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Caroline Meierberg :

Salam Alaikum, I am the second wife of Ali Meiser, my beloved master and protector. He ordered me to tell you my way to Islam. Long before my master converted to Islam, I was his wife. At that time he was earning very well so that I led a beautiful and luxurious life together with my daughter Petra. He then lost his job, and after a year I left him and my daughter as I wanted to start my career unencumbered.

Now I am deeply ashamed of my sinful behaviour. But at that time I was only interested in my well-being and didn't give a damn for my family. And I quickly had a huge success in the investment business, and after four years I had enough money to retire. But greedily as I was, I still wanted to sign this last, fateful contract. I had accredited a new client, Achmed Kabir, a wealthy Arab with excellent business connections in Germany. A huge commission beckoned to me if I could recruit him as our client.

So I made an appointment with him at his city office in Duisburg. I wondered a little about the location, and I would have expected a luxury building in Düsseldorf for a businessman of his calibre and not a standard rental house in Duisburg. When I entered the house, I was impressed. I joined a hundred years old art nouveau building, and it looked as if it had been built only yesterday. It was awe-inspiring, the old gas lamps were there, they alone were worth a closer look, they were so beautiful, they were converted to electricity. The ceilings and walls were stuccoes decorated with gold leaf. A wide staircase equipped with oak steps and balustrades led to a modern glass elevator adapted to the style of the house, adorned with decorative brass fittings. I entered it and drove into the attic. When I got out, I was standing in a beautiful oriental dream.

"Welcome, Mrs Meierberg, I hope you had a pleasant trip", the host Achmed Kabir greeted me and gave me a sign to put me on an ottoman.

"Thank you, yes. I am a little overwhelmed by the beauty of this house, and it is fantastic!"

" You are very friendly, I love these Art Nouveau houses, and I do everything to keep them."

A European servant in Livree entered the room.

"Well, what would you like to drink, my dear, I have everything but alcohol to offer."

"A cappuccino would be nice," he finally said he had it all. Without batting an eye, his servant went to the bar and prepared a fresh cappuccino for me — one to zero for Kabir.

The mobile phone of my host rang, and he said:

"I had asked not to be disturbed. What, I beg your pardon? Good heavens, I'll be right there" and hung up. Then he said to me:

"Dear Mrs Meierberg, I have to leave urgently, may I ask you to wait for me for half an hour or would you like to make a new appointment?"

"I don't mind waiting half an hour for you in this beautiful setting and delicious cappuccino." And already he stormed out and left me alone with my cappuccino and his - god be grateful - silent domestic. I had not lied. I felt fantastic. This place had something attractive for me; a sense of being arrived appeared in me. The servant brought me the cappuccino and some pastries. It tasted stunning.

"Caroline, Caroline you are here on business, pull yourself together," I admonished myself, only to sink into the fantastic aroma of my cappuccino again. I must have dozed off somehow because suddenly I heard Kabir say:

"Hello, Mrs Meierberg, wake up!" I was shocked when I drove up and spilt the coffee on my costume.

"Oh, dear! What did I do again?" said Kabir.

"Your beautiful costume is all dirty, come on, I'll take you to my wife, she always knows what to do! Without thinking, I stumbled after him, down the stairs. There was cotton wool in my head. I found no clear thought. We stopped in front of a door, he rang the bell, and a black, gloved hand pulled me in. To this hand belonged a black ghost, as I could see when I entered.

"Soraya will take care of you, and everything will be fine." It was like waves breaking on a shore: EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD I got dizzy and had to sit down. The woman said.

"You have to take off your costume. Trust me; everything will be fine." EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD. I was paralysed thinking, "Everything's gonna be okay!" EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD.Then I was gone.

Achmed Kabir: "Ali, my friend, see what happens to your ex-wife, the little bitch. As she lies there in her pillows, with her false memories. When she wakes up, she'll think she made her money cheating her company and her clients. She will never be able to rest because she is afraid of being caught. Within two days she wants to hear EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD.

Caroline: "How did I get home? I was with a client. Strange! And now I wake up in my bed." I was astonished. I went into the kitchen to have a strong cup of coffee. Where is the coffee and where is the coffee machine anyway? In its place stood a kettle and a can of peppermint tea. I was perplexed. So I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I just took a shower and ran into my bedroom to get dressed. "Where the hell are my clothes?" All my expensive, noble designer clothes were gone. Cheap H&M clothes I would never buy were hanging in my closet. I thought,

"Anyway, I'll put on something and get myself a coffee to go. Once I've had my coffee; everything will be fine." EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD Then I was gone.

I am sitting at my kitchen table drinking a peppermint tea. I don't know how I got there or when I made the tea. I know I cheated on my company and my clients, but it got out. Why did I do that? Was I greedy and could I not get a full throat again? Best I go there and tell everything, and then everything will be fine! EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD. Then I was gone.

Again I sit at my kitchen table, and still I drink peppermint tea. My body hurts, but it's mild pain, like after exercise. I feel great. As I look around, I see how everything around me shines and shines. I should quit the cleaning lady and do everything myself. It is a beautiful feeling to sit here in this clean kitchen and read the Koran. Since my company knows what a heinous cheater I am, I am afraid of being sent to prison. Oh, I am so ashamed, how I can only repay my wicked deeds. I want to read a little more in the Koran. That comforts so beautifully and takes courage. I hope everything will be all right. EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD Then I was gone.

 I'm sitting in my bed. It is eight o'clock in the evening, and I am dog-tired. No wonder after I ate a snack. I quickly drove to the Islamic boutique and got some proper clothes. Because tomorrow my former client Achmed Kabir wants to visit me. And I had to get the apartment in shape for such a distinguished guest. To sleep, I wore a long-sleeved nightgown and a silk scarf around my head. On my lap lay the holy Koran. Appropriate reading for a woman, more she does not need for interpretation. If I read the Koran well and trust in Allah, everything will be all right. EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD. Then I was away.

After waking up, I checked my apartment for any offensive stuff that might offend my guest and threw it away at once. There was a lot of pictures and books and CDs. I went shopping again pretty fast. To entertain my guest properly, I cooked halal. Hopefully, he will like it. I found a tutorial on YouTube that showed precisely how Muslimah dresses. I dressed in a strict Hijaab style so that I was completely covered except for my face, a small triangle around my eyes, nose and mouth. So I sat in my kitchen again, drank peppermint tea, read the Koran and knew that if I obeyed Mr Kabir's instructions, everything would be all right. EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD EVERYTHING WILL BE GOOD. Then I was away.

It rang. It must be Mr Kabir. I will let him in quickly. I can't keep him waiting.