Veiled PAGE



Klaus Böhm:

"That my daughter is among these people is already bad. Now Rita should stay overnight, that makes me very nervous. I have to talk to Richard, and the old agent certainly knows a bit more about the association". I thought. I took my mobile phone and called him:

"Hi, Richard! Can we talk? This is all getting out of my control!"

"It's a good thing you called. I'm in the office, come straight to me. At the porter's only mention your name. See you later." When I entered his office, there were a woman dressed in Western-style there and an Islamic one.

"Hello Klaus, may I introduce my colleagues Mrs Hochstetter and the woman with the headscarf Mrs Schneider. They are on duty in the madrasah."

"What's going on. Do you know something precise?"

"Mrs Schneider, could you explain further information for us?" Peterson asked the headscarf.

"I've only been in the madrasah for two days. We women communicate via displays and only the essentials, besides the normal housework we spend the rest of the day praying and reciting the Koran. On Friday the Imam came to the Madrasa accompanied by three young girls, at most twenty-year-olds, dressed in western clothes. They were handed to a niqaabi who disappeared with them into a room not accessible for me. When I saw them again the next morning, they wore Hijaab and wide clothes and behaved like all the other women." Peterson said,

"The other two girls could be your daughter's classmates. Do you have a photo of Hanna with you?" I took one, and the headscarf recognised Hanna.

"By Allah, that's the girl" she shouted and seemed not to have noticed that she had just called Allah.

"Mrs Schneider, would you please describe your daily routine to me in detail, that is particularly important now."

"I don't know why this now. I only can give back of what I saw.

"Mrs Schneider, please follow my instructions!"

"Well, all right. In the morning we sisters dress freshly after the shower because we sleep in our clothes and headscarves. We start the day with morning prayer. Then we prepare breakfast for the men and serve them. When they are full, the men thank us for our services, and we are allowed to eat the leftovers. Then we clean up and read the Holy Qur'an quietly until noon."

"Well, Mrs Schneider, all the rest we can imagine. Thank you very much. You can go now. Mrs Hochstetter will take you back to your madrasah." Slightly piqued, she left the office.

"The Schneider is a tight AfD bitch, did you pay attention to how she expressed herself?", I said.

" She sounded like one of the Muslims! You mean that?"

"Correct! Somehow the women are changed, they have found a way to change them.", Richard said.

"Damn, Rita is sleeping at Hanna's tonight" I shouted.

"Shit! It's already late, and we can't get in today. The Schneider is certainly still reachable. I call the Hochstetter. Veronika, can you still reach the Schneider?"

"She stands next to me, Mr Peterson.

"Then hand her over to me, okay?"

"This is Schneider. Yes, please."

"Schneider, Hanna's mother, is sleeping in the madrasah. Pay attention to her well-being. We'll get the women out tomorrow. Do you understand?"

"All right, boss," she said and hung up.

"All right, the women are safe until tomorrow," he said.

"I can't understand anything anymore. What the hell is happening here?" I yelled full of anger and frustration.

"Calm down, from tomorrow morning Mrs Hochstetter will be at your women's side. She is a certified psychologist and my best agent. Simply have some confidence. Go home now and be punctual in the madrasah tomorrow morning."

"It's easy for you to talk, but I'm leaving now. That day has been enough for me."

I drove home with the worst suspicions and was very worried.


Tailor change:

I was instructed to have an appointment with Mr Meiser. He had his office in the extension of the Madrasa. He seemed very cultivated. I was very impressed by him. He told me to come in and have a seat.

"You want to rent one of our apartments, Madam?"

"Yes, I work at the tax office and wanted to take a year off so that I could devote more time to Islam. I'm looking for a cheap accommodation."

"We are a missionary organization and would be happy to provide you with a furnished apartment free of charge to support your efforts in finding accommodation in Islam."

He stood up and brought us tea. It was a very pleasant and relaxed conversation. I was able to move into my flat straight in. It was simple, but lovingly and comfortably furnished. Then I moved into the reception hall in the small waiting room for women and was waiting for the Imam. I sat there for about half an hour and thought about it. The ideas of my AfD friends seemed so far away to me, since I got to know these people better.

"Welcome, dear sister! I pass you on directly to Sister Hassina. She will show you everything.", the Imam greeted me. The Niqaabi sent me a sign to follow her. I followed her into the rooms that had been closed to me before. I should make myself comfortable on a pillow and she would bring tea in the meantime.

"How simply and nevertheless affectionately this room was furnished, " I thought to myself and leaned comfortably into the deep pillows. I had to have dozed off.

"Hello, dear sister, I bring the tea. Wake up" Sister Hassina shook me.

"Did I really sleep?"

"Drink your tea, that will wake you up, Sister Ulrike, and then I will spoil you a little," she wrote to me.


"Well, drink and then follow me to the bathroom." I quickly drank my tea and followed her. I had to undress in the bathroom. She rubbed a fragrant paste over me and I was allowed to shower after a few minutes. I saw how my body hair flowed off through the gutter. My skin felt fantastic, so soft and sensitive. Then Sister Hassina dressed me. She turned me into a black ghost, like herself. She took me to an adjoining room and there I knelt on a strange cushion. Then she fixed me with belts until I couldn't move anymore. Earphones and nasal cannulas were put on and then she gagged me. Finally she pulled the third layer of niqaab over my eyes and I looked at a display. I knelt on a strange pillow, blind, deaf and dumb and tied, but felt only curiosity and no fear. It sounded quite out of the earphones and in front of my eyes, a white thin stripe pulled from right to left and then I sunk into a wonderful dream from which I woke up refreshed. We returned to the living room and drank tea again. As Hassina gave me a display that said, "Please use a display from now on if you want to talk. However, the best thing is to keep quiet and listen, you still have a lot to learn. So we sat on our pillows and drank tea. I enjoyed the harmony and the silence and felt safe and secure in the company of Sister Hassina. All this hate and anger and desperate loneliness had vanished. I felt love and no longer hate, I am definitely lost for the AfD. Hassina rose and I followed her. We went to the prayer rugs, knelt down and prayed. Surprisingly and joyfully, I knew the prayers and thanked Allah for all these wonderful gifts and his love. Then Hassina brought me back to the Imam's office.

"Welcome Sister Aleyna, enter" said the Imam. I bowed and reverently kissed his hand and touched it with my forehead. He gave me a pillow next to the door to sit down and he sat down at his desk.

"I have more important things to do, so tell me briefly how you are and what you want from us?"

"I am so happy, so free from all this hate. For the first time in my life, I feel safe and secure. Deeply veiled like now, I am feeling freer than ever before. All I wish for is to become a good Muslimah.", I replied. He said,

"Good. You tell me how you do it professionally and privately."

"Lord! I work at the finan..." Allah helps me, I could not lie to him.

"I work......"

"You work for the BND, under Richard Peterson, and you took an oath of silence. If you want to become a Muslimah with all your heart, you will have to turn to us."

It shook me to my foundations, years of loyalty training against my new happiness fought within me, but my love belongs to Allah!

"I cancel my old life and serve the community without reservation," I said.

"Then be welcome! Your new name is Aleyna, the child, you are now free of all your filth when you now speak your Shahada. Then I will give you Ali Meiser to wife, for whom you will be obedient and submissive."

I should become here and now a Muslimah and wife of this wonderful man. My heart was about to burst! I threw myself to the ground and shouted:

"Allah, bless you for your Kindness, Imam".

Ali my future husband entered the room. I spoke my Shahada and was given to Ali Meiser as a wife. Ten minutes later I followed my master with three steps behind to his apartment, where he climbed me and performed the marriage on me.

Then I was introduced to his daughter Amber.

"My dear child, this is my new wife Aleyna, she will live here with you. Let's sit together now. There's really a lot to talk about." He told his daughter everything about me and I was very ashamed. Then she came to me and took me in her arms:

"My real mother ran away. I will love you as if you were my real mother! We held each other all evening. I was so happy! I was told to keep pretending to be a BND agent and racist. I was no longer allowed to wear the niqaab but had to take the hijaab. I was now a double agent. On my display came a message:

"Dear sister Aleyna, your colleague Mrs Hochstetter is looking for you. She's in the lobby." Now comes my first assignment as a double agent! Let's see now what the snipe needs of me? She stood there in her short skirt and thin blouse. Didn't she know how to dress here? Bitch! Pull yourself together!

"Hello! what is it?"

"We are to come to the office immediately. Seems to be an emergency." After I had delivered my faked report, the Hochstetter brought me back to the Madrasa. I gave the impression that I was angry about it. Hochstetter's cell phone rang. It was Peterson, he wanted to talk to me. Mother and daughter Böhm were overnight in the madrasah. I was supposed to watch them. Of course, I will make sure that they become good Muslimahs!

For the first time I love my job!



Veronika Hochstetter:

So the Schneider was again in the Madrasah. There was something wrong with the Schneider. I needed to talk with Peterson. I took my mobile phone and called him:

"Boss, we have to speak again. I have an awful feeling about this!"

"You're right, and I'm still in the office, come by!"

"You ought to step down! It is at twenty o'clock! We will meet at the Greek restaurant. Except for coffee you certainly haven't eaten anything yet".

"What am I supposed to do, with this noise here? They've been rebuilding here for weeks, so I can only work concentrated on weekends and evenings."

"See you soon! At the Greek," I said for sure.

And he was right; at the moment working is torture. The construction site noise and dirt in our office were just unbearable. But I was starving, and our Greek cooked tasty. As I arrived at the Greek, he was already sitting in our place. It was a discreet corner place where we could work and eat undisturbed.

"You also noticed the Schneider? I think they turned her over."

"What gave you that idea," he asked.

"She seemed so full and satisfied, almost alive to me," I said.

"Right! he said. "And used Muslim phrases, our Islam-hater."

"Look you will be in the madrasah as early as possible tomorrow so that nothing will happen to the Böhm women."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of them and now let's eat!"