shahada and fitted in seamlessly with her sisters' lives. Her name was now Ahbik, which means 'I love you' and old Anita was only a distant memory. Ahbik worked on a special meal three weeks later which she had learned from ''care''. It was a bit complicated for a stupid woman like her, but since only concentrating on domestic work, then it gradually turned well. Sometimes she wondered why she spent all her time cooking and sewing. Occasionally she even seemed to remember a little of her former life before wearing the veils. However, she always found it so difficult to think !... At that moment 'restraint' interrupted her. Here is someone to see you, Ahbik. Go into the living room. Ahbik accompanied her into the room.

"You remember of me, don't you? " It was the Imam who had put her in the madrasa. Restraint' left the room and closed the door behind her. "Hello, Ahbik," he said. He looked at the young, formerly intelligent student, who now stood before him as a broken, black, submissive spirit. Ahbik saw the gorgeous man she had ever seen and sensed her inner self-melting, her knees kinking and her thoughts blurring.

"I am glad to see that you are doing so well here and what a good Muslimah and housewife you have become. When we are married, you can spoil me every day and cook for me."

It was the happiest day of her life.