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Ali Meiser:

"Come, Ali, look at this pile of misery. I guess this lamb is ready for slaughter," Kabir said, and I looked at my ex-wife sitting there limply in her kitchen chair.

"Woman, wake up and serve your guests," Kabir shouted. We went into the living room and made ourselves comfortable.

"We want coffee before dinner! Kabir shouted. He could have spoken commonly, but it was a pleasure to see her flinch every time Kabir raised his voice. The noises from the kitchen became louder. The spoiled bitch was overwhelmed. Making coffee without a high-tech coffee machine already pushed her to her limits. After a few minutes she brought us the coffee, it was drinkable. She disappeared into her kitchen again.

"Unbelievable how well the new software harmonises with the nanobots. I think we'll finish today," I said. "We will take all her possessions and make her contractually dependent on us for the rest of her life. Tonight she belongs to you with stump and stick."

We laughed loudly and continued to leave ourselves out because of her stupidity. So what. As planned, the nanobots in her head interpreted it as her failure and how much we had to help her.

"When is the food finally ready? How can you bitch make your guests wait so long? If food doesn't come on the table soon, we'll go, and then you can see how you deal with your creditors," I tried my luck. No outraged rebuttal but even louder rumbling came out of the kitchen. I leaned back and enjoyed the situation.

Then she came with an overfilled tray and a bright red head. She knelt at the low living room table and served us as if she had never done anything else in her life. I was impressed. Okay, the food was edible. She's going to have to learn a lot. When we were full, we gave her a hand signal to clean up. We spared ourselves any praise for her cooking skills and her service. As soon as she had cleaned up, then Kadir clapped his documents on the table.

"You probably know what kind of situation you got yourself. You are a rarely stupid woman. If you had only stayed in the kitchen at your husband's, you wouldn't have served us this food, but apparently, you cannot cook anything, not even anything." One could see her struggling with herself, but she lost. Everything we said she now had to accept without criticism.

"You may comment on your crap, which you have constructed as a useless bitch."

"I am so ashamed I will do what you masters expect of me. Please! Please help me! I am so afraid! I don't want to go to prison." she whined, and the tears ran down her cheeks. I was tempted to forgive her everything. I still loved her. But Kabir didn't hide it, and he said:

"Will you accept this man sitting next to me as your master and owner? Be an obedient, submissive woman to him in all things, and will you convert to Islam and lead a life full of deep faith, humility and modesty, sign all these contracts and speak only if your owner allows you to."

She signed everything blindly without reading it and made me a very wealthy man. Kabir called our notary. He came in shortly overloading the contracts and signed them over. Now she had nothing but a pile of debts to the Brotherhood. So I said to her:

"You join us in the Madrasah and then you will speak your Shahada in the Moshee. From today on, your name is Rabia. You need to take anything with you. Nothing belongs to you anyway."

We got up, and she followed us, as usual, with her head low and three steps apart. I let her get into the rear of the car. I was tempted to put her in the trunk, of course, but I stayed in control. I will have plenty of opportunities to humiliate her. When she was strapped in, I said to her: "Rabia, everything will be fine! And she was gone.

Kabir said: "Well, after all the humiliations you had to suffer from this bitch, everything turned out for your good."

" I proclaimed Allah and His Prophet Mohammed, and two successful and happy men drove home to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Klaus Böhm:

Again it was an incredibly beautiful night for me. Never before have I loved Rita as much as today. She was fantastic, and she asked me again to convert with her to Islam. At her request, I invited Achmed Kabir, with his son Rashid, Ali Meiser with daughter Samira and Kamila's girlfriend Amber, as well as Ibrahim Arslan to dinner. Kamila was already over the moon with joy. She seems to have found her happiness in Islam. Sophia, too, was probably not spared from the new religiousness in our family, as I last saw her wearing a headscarf. I should have been much more worried, on the other hand, I was showered with so much friendliness and love in my family that I only had to work as little as I had to, the business seemed to be going well without the boss. I was at the company at six in the morning and checked the previous day, then at nine o'clock I did a short staff meeting and had some business appointments, and at four o'clock I was off work. Half an hour later I drove to my driveway, and the first guests also trundled in. While we men greeted each other appropriately, a happy chatter sounded from the women's group.

Achmed Kabir looked over at the women, cleared his throat briefly, and silence had already returned. The women went directly into the women's wing which had been prepared by Rita. When we men sat down, Kamila came and brought us tea.

"Mr Kabir, where did you find the button to steer women," I asked jokingly.

"Well, little talking and more clearing your throat, the women learn faster than you think." We laughed together, and I thought:

"They don't lead such a bad life as Muslims."

"I would first like to thank you on behalf of everyone present for your kind invitation, and I think we owe you some explanations. If you don't mind, will I introduce you to us and our goals before you ask any questions? Good! We are a Salafist fraternity with the purpose of missionizing the world. Salafism is the strictest form of interpretation of the Koran. We live for paradise. We are not terrorists, as the press likes to call us. These are the Wahabis, the Saudis. They accept killing for their faith. For us, that is entirely unacceptable; whoever says kill well is not a Muslim for us, but a cruelly stupid Kufar, an unbeliever. Islam allows us to resort to anything to convert people, but never to violence. Our lifestyle, both with us men and with our women, has only one purpose: to serve Allah in this life and to come as close as possible to Paradise. To reduce the worldly things to a minimum is our goal. The wastefulness of the West we must stop as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the planet will fly around our ears. The immorality and shamelessness among humans lead to more and more fear and violence. All this can regulate a strictly Salafistic order again, and that is our goal: the seizure of power. I hope I have been honest enough with you. If you want to, ask, ask."

"But, what about the women? Aren't they asked at all?",I asked.

The answer was: "No! Women have to submit. They serve and obey their husband, if he is a righteous Muslim, in return she is protected by him, and for her children, he cared. When a true Muslimah marries a true Muslim, she is happy and content."

"And how will you make our women do that? They will never let that done with them!"

"Are you sure? Kamila, be so kind and ask the women to come to us," said Arslan. The women stood in front of us five minutes later, and even Sophia wore a veil. Only a small part of their faces could be seen, and all the rest was wrapping, flowing fabric. Arslan asked them:

"If you had the choice between a young, good-looking, western, successful man and a twenty year older, ordinary, Allah-abiding man, whom would you choose? If you are after the westerner, take a step to the right, if you choose the Muslim, take a step to the left."

Sophia took a big step to the right, but all the other women took several steps to the left. So Sophia looked a little bit lumpy and said:

"Okay, maybe you're right," and jumped laughing into her mother's arms. " "

"You don't care about the western lifestyle?" I asked them, and Rita replied:

"Have a look around! Do you want your children to live in this sick society where the elbow is becoming more and more a state maxim? Are they supposed to consume until there' s nothing left to consume or are they going to raise your grandchildren in a more loving and fair world? If you love your children and want to give them a future, then join the brothers." I was deeply impressed by Rita's precision in explaining her point of view to us. I was proud of my little wife and said:

"I will reflect on what you said today in peace and I will decide soon". My three girls kissed me and withdrew, except for Kamila, who had to serve. Unfortunately, she didn't get much out of visiting her friends.

So what: she had to submit.