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Klaus Böhm and his girls:

Being at home with my girls was excellent. Sophia had developed a deep affection for her mother. My Rita had subjected herself a little to the dictation of her daughter Kamila. Rita must have hidden a penchant for the submissive in the past, she blossomed. She was beautiful, and I fell in love with her like on the first day. Sophia and I joined them when they said their prayers. Then came the day when I kneeled forward to, and my girls kneeled three meters behind me. Also, my business relations with the brotherhood expanded. It was time for me to make a decision. I wanted to convert with Rita, and Sophia wanted to join us.

The next Friday it was time. I drove with three black ghosts in the back of my car to the Moshee. Arrived there my loved ones disappeared and left me alone in the entrance hall. Soon I was greeted by Imam Ibrahim Arslan.

"Welcome, brother! We go straight to the Moshee so that you can speak your Shahada." In the Moshee, I spoke the Shahada and was received into the community with a triple 'Allah u Akbar'. Then I heard a quiet female voice behind a screen speaking the Shahada. She was greeted with shrill trills by the women and a triple 'Allah u Akbar' by the men. This happened a second time, and I knew that all my girls were now Muslimahs.

After the celebrations, we drove home. All three were sitting in the back again. My wife Genna and my daughters Kamila and Djamila. I will keep my name for business reasons. They were still wearing their strict black niqab veils, which they were only allowed to wear to festivities. Until the wind has changed for us Muslims in this country. How much my girls have transformed. Just three weeks ago they would have put me in the loony bin if I had told them how they would change and now I saw three black ghosts in the rearview mirror who loved this condition and were overjoyed. Today they were already sad that they had to wear their Hijaab clothes again tomorrow. Crazy! I have to talk to Peterson. I would like to know where the plane is going.


Meanwhile, Ibrahim informed me about everything. This Nanobot+Gas combination was also a complete success. Our attack spectrum has increased again. But unfortunately, I lack information on how successful and with what tactics our European brothers are working because we can no longer hide our activities from the respective secret services because not all of them are on BND level.

Klaus has contacted me. A sailing trip would not be wrong:

"Hello, old Zausel, what do you think about a sailing trip on the weekend? The answer came promptly:

"Saturday, 07:00 in the marina!"


And now to Achmed Kabir. He is already waiting for me.

"Salam Alaikum Sheik!" I greeted him as I entered his office.

"Wa Alaikum as-salam," he replied. "Come sit down. Would you like some tea?"

"Gladly, but let's get right to the point, I don't have much time. Before we talk about the CDU, the BND agent has something to clear up."

"Just out with it, you poor rushed German!"

"Okay! You're right; there's always time for a cup of tea."

A black shadow slipped in, put the tea silently on the table and disappeared, I heard only a quiet rustling of her veils. I think my little Faizah still has a little practice to do. First a sip of tea in peace.

"I am apprehensive that we will start to attract the attention of the international secret services. I am alone under constant observation by foreign services as a result of my job. My connection with the Brotherhood is well known. We have to involve the brotherhoods abroad more and thus control them better."

"Don't worry, what we let you see is only one fragment of many. For our and your protection, you will never know the full range of the Brotherhood," he explained.

"We now want to concentrate on the CDU. Do you have any ideas yet?

"Ideas would be too much to say. I would have some immature concepts to offer."

"Speak up!"

"First, I need Muslims in the CDU, as many as possible."

"Well, you get it. Keep going!"

"Second, lots of support and protection for AKK (Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer). We support her financially, and she may not be burned by her people as long as she benefits us. We decide when she will be burned. I want my wife Faizah to act as a link to her.

Then there is a third point: the expansion of social commitment. Each Moshee and Madrasa makes an unbeatable free offer of help for single parents, pensioners, disabled people, Hartz4 recipients, etc. From the 'Tafel' to legal advice, our facilities have to cover everything. Neither missionising nor the gas may be used there. Everything must withstand every examination. Faizah has created a complete concept for us, and I will send it to you with my documents.

Finally fourthly: Modern martyrdom, that means: We send our young people, only those who don't have dirt on their hands, freshly shaved and well dressed in anti-racism demonstrations, preferably to Thuringia and Saxony, we make sure that ZDF and other TV stations are there and that they interviewed our kids before the start of the demo. They play the role of young, modern, German Muslims, who stand up for peace and justice 'in this, our homeland' (former chancellor Helmut Kohl-Phrase). We will then make sure that we have positioned people with smartphones everywhere where we expect attacks by Nazis. Our young people go as martyrs. No matter what happens, they don't use violence and resistance. It is their task to let themselves beaten without protection or resistance. In the end, I want to put an HD video on the internet. It shows at the beginning shining, sympathetic and intact young Muslims, then the worst incidents within the demo - also here always non-interfering police - and then show the smashed faces of our youth, as a final sequence perhaps a girl with blood smeared face and torn Hijaab. That's what we're trying to do with our folks in the media, and they're supposed to push the topic permanently so that our political actors can't get out of the stuttering and in their cowardice left everything to the AfD."

"That's what I call a template," said the Sheik.

"Only one: As little as possible in writing and then only with personalised encryption. If even the smallest of our plans seeps out, we're dead," the Sheik admonished me.

"As I said, you will never fully grasp the full scope of the Brotherhood," he said. "I'll pass everything on. You'll hear from me."

We drank some more tea and talked about our women. Then we separated.