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Then Friday came. It was the Friday before Whitsun. Hanna and Julia had agreed to spend only two days in the Madrasa and then take a bike tour together. Petra was looking forward to four days in the Madrasa. It was the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday, and the lessons were over. The three Girls were on their way to the Madrasah. As they passed the schoolyard gate, they listened to a car honking, and Ibrahim was waving to them. They went to him with surprise.

"Hello, girls! I figured I'd pick you up from school. The incident last week should never happen again. So you'd like to drive with me."

" By car through Marxloh is always better," Julia said and entered at the front. Hanna and Petra boarded the rear seats. They were quiet, according to Julia. They sat in the back of the car with their heads slightly tilted forward and holding their hands.

"I had made up my mind when the girls left school and had installed a small gas system at the front passenger seat. So I had an easy game with them until we arrived in the Madrasa.

"You must be Julia, Hanna's girlfriend. Do you also want to become a journalist? The gas started to work because she just nodded.

"We call each other by our first names in the community. So call me Ibrahim. Sit back with the others and be silent! Do you understand?" I ordered her. She nodded again because I had given her a full dose of the gas and she obediently climbed backwards. The gas had also reached the rear passengers by now. Three deeply immersed women sat together and held each other's hands. Satisfied, I stated in my thoughts:

"In three days the congregation will be able to welcome three new German sisters, and in the future, each of them will marry a brother who will then become a German citizen. So the influence of his community will grow. It was already one of the largest brotherhoods following Cologne." When I arrived at the Madrasa, I led the girls to the adjacent house and left them in the care of the Niqabi sisters.

"These bitches are put into the Purdah program for one day. On Sunday they can speak the Shahada in the mosque. Work carefully, and I don't want any problems". Then I left.

Julia Meyer + Hanna Böhm + Petra Meiser

At first, they undressed Julia, depilated her from the neck downwards, also the small facial hairs were removed and her eyebrows were styled to symmetrical sickles. Then she showered. After that, they stuck her in black panties reaching up to her calves and over her navel. Then came a shirt, also black, with long sleeves reaching from the neck to the knees. She continued with a black headscarf, which only left her face visible. Then came black gaze thick socks and arm gauntlets, which they pulled over the sleeves of the shirt. Black gloves were drawn over the cuffs so that she was dressed entirely in black except for her face. The next garment was an overhead abaya with butterfly sleeves. The loops attached to the envelope of the abaya were pulled over Julia's middle finger. The sleeves were effectively prevented from slipping up. Then the niqab was put on. After a few moments, Julia's green eyes disappeared forever behind a black veil. Finally, the Khimar now and she was completely dressed.

While the other girls were being prepared, one of the women took Julia's arm and led the almost blind and slightly stunned girl into another room. There she had to kneel on a large pillow. The pillow was specially designed to withstand constant stress, and a special filling kept it soft for days. At the same time, it supported the body so that one could use it only kneeling and it was also a toilet, which obliterated the emergency odourless and automatically and cleaned the person afterwards. Belts were attached to the side of the pillow to hold Julia in place until she could only move her head. Thereupon the woman folded the niqab up and put headphones into Julia's ears, allowing no sounds to pass through and placed nasal cannulas on her, through which the gas could then released in a controlled manner. On the eyes, two displays were stuck, which indicated the permanently played Koran verses in Arabic writing. In the end, they put a stomach tube into her mouth, which was guided by an inflatable mouth gag, which was set on her last. Julia was now a blind, deaf-mute and motionless black cone, ready to be transformed into a godly, will-less and demure Muslimah. The same was done with the other two girls.


I was informed that the girls were ready and so I started their program for each of them. With Petra a small sequence was enough to continue her transformation, with Hanna I had come up with something special: I not only wanted to transform her, but also make her my second wife. After the treatment, she will be overjoyed to be allowed to submit to me, and she will have a loving and sisterly relationship with my first wife. Julia had to do the whole program in one day, which will lead to the most significant loss of intelligence for her, but it also made her more submissive, which was the goal of the programming.

"None of you will be smarter than that, but rather a bit dull and a good Bimbo," I thought when I pressed the start button.

Julia Meyer:

I awoke, and it was hot and stuffy. I wanted to get up, but I couldn't move, not even my hands. It was pitch dark and deathly silent. I tried to call for help, but I couldn't even beep. Then I heard a very distant sounding voice, and it was little more of a breath I didn't understand. If I blinked vigorously, I could see a quite beautiful, white fog from right to left pull past. It fascinated me so much that I forgot to think about my situation. I felt a deep joy in listening to the voice and watching the fog. I did not know that I heard subliminally to the Koran verses and that they passed before my eyes. They should become louder and more apparent until they took up all space in my consciousness and the old one I would repress to the bare essentials, and in the end a happy thing remains.

-- The same should happen to the other girls. A goal that they should achieve only after further sessions. --