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Hanna Böhm:

"My God, Petra looks like nothing else! Her whole body is covered with fabric. Her head is uncovered, but her beautiful, chestnut brown hair is tightly knotted to her head," I thought quietly.

"Hi, Petra! How are you? Long time no sees. What are you doing?" I welcomed her. However, Petra only pointed at her mouth, which remained tightly closed and shook her head vehemently.

"Can't you speak, are you sick? And what strange clothes are you wearing?" I asked worriedly. Petra kept shaking her head, and with her hands, she pretended to scare me away. And then Petra sat on her seat and ignored me completely.

"Well, wait. You won't get rid of me again so quickly! Now I have tasted blood. I would like to know what is the matter with you, my little fruit," I thought and I wrote Julia on WhatsApp.

Our girlfriend blocked me hard as nails! But not with me, I'll stay tuned and contact you when I know something new. I discreetly followed her up to the bus stop after class. I didn't know about her move to Marxloh when she boarded the bus to Duisburg-Marxloh.

"Shit, she is going to Marxloh, the Muslim quarter! I'm sure I'll get a lot of stress in my outfit. Being a brave girl. The Muslims won't kill you straight away," I thought and slipped into the bus unseen, past the passengers getting off. I held up my student ticket so that the bus driver could see it in the rear-view mirror so that he didn't think I was a fare dodger. I was sitting right behind a tall man. The closer we approached Marxloh, the more exotic the passengers became. Then three young Arabs boarded, behaving as if the bus belonged to them. Without paying, they walked gesticulating loudly to the back where they encountered with me.

"Hey, bitch! Are you lost? We don't tolerate naked women in our part of town," the leader yelled at Hanna.

"This is also my city, and I won't let you tell me where and what I'm allowed to wear," I yelled back. He grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and spat into my mouth, wide open in horror. Then he closed my mouth and nose till I had his snot swallowed.

"Shut your cheeky mouth and don't you dare get out! Under loud howling, they got out of the bus then. That was not hidden from the other passengers, not even Petra, who looked over to me.

"Shit! As a detective, you are a loser" I thought and acted as if nothing had happened. I was still struggling with nausea. As the bus approached the next stop, I saw Petra get up and pull a big scarf over her head. So she looked like a strict Muslim woman. Only her eyes and nose and mouth were still visible in a small triangle. She moved to the middle of the bus and to get off, and she pressed the holding button. The bus stopped, and I ran to the exit to follow Petra as inconspicuously as possible. I might do well to stay on the bus, for here in my small, thin summer dress. I was a very conspicuous butterfly among all the decently dressed Muslim women. Nevertheless, I tried to follow Petra and promptly ran back into the arms of the wrathful, juvenile Arabs.

"Hey, bitch! Our Bro said if you show up here, we should pet you a little. Haven't you gulped enough snot yet? I've got something delicious for you!" Before I knew it, I was pulled into a dark doorway and beaten brutally. Lying on the ground, they pissed on me and left me lying in the dirt. "Hanna, for God's sake! What are you doing here?" I saw only a black ghost through my too swollen eyelids. But I recognised Petra's voice and was helped up by her.

"Come, I will take you to safety. There they will take care of you." I dragged myself away from there, supported by Petra. Then Petra brought me to a courtyard where we were greeted with loud female chatter. "Please, help my friend. She was attacked!" Petra said. A man in a long robe and full beard rushed to them and ordered:

"Come on, for what are you waiting? Help the poor woman! Take care of her wounds and wash them and give her clean clothes! Well, come on!" As though the wives had just waited for a man to give them instructions, they brought me into the building and did as ordered. After I was halfway taken care of, they took me to a room without furniture, equipped only with carpets and jumbo pillows. There they placed me on a pad and offered me tea. Thereupon they left me alone. Gradually I recovered. I recuperated unusually quickly from the shock and began to enjoy the serenity and peace of this place. I cuddled into the pillows and soon fell asleep.


Julia Meyer:

I couldn't fall asleep because I was so worried about Hanna, then finally there was a message from Hanna on the smartphone:

"Everything's okay, I'm in good hands here, don't worry. See you on Monday. Hanna."

"Thank God! I'm curious to see what she has to report. On this weekend I will spend with Roger. He already got enough empty baskets from me, and he is a nice guy with a sense of humour but also with a great serenity for a 20-year-old. You rarely find guys like him in this country of brain-dead consumers," I thought and texted a WhatsApp.

"Hi, Roger! Would you like to meet me on Saturday evening," I texted him? "You know how I'd love to have a date with you. Do you mind coming over to my place? I promised my father I'd help him set up my mother's new room on Saturday."


"Well then come tomorrow around 19:00. I am pleased, like Bolle."

"Great", I thought. "I slept the night out of concern for Hanna so badly. Then I can sleep late on Saturday morning and still have time to style myself, and I'm still at Roger's on time."

It was 18:30 when I rang Weber's bell. I had made a little mistake with the time because the subways had a different timetable on weekends. So his father Frank Weber opened the door to me.

"Hello, Julia! You are early! Never mind, come in. Roger and I just finished. He's in the bathroom to make himself more handsome for you," he said with a grin. Come, you can wait for him in Claudia's new room. Don't be shocked; a lot has changed." I followed him in confusion. He knocked on a door that only opened a bit and said:

"Fatima, I will bring you, Julia. She is waiting for Roger. Take good care to our guest." A black gloved hand grabbed my hand and pulled me in, and a woman in a black veil welcomed me. The face was a small triangle of eyes, nose and mouth. Otherwise, you could only see the black cloth. "Hello, Julia. It's Claudia, Roger's mother." She lovingly hugged me and invited me to sit on a big pillow.

"I am so happy that you are my first guest in this new room. I'll fetch us some tea, yes. I'll be right back."

" Am I here at 'Hidden Camera' ?" I thought and looked around. The room was quite small, 6 m X 6 m at the most. In the middle was a low table with some seat cushions. In a corner stood a chest and on it was a rolled up mattress. There was a new wall opening leading directly into the kitchen. Then Claudia arrived with the tea.

"How do you like my new domicile? Hasn' t it become beautiful? And it' s so useful, I can stay here all day thanks to the opening to the kitchen."

-- While Julia was drinking her tea, Mr Weber had turned on the gas. She had no idea that there was a sedative in the tea. Mr Weber worked for Müller Immobilien, which belonged to the Brotherhood and had already infiltrated all employees. –

I relaxed and asked, " Is your name Fatima now, Mrs Weber?"

"Yes, my dear, I converted today, and as a reward, Frank and Roger prepared this beautiful room for me." She told me about her conversion to a Muslimah and about how happy she now was. I was listening to her story with interest as I relaxed more and more. The initial shock had disappeared and replaced a great affinity to her. Then it knocked, and Roger asked me to come. We women rose, hugged each other, and I kissed Fatima's hand and held it slightly bowing to my forehead as if I had always said goodbye in this way. Roger said when I had left the room, "Come with me".  I grabbed my tools quickly and followed him. I first tried to catch up with him, but soon found it reasonable to keep three steps behind him. I had a fantastic view of his elongated back, and as I followed him dreamily, I forgot to pay attention to where we were going. I wanted to have a conversation with him on the bus, but he ignored my questions and said:

"We meet my friends in our madrasah. I hope you don't pay any attention to the boys. So you go with the girls, they can show you everything and now shut up," he said to me. And I did as he told. Once there, we took off our shoes and entered the madrasah. His friends traditionally greeted Roger, they ignored me.

"Wait here until one of the girls picks you up," he ordered me and simply left me standing in the reception hall.

What is wrong with me? I like the way he treats me. I usually tell the boys how the hell it is! Oh! He is such a nice man, and when I look at him I get horny! Then two hijab girls entered the hall, and after a nice greeting, I joined them in the protected women's area. I made friends with the women and tried out Muslim clothes. Then they gave me a long, voluminous grey skirt, a shoulder-length Hijaab and a German Koran.

Roger already contacted me at 20:00 to take me home. Annoyingly, I had to wait for him in the reception hall for more than half an hour. But when he finally came, my anger had vanished as soon as I saw him.

"You look decent in these new clothes. I like it very much." I turned red and asked:

"Do you want me to wear it all the time?"

"That would be nice, but it would attract too much attention. Let it be our secret for now. I don't want anyone to know about today. Nobody you hear! Not even Hanna! Change now. I want to take you to your home the way you were," he commanded to me. I quickly rushed back to the women's wing and was back with him again in five minutes.

"Sorry for having to wait," I said quite submissively,

" Next time I would like to be asked before you do stupid things, you understand?"

"Yes, Roger. Whatever you want," I said and silently walked three steps behind him. At my home, he said,

"It was a beautiful evening. I will repeat it soon. But now go in and stay at home. I don't like it when you hang around outside. The woman's place is in the house!" I thought the same now, and I only heard 'nice evening' and 'repeat'. I took his hand, kissed it and touched it bowing with my forehead.

"I will do whatever that you say," I devoutly told him and went happily into the house. I smelled the liquor when I entered my flat. As always, the smoke from my mother's cigarettes filled the entire apartment. I turned on the lights quickly and opened all the windows. Sitting in the living room, my mother watched some crap on TV again, holding a cigarette in her left hand and a whisky in her right. Since Dad's death two years ago, she had turned from a once cheerful and attractive woman into an abandoned mess. I remembered Roger's mother and how friendly and clean it was there. I sadly went into my room and read the Koran for the first time in my life. It became late, so I made up my bed and read on. I did not get along with some passages, they had no relation to the present time, but I read other passages with interest, they gave answers to my problems. So I fell asleep and dreamed of my first veil dream.