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The modern Sheik:

I had asked Ibrahim Arslan to join me.

"The Brotherhood wants to create a new image," I said to him.

"We will present our women more in public. The new nanobots are a complete success, as can be seen on Faizah. We will use these modifications with the Bohemian women Genna, Kamila and Djamila and with Ali Meiser's daughter Samira and his wife Aleyna and also with your wife, Selima. They should take on permanent functions in our commitment to social work. Faizah is currently working on a concept. We are specifically addressing the conversion to educated citizenship. Their women are then employed by us in student tutoring, outpatient care and so on. From now on, the Niqaabi project will only be used in special cases, as it was the case with Rabia."

"Selima should no longer be reconditioned. She has been leading as Niqabi for too long. She would be only unhappy", he tried to avert the insignificant.

"Here it is about more, Imam! Because she has been purified for so long, you reconstruct her, if it works, she shall use her talents for our advance, that would be a huge success! You will be working with Faizah at eye-level and with respect, and you will lead the project to success. I do know how difficult all this will be for you, but I promise in the end everything will be as you dreamed it would be. I, too, will make this sacrifice with Soraya to fall back on her knowledge of Russian. Our women are too valuable. They are supposed to give us access to the upper middle classes. How do you think the better ladies react when the lost Anita Müller, as Hijaabi Selima Arslan appears on TV and reports about her successful social work and presents her former life as meaningless and irresponsible? Their curiosity and envy will push them into our arms, and they will socialise the Hijaab".

Selima awakens:

My Lord ordered me to come to him and said:

"You must undergo a new method of treatment. Come to the lab with me." Confused and scared, I followed him. There I took a seat, and I had to take off my niqab and put on a breathing mask.

"What the hell did I do wrong? I had always been an obedient and submissive woman to my master". I was afraid. Then I fell asleep. I woke up and felt excellent. My master sat in front of me and looked worried. That touched my heart and I asked him:

"Lord have I done something wrong, have I angered my beloved Lord? You look so sad."

"No, tell me, how do you feel?"

"I am feeling wonderful and how long has my Lord been ignoring me and now he cares how I feel, that makes me happy".

"Can you tell me about your life before your conversion?"

"Please, I'm so ashamed of my behaviour; then, it just tortures me to think about it."

"Then I don't want to torture you any further with the past. Tell me how you see your present life," I said.

"It is a good life that you have given me, my Lord, the faith, the prayers to serve and obey you and to lead a decent Muslim life made me a richly endowed and happy woman. Allah now allows me to give you a child that fills me with deep gratitude," she said.

"Unfortunately, I must ask you to make a great sacrifice," I told her,

"You cannot be a niqaabi anymore, as of today you wear hijaab and must lead our welfare service and publicly perform. You must renounce many habits you have grown fond of. This is not my wish, but a strict instruction of the Brotherhood. I will support you as best I can."

He lovingly held me in his arms, something he had never done before. I knew he loved me.

"Lord, I will never disappoint you. I will always serve and obey you well. I love you more than anything. We went back home, without my Niqaab. I felt a little naked, but I was happy like never before in my life.  

Two weeks later:

Television at Sheik's:

I had invited everyone. I would like to get a first impression of the women's modifications. Soraya reacted fantastically. I fell in love with her again. She wasn't the silent black ghost anymore. Now she was a pretty, fun-loving Hijaab. That did her incredibly well, she has become a wonderful, devoted woman and lover for me. Everything is much more relaxed. As the visit arrived, it was immediately apparent how the women were changing. The women no longer withdrew but stayed with us men. Soraya said:

"We don't want to offend the men, is it okay for you if we all stay together?"

"The women stay here. After all, I have to ask them what progress they have made," I said emphatically.

"Kamila, Samira and Djamila help Soraya with the food preparations, while I talk to Genna, Aleyna and Faizah. What are you doing now, Sister Genna?"

"I take care of the kits when they come out of school and at home, no one is around for them. It's so nice to look at their faces as they all sit at lunch and look forward to a warm meal. They gratefully accept our offers that would be there: Homework supervision, swimming, sports and for the girl's handicraft courses are the best, while for the boy's computer matters are the favourite."

"Very nice! Thank you, Sister Genna, and you Sister Aleyna, tell us something."

"I discuss with the older kits general things that concern them directly. Hartz4 poverty, racism, neo-Nazis and so on. They are very critical and analytical. It is a pleasure to see them blooming. They have organised their shopping service for the elderly and disabled. Thank you for this wonderful task."

 "Well, I don't need to ask Faizah any more, but if you want to tell us anything, go ahead," I said.

"I would like to thank the Imam for his good help and support. The Hijaab block is growing and thriving," she said.

Then Soraya and the girls came with our food. I watched with fascination how everyone brought themselves into the conversation while eating. A new time has probably dawned. After the meal, we made ourselves comfortable with tea and hashish. Aslan has left his pregnant wife at home, after all these years in Purdah, she has the most significant difficulties adapting and being pregnant, and hashish doesn't have to be.

We saw the 'Heute' news and then there was a documentary about right-wing radical attacks and the inactivity of the authorities. It was very well done — the comments of our CSU interior minister and the victims injured by neo-Nazi violence. Again and again, excerpts in which Nazis beat up demonstrators, while the policemen stood next to them and looked away. But one thing had changed significantly, the number of participants increased continuously, more and more German citizens went on the streets against the AfD and Pegida. Soon the Nazi puke will be over, and the pack will retreat into its gutter again. Since we put the pictures of the victims on the net, even the 'Bildzeitung' has become more reserved. The newspaper finally seemed to turn in our favour.

"Well, Peterson! What is your party work doing?" I asked.

"That may take some time. The resistance within the Union to an Islamic wing is enormous. But we are constantly growing. Some are very dissatisfied with the latest election results. To approach the AfD appears to be the wrong way for many, as the election results prove. Most of them now sit around helpless and don't know what to do. I try to offer them an alternative. But they are mostly tight Christians, and I can only try to build up their sympathies for us. In the end, everything will probably lead to a split and the foundation of an IPD and some time to government responsibility. What matters to me is when we will achieve our goals. I am grateful for every help and every suggestion," Peterson said, a little depressed.

"There are efforts at the highest level in the same direction. It will happen faster than you think, a change," I told him.

"Well, let's get to the intimate part of the evening, tea with biscuits and hashish. Everyone has certainly experienced many things that are worth reporting. A few little anecdotes from the Madrasa, maybe Genna can tell us something nice about the kits."

Late at night, we separated.