Veiled PAGE




I entered my apartment attached to the Madrasa and the mosque. A black ghost received me deeply bowed, took my jacket and pulled me kneeling in front of my slipper. It was my wife Selima, formerly called Anita Müller, and she was a successful real estate merchant. She was when she first met me, an incredibly arrogant snipe that stank of money. I was very proud of this newly created subject and was happy to remember this work.

Back then:

It was less than a year ago when the Brotherhood bore me to rent rooms for a Madrasa for women near the mosque. Large parts of the real estate in mosque proximity were looked after by Müller real estates or were in their possession. I contacted this company and mentioned my interest in a property. The very next day a Porsche drove up to the mosque and parked on the only accessible parking space approved by the city. A top-modern styled career woman outgrew it. She entered the mosque through the man’s entrance without taking off her shoes, shouting:

“I wish to speak to a Mr Arslan!” I hurried to complete them quickly out of the mosque and ask them to my adjoining apartment,

“Please take a seat. May I offer you a tea? Excuse me for a moment, and I have time for you right now.“ There has recently been installed a gas system in my home that emanates a mind-altering gas to turn women into obedient servants. It was entirely ineffective for men. It was the latest from the Brotherhood’s Egyptian Laboratory. This arrogant goat was the perfect test object. She was the spoiled heir to one of the largest real estate companies in Germany, which did nothing but hang out at parties. But the prestige gain, if I came to the fortune of this slut, worth every effort. So I opened the valve and let the gas flow into the living room.

Anita waited impatiently in the living room. After all, she was still scheduled for a tennis match. I waited another five minutes until I came back to her so that the gas had time to unfold its effect fully.

“Excuse me, but it was more important than having to deal with you.” Anita just wanted to shout at this impudence when she thought better of it.

“What an incredibly confident man and so handsome.”, She thought. I continued:

“We need the adjoining house.”

“Of course, Mr Arslan, it’s a great honour to do business with you. I will start everything immediately. Would you like to buy or rent the property?", she asked. Now comes the moment of truth, now we will know how well the gas works. I said:” Neither my love, you surely would like to support the Brotherhood and leave the property to us for free and unlimited, right?" Anita was completely stunned by this audacity. She did not know the answer to it. She was overcome with a sense of futility and worthlessness towards me and would have loved to give everything to me, to find some mercy in my eyes, and so for the first time in her life, felt silent out of respect for what she believed to be her superior man. I saw it and said:

"Listen, woman, I want to help you. I can make you a respectable woman, would you like that?"

"I feel so empty and helpless, please tell me what I have to do," she begged.

"In the name of Allah the Merciful, you are half naked and you run into his house screaming loud and disrespectful. All your life you have mocked Allah. I think he came over you. He has brought you to us to save you from eternal damnation. If you are ready to obey me, I will help you. First, you cancel all the appointments, and then you instruct your office to initiate the free takeover of the property for us and then you say goodbye for an indefinite period!“, I ordered her.

“A place at my table is not your slut, kneel on the ground, that’s the place for a good, submissive wife. From now on, you speak when required. From your dirty mouth will soon speak only the prayer. If you have something to share, write it down. Make sure it’s essential. A wife should not be intrusive to his master. I will send you some of the women to make you decent. You wait here! “I said.

Three months later she was my wife, and I was a German citizen. It gave the Brotherhood as a charitable foundation its entire assets. She became a black ghost. No one should ever see her face again. She even slept in the veil. She saw herself and was also treated as part of her master’s household and no more than a free woman. All she wanted was to give me a son. That is why she asked Allah six times a day in her prayers. I was now a famous person within the Brotherhood, and I also benefited from my cunning, because I had very long-standing relationships and lubricated with the money of my wife, the right people. Thus, the Brotherhood, unobserved by the public, could extend its influence even further.