Veiled PAGE



Richard Peterson:

"Today is the day to decide which path to follow," I thought. I had an appointment with Ibrahim Arslan and Achmed Kadir. Finding a neutral meeting place was not easy for us. I made up a fake meeting at the Turkish embassy.

"Salaam aleikum" I was greeted by Ibrahim Arslan and Achmed Kabir.

" Wa Alaikum as-salam," I replied.

" We go to the conference room, which is secure against unauthorised eavesdropping and a refreshment awaits us there," said Kadir.

"Mr Peterson, you have had several conversations with my friend here, the Imam, signalling to us that you might want to change your career. And we know about your activities as a BND agent. I am listening to you."

"I will tell you the unvarnished truth," I said. "I'm wary of doing a job that satisfies the interests of incompetent politicians. I intended to quit my job. However, then I became aware of Ibrahim Arslan. I thought he would make a big change in this country in the next few years. So I let him and his mosque be observed. I had a good time as an agent again for a long time."

"Mr Peterson, I am asking you quite bluntly: Do you want to become active with us?"

"As you know, I have obtained information about the 'Brotherhood' from secure sources such as Mossad, MI5 and the CIA. You plan to acquire Europe and are remarkably successful in Germany. I find this extremely exciting and perhaps I would like to offer you my services," I said. The Imam asked me,

"What do you want to know?"

"How do you do this and how do you intend to continue? Should I like what you are planning, I will be your partner, and if not, I will resign and not affect you any further."

" This is a word, and according to the Imam's assessment, I will win you for us. You are a great asset to us."

Then I was initiated into their system. So the brothers were serious, and they let me in on everything. They made no secret of having reversed the polarity of the Schneider. I learned it all down to the last detail. I said:

"Gentlemen, thank you for your sincerity. I will be your partner when you give me a political career in the future."

"What do you have in mind?"

"I want to become Federal Chancellor to clean up this Augean stable of FRG at last. I do not want to work for a country any more which is too dumb to build an airport!"

I excited myself but then we had to laugh.

"We will get along fantastically, and I am sure. We will make you the first Muslim German chancellor and together we will help Islam to become the state religion in this country," said Kadir.

Then I made the Islamic creed secretly and joined the Muslim Brotherhood. For the time being, we then separated.

Achmed Kadir and Ibrahim Arslan:

In the House of Kadir:

"Sit down, my friend. I will have tea, and a shisha delivered," Kadir said to Arslan.

"That was a very successful day, my friend," Kadir said. "That the new gas is so successful. Peterson is confident that he will act on his initiative. I am still amazed the BND has allowed us to renovate their agency. Peterson is probably right in his assessment of this country, and the BND is blind. You will ask Peterson to offer up the Hochstetter, and this is the ultimate test to him. When he does, then we can trust him.

Soraya offered fresh tea and for her pleasure ignited the hashish shisha for the men.


I walked into my office, and I thought:

"You dared, dude. You either end up in jail or in a couple of years you'll be Chancellor." I entered my office, a space that yesterday was still a place of never-ending frustrations. Now it should become my launch pad for a new career. I checked my emails; the Hochstetter wanted to talk to me. I wrote to her:

"Come over, bring us cigarettes and coffee." She came with the obligatory set, and we made it bearable.

"It's a good thing you dumped the Schneider in the madrasah, but when the witch is here I cannot relax," she said.

"Well, I got the info that they turned her around. I'm sure we won't see her in these rooms anymore," I said.

"The Nazi bitch has now become a Muhallas bitch, really?" and she laughed at me as I nodded.

"Seriously," I said. "We must act now. Can the Brotherhood be powerful enough to turn such a cement head over?!"

"Damn powerful, there's an unknown technology behind it," she said.

I thought: "You're not that stupid, my dear and you're too smart for me. You might become dangerous for me.

I said: "I don't like it, but unfortunately I have to send you over there. You are smart enough to survive. Finally, we have to figure out what is going on!"

"I was thinking that, too. We have to be more aggressive now, and I have the right training," she said.

"Tomorrow you'll be in the madrasah all day and take care of yourself." Then we drank our coffee and smoked with pleasure.