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Germany 2030 AD - 1452 AH


First, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Ibrahim Arslan, and I am the highest German Imam and Chairman of the 'German-Islamic Brotherhood'. I look back on 25 years of dedicated service to the spread of Islam. A time marked by small defeats and ended with a triumphant victory. Today, as you know, Islam and Sharia dominate events in large parts of Europe - at least in the economically important ones. Even Mother Russia will soon submit to our dictates. But I do not want to bore you with politics. I want to tell you my way.

It all began in 2018 or as we say today in Europe 1440 AH with the 'gas'. It gave us a great influence on all public areas and city administrations. At first, we could only mentally control women, but soon our scientists in Egypt developed a gas that also worked on men. I will not go into the well-known effects of the gas.  My first place of work was a small mosque in Duisburg - Marxloh. Mainly Muslims lived in this part of the city, that made a relatively undisturbed working possible for the brotherhood by BND, police or party members.

The free purchase of many real estates over the company 'Mueller Real Estate', which had besides own craftsman enterprises, in whose possession we came by my marriage with Anita Mueller, enabled us to use the gas at ever more places in the city. My brutally hectic approach to Anita Müller, who was a VIP, led to unwanted attention in the press. So we learned to work more carefully and with minimal doses of gas because time worked for us as long as we could act bent. Soon I could make essential contacts in the individual communities. Soon there were no new buildings or renovations in the far environment at which not one of my companies was active, and thus we used the gas. The aim was to connect every villa, every apartment house, every administration, every home and to finance it all with public money.

The more successful I became, the more career-addicted creepers courted me - for many it would probably not have needed the gas. We organized regular, peaceful Friday demonstrations against racism and for integration in all major cities. The first demos in the East brought us the greatest sympathies. When we sent two hundred well-dressed Muslims to Dresden, the men freshly shaved and dressed in western clothes, the women in modern hijab style. They were our martyrs. We instructed them not to defend themselves. They were, as expected, as they silently held up their posters, also held up some German flags, walked through the streets of Dresden, beaten by a horde of brutal Neo-Nazis hospital ripe while the police tried to watch away. We had cameras and passers-by with smartphones in all the essential places.

We sent the most brutal excerpts, if possible, in the presence of non-interfering police in the best HD quality into the net. A wave of anger and shame over this crime overturned the country, and the mood turned in our favour.

The 'Bild' newspaper asked: “Are these cowardly Nazis still Germans? Before and after pictures of young smiling hijab girls at the beginning of the demonstration and immediately afterwards with bloody beaten faces in hospital accompanied the whole thing. Shortly after that, a citizens' movement formed, which soon organized the biggest Friday demonstrations in the country. They protested not only against racism but also against violations of international law by Islamic states. Thus, they won the sympathies of the whole population broadly, so that from it, as known, the IPD arose, which governs the country today together with a small CDU. Today, Europe is entirely in line with our intentions, and we are all expecting a wonderful future in Islam.