Veiled PAGE



Klaus Böhm:

God, that was a beautiful night! I don't recognise my Rita anymore! She was just horny and willing. I never thought she would ever give me a blowjob; it was my first time tonight. Always reticent about sex, we never got beyond flower sex. But tonight was like having a new wife. Like a slave, she gave herself to me. She wanted me to take possession of her. In short: It was a long and wonderfully exhausting night. As she now lay so next to me, nestled on my shoulder, so vulnerable and beautiful, I found myself starting to view her as my property to protect. Ah, she wakes up as she looks at me, full of love and there is something strange in her eyes.

"Good morning, my beauty! Did you sleep well?"

"Thank you, dearest, to awaken in your arms is heavenly!"

Submissiveness! Yes, that' s what is new about her. She desires to be possessed. Gently I stroked her cheek and said:

"You are my greatest treasure. I will always keep you".

"And I am your wife and always want to be there for you," she said.

"You know I feel strangely new, so free and deep relaxed. The time in the madrasah, together with Kamila, was wonderful. Mother and daughter had found each other through Islam. And tonight we had incredibly horny sex. Be honest. You liked the new Rita extremely well. And I enjoy submitting to you. Don't be afraid now, but I would love to convert. What do you think?"

"Yes and No! You're right, and I want every night to be like this one. But to become a Muslim at the same time, that is a bit too much for me. We'll talk more tonight. I must be in the firm, okay?"

"I'll just jump in the shower and make you your breakfast." It was normal that when she disappeared into the bathroom, I didn't see her for the next two hours. But this time it was different. After five minutes she came out of the shower, her wet hair wrapped in a towel and put on a bathrobe, she ran into the kitchen. Meanwhile, I got ready for the office. As I approached the kitchen, the smell of freshly brewed coffee greeted me and as I entered a richly laid the table awaited me.

"Good morning, Daddy" Hanna greeted me. No! Now she is called Kamila!

"Sit down, and I want to serve you. You, Mama, get into the bathroom and get ready" and Rita obeyed, to my surprise. Han... Kamila must have noticed my glance because she said:

"Don't worry. Mama asked me to help her with the housework." She poured my coffee, cut my bagel open, covered it with butter and cheese. Then she decapitated my breakfast egg and served me freshly squeezed orange juice. I was glad she didn't try to feed me. Then Sophia joined us, and we three had breakfast together. When we had finished eating, Kamila asked:

"Did you like being served by me?"

"Well, if I'm honest, very much indeed!"

"It's enough if you say thank you, then you'll always be served from now on."

"I thank you, my dear daughter, for your services," I said.

"It was an honour for me, dear father."

I took my girls in my arms and pressed them. I reached for my briefcase and the girls for their school supplies, and then we went to the door. And I got the shock of my life. In front of me stood a black ghost.

"Forgive me if I frightened you. I just wanted to wish my husband and daughters a nice and successful day."

"Rita, are you abandoned by all good spirits? What is this masquerade for?" I asked her strictly. She jerked together in shock, and I felt sorry for my strict tone.

"Please, allow me to disguise myself. I feel almost naked without it". Compressing myself, I said in a milder tone:

"We're talking this evening, dear, unfortunately, I have to leave for the firm." I flew out of the house with the girls.

--- As soon as he had left his house, the fitters from MüllerImmobilien came to connect it to the gas network. ---

I was barely on the street when Peterson called me.

"Good morning, Klaus. I hope your girls are well. Please talk to me. Are you free?"

"Listen and whether I do have time. I also need to discuss something urgently with you. Where do we meet?"

"I can collect you in your company's underground garage."

"Okay! See you soon. I drove the girls to school and then straight to the meeting point.


"The poor guy. His whole world is about to collapse. But I' ll convince him of the joys of Islam," I thought. He was there already. I signalled him with a light. He parked and boarded my car.

"Hello, Richard! I'm pretty upset!"

"Tell my friend! I am entirely all ears!"

"It's obvious this stays here between us, okay?" I nodded. "Rita and I had a fantastic night. It was incredibly intense. Never before has she been so submissive. But then this morning, I don't know; she's changed somehow."

"What do you mean exactly?" I asked him.

"She wants to subordinate herself to me, to please me and, as I was on my way to work, she stood in front of me, deeply veiled, to wish me a nice day." I thought that would happen. Now it was time to keep a cool head.

"And, honestly, did you like it?"

"Yes, very much even! But Rita is Rita, how can she change like that? I love her and worry a lot. Don't you understand that?"

"Of course, you are right. It is just - your wife is grown up, she must know what she is doing. Anyway, now is the time to stay calm and follow the matter further. I will find a solution. I am on the verge of dissolving the case. You must still have a little patience, trust me".

"Well, I'm busy, and at home, I'll leave Rita alone for now. Perhaps it will all work out by itself."

"Dream on," I thought.

So now for a meeting of exceptional quality: the acting ZDF director. You ask yourself how a BND man can have contacts with a former government spokesman and current TV director. Welcome to my reality! Learn to read between the lines. Think absurdly. How can a prime minister become a millionaire in the 1970s and 1980s, with a salary of around DM 4000 at the time? Or another case: A few weeks later, a deposed Prime Minister sits on the Supervisory Board of RAG.

Your so-called elites are exclusively busy maintaining their business contacts; there is little time left for working on you voting cattle.

Back to the text: Where can our modified gas be used more sensibly than on public television? I concluded with the fact that MüllerImmobilien received the maintenance contract for air conditioning and heating systems. Nobody in public institutions comes up with the idea of checking their business partners - as long as they are cheap.

I have done enough for today. Now I go to my new wife, where I can be served and spoiled.