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My Country

This is my homeland!

I would never have dreamt I would ever have thought, or even written, about Germany, or better said its inhabitants.

Actually, why should I? Are there really nothing more important to be considered. Certainly!

Perhaps I just want to take revenge on you for all the boredom to which I have been exposed all the time by your Politicians and your media.

The fact that I am German for me is at the most a genetic lottery win. I can definitely not remember having done anything about it in any way.

I am here: 1. born, 2. raised and 3. grown old and that may imply some life experience.

But not more. My main focus was more on eating, drinking and fucking! To be honest.

To point 1 I cannot anything; to point 2 ditto; to point 3 ditto.

Anyway, if it must be, Germany.

Then I' ll take a walk through the town listening to your thoughts. You think I can't read your thoughts. There is nothing easier than this. All is written in capital letters on your hollow faces.

And you think:

Now, what does the old bag want to talk to us about?

Can he not finally die?

The old idiot only steals our breath! Generally, you should forbid the old ones to use the car, they don't have a working self-evaluation any more!

That is surely the senile, old piece of shit which always drives 80 km/h on the left lane.

At the supermarket, he likes to shop even when we have to spend our free time on it.


My neighbour from next door is named Müller and is also points 1 to 3. He is the only one in a handicapped wheelchair.

And you think:

Out on the street, the cripple takes away our precious parking space with its huge handicapped parking lot!

Those handicapped bums are standing around forever! I am a more important one! I have to hurry!

Is that not embarrassing at all, to beg constantly for help with strangers!

If he cannot manage on his own anymore, he should go to the orphanage!


The neighbour above me is called Ahmed. Like the name says a kanake and my friend.

And you think:

Why is he here? He shall disappear into his Kafferland!

Those dudes are touching up our decent ladies!

They hide their wives under the burqa. Certainly just so you don't see that they are beaten up green and blue!

After all, they are all just economic refugees! They do not want to work, those social parasites.

If even more of this pack arrives in our country, they will take over my beloved Germany!


I almost forgot Willy.

This poor sow already knew better times. Is supposed to have been once a quite passable bank employee with a family, house and so, the old drunkard!

And you think:

Wasn' even something in the newspaper: Homeless man beaten and burned.

They should, as in America, drill him in a boot camp from sober and drills till he sweats blood!

I only finance his booze with my health insurance contributions!

But the poor old pensioner Lady, who has worked hard her life, gets a pension from which she cannot live!


Those were just a few examples.

I have more neighbours. Points 1 to 3 apply to all of them, sometimes more, sometimes less.

I just wanted you to see you tick.

When you say something, then you 'believe' or 'mean', but you don't know anything!

You are far too afraid of that.

As you say, you love Germany but you can't really love yourself.

Because you want to believe everything that is told to you. Self-reliant thinking would really be rude of you towards these liars, right?

Only you fear nothing more than the Truth.

While you are social, you are never self-motivated or understanding the circumstances that led to needing.

Sometimes I believe that you are afraid the misery of others may infect you like a disease.

You are denying human rights to your neighbour because you fear yourself being a responsible, independent, critical and loving fellow human being.


Then I will meet you personally.

And we have a wonderful conversation so that everyone can benefit from it.

And I think:

People are not that bad, you always think.

We split up and each of us follows his own path.

But: Yes:

You can read this miserable shit on our hollow faces. The wires around our heads are getting tighter and tighter:

Fear yourself.

Fear all strangers.

Allow others to think for you.

If you keep your eyes shut, you will see how beautiful it is to be here in your wonderful Germany.