Veiled PAGE



Veronika Hochstetter:

I need a concept of how I can move unchallenged in the madrasah and the mosque. I will first go to the nearby boutique for Islamic women's clothing and introduce myself as a prospective convert.

"Salam Alaikum, my name is Nadja," a young Hijaabi greeted me. "What can I do for you?" I said:

"WaAlaykum Salam I may look for a pretty Hijaab there. I am not sure."

"You're not a sister, aren't you?" she asked me.

"No, I'm curious by your faith and thought I'd try one of your headscarves."

"If you have any time, we'll get together, and I'll show you some hijab styles."

"Okay! I have time." She led me to a back room. There was a small cosy place.

"You know, I ain' got a lot to do here. Most of the business goes through the nearby mosque. I am always happy to have customers whom I can help. Sit down and make yourself comfortable. I choose some Hijaabs that you might like."

--Meanwhile, Arslan sat in his office and watched amused as the Hochstätter inhaled a load of the newly developed gas from the Egyptian laboratories. This gas contained pre-programmed nanites that they had extracted from the DNA of the former Anna Meyer. It made the infected carrier programmable in a certain way. It did not change his personality but made him doubt his value system by using the right keyword. As soon as the words were: very special, extraordinary or particular, they triggered positive associations on the probate and made her defenceless and malleable.--

"So, I think this is your very special Hijaab. Feel the stuff! Fantastic, isn't it?" It felt wonderfully soft, smooth and fresh. I could hardly wait to put it on. Nadja tied my hair to a knot, then wrapped the hijaab around my head in a particularly strict style. When she was done, I only noticed how huge it was. My face had mutated into a tiny triangle, and the fabric buried my neck, shoulders and breasts. It became sweltering to me.

"I guess that's a bit much hijaab for starters," I said shyly.

"Nonsense! Come and have a look at yourself in the mirror". I looked at a beautiful Muslimah. I could have cried with happiness.

"I have a very special overhead abaya here for you. It fits wonderfully to your new outfit! I quickly put it on, and I looked at myself with completely different eyes. The Abaya was a huge cut, the fabric was thick and heavy, and the heat became almost unbearable. But a glance in the mirror was enough to forget all that. I have always wanted to look like this.

"I am thrilled, and it looks fantastic. Nadja you have my taste completely hit".

I tried with growing enthusiasm, everything Nadja brought me. I bought a piece of complete equipment.

Nadja said: "You must particularly learn how to put on a Hijaab. You best go to the sisters in the madrasah, where there are exceptional Hijaab pieces of training. If you master all styles perfectly, they will say: you are a very particular Hijaabi." I took a quick look in the mirror, and with Nadja's help, I brought all these beautiful clothes into my car. After we said good-bye, I headed straight for the Madrasa. When I entered the entrance hall Ibrahim Arslan, the Imam, awaited me.

"Salam Alaikum, Mrs Hochstetter, I am pleased to see you in your extraordinary modest outfit."

"Wa-Alaikum-Salam, Imam, thanks for your kind compliments." I grabbed his hand, indicated a kiss and touched my forehead with it.

"I like to learn the different Hijaab styles always to be perfectly dressed."

"Sister Aleyna, your extraordinary friend, will be a pleasure to share her knowledge with you." Now I realised that Schneider was behind him. She looked beautiful in her Abaya and her Hijaab.

"Hello Veronica, I love the way you look today, let's bring your new clothes to the women's wing, and the sisters and I will teach you how to dress modestly. It is an extraordinary pleasure for us." The Schneider is lovely, and I was a little ashamed that I had always treated her so condescendingly. I respectfully said goodbye to the Imam and then followed her.

"It is especially crucial for me that we understand each other better, Veronica. We are also colleagues."

"You are so right! Forgive me my unfriendly behaviour and let us become friends," I said exuberantly. We hugged each other and rubbed our heads gently against each other. It was lovely and so relaxing.

"Please be especially nice and respectful to the sisters" she admonished me. Then we entered the women's wing.

At last, I reached my destination and could do my agent job. Peterson will certainly be delighted with me. I spent a fantastic afternoon in the women's wing. We had tea and did what women do: 'woman things'. In between we were interrupted by the prayer times and my friend Aleyna said it would be especially helpful if I would join them in prayer. At about 19:00 I left my new friends and drove to Peterson for the report.