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A seafaring trip like that, it's funny.

"That's how I got everything, Genna?" I asked my wife.

"I packed you everything, as usual, even a six-pack of non-alcoholic beer! My lord and protector." She couldn't help it.

"Please, darling. No more this 'master and protector' stuff."

"Tonight you're crazy about it," she countered. Kamila and Djamila ran snorting out of the kitchen, and they laughed loud as they disappeared into the women's wing.

"Do you have to stamp out our sex life in front of the children?"

I asked her strictly. I reaped a simple "yes!" and a cheeky grin. Roaring, I threw myself at her, gently took her in my arms and kissed her. I knew we were the happiest family in the world. The new faith reunited us. We had discussed a family growth that night; better said, Genna still wanted a child with me. She wanted a son so much, and she was still young enough for a new pregnancy. When Hanna was born, it took me years to convince her to have a second child. Everything is lovely, but nothing is the same, and I know that Peterson has answers for me.

When I arrived at the marina, Richard was already waiting for me. A young Hijaab accompanied him.

"Better late than never, buddy?"

"I needed another cup of coffee to endure your disgusting company today. So nice and warm-hearted, buddies greet each other.

"I'd like to introduce you to my new wife, Faizah. Faizah, this is my useless buddy Klaus. Klaus - Faizah, Faizah - Klaus."

"I don't know if I can congratulate you on your decision to marry this moron," I said.

"Sure you can, I am looking forward to meeting you," she said laughing.

Richard said: "If it's all right with you, we'll go aboard and discuss everything. After our conversation, Faizah will retreat again, and then we will catch up on our last failed sailing turn". We loaded the ship and let it drift a little offshore, then we made ourselves comfortable and talked.

Faizah explained to me the necessity of the Brotherhood's way of acting and pointed me several times to my new family happy. She said to me that she, too, was brutally manipulated. If the Brotherhood had informed her of her actions without this measure, she would have been forced as an agent to expose everything. Now she was a happily married, obedient and pious Muslimah. She had no regrets and would be sure that my girls would think the same way she did. Then she took my hand, kissed it and touched it with her forehead and turned away from me.

In the meantime, Richard had thrown on the auxiliary diesel, and we chugged ashore to drop her off at her car. Then we finally sailed off. It was a quiet turn, and I felt our friendship grow. It was supposed to become a friendship between two families and also a political bond.

But until then it was still a long way.



Plans change sometimes. It was Friday noon. I just got out of school when the Imam sent for me. Immediately I set off. I knocked on his office door three times. This way he knew that a woman was asking for admission, so I was taught. Then all I had to do was wait outside the door until it opened - no matter how long it took. A good woman must always exercise patience and be waiting and not impatient to push a man. So I waited in silence until it opened.

"Come in and sit down, Amber." I entered and kneeled on the cushion next to the door. The Imam went back to his suite. Next to him sat a man about forty years old and my love, my Roger.

"I have excellent news for you, dear sister. You will marry soon! I want to introduce you to Mahmud Saif ad-Din, you will have the honour of becoming his third wife. We've already cancelled you from school, and you don't need it anymore. Selima now will bring you to the wedding preparations. You may go now. I was shocked. I thought Roger would be my master and protector. He had cared so much for me, and my mother and his mother Fatima was supposed to guide me. I would miss them all. So, waiting for Selima, I stood in the hallway and practised obedience and gratefully tried to accept my fate.

A Niqaabi approached me and gave me a sign to follow her into the women's wing. Two Niqaabis waited for me there. I read on my display: Go to the bathroom and undress. I obeyed them and was waiting naked for the women. They roped my whole body, up to my head hair with a sharp smelling substance: First, it began to itch, then it burned more and more poorly. The pain was incredible. Finally, I was showered off, and I saw a broth of short body hair and dead skin disappear into the drain. Then they put on in thick coats a sweet-smelling ointment on my maltreated body and wrapped me like a mummy in fine linen. My mouth, nose, tits and vagina let them free. So I lay there, blind and unable to move. They stuck me a gag in the mouth and then they played at my Pussie until I became hot. They sucked painfully with a tube on my clitoris, then went through me an incredible pain, and I was rid of him and fell into merciful fainting. Allah is praised that I didn't notice the decoration of my tits with little gold chains. But in keeping with the perforation of my septum, I woke up again. It was not a simple piercing of the skin. They went deeper in and pierced the nasal walls and inserted a kind of tunnel, and it was very painful. Then they showed me the nose ring. It was thick and big, and it would lie on my chin and spread my nostrils. Allah be praised, he was at least light, he was probably hollow. Then they began to decorate my face, my arms and my belly with beautiful arabesques with a tattoo machine. I was only pain, everything hurt me and my nerves were so overexcited that every touch caused me pain. But I was soon to be redeemed. They put me on a roll table, laid a thick cloth over me so that only my mouth could be seen and rolled me away. I heard a man's voice say:

"Hello, I am your doctor. I'll numb you now and then cut your vocal chords as your future husband wishes." He put a mask on my mouth and I was gone.



Allah is praised, Friday at last. I was looking forward to a weekend together with Selima and Ibrahim. At home, it was beautiful since everyone had converted.

But under Ibrahim's supervision, I was allowed to spend my weekend in Purdah. Purdah means to be deeply veiled, gagged and half blind. Everything is fixed down to the last detail. I did all the household services, and in between, I prayed or read the Holy Quran. Islam means submission for Allah and Purdah was for me the purest form of presentation. To hide everything and only serve Allah made me endlessly happy.

We had guests: Ali Meiser was out of town, and so Ibrahim Arslan supervised his wives. I was looking forward to a weekend with Samira. Selima had Aleyna and Rabia for a company, Ali Meiser's first and second wife would now be the correct designation. Of course, the Meiser wives were deeply veiled and gagged, and they were, of course, stuck in steel chastity belts below. So cared for, they could stay in our household. A message appeared on our displays:

"Brother Mahmud Saif ad-Din marries on Sunday. He takes sister Amber Meyer to be his third wife." I was stunned. An hour ago Samira and I had been sitting next to her in the subway. Of course, we women were looking forward to her, and the party on Sunday. We were forbidden to have any contact with her until the wedding. In silence, we did our service and prayers until then, safe and happy in the community of women.