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Murad Arslan:

"Hello, Ibrahim; my brother! I have good news from the Islamization Front. We should meet again. How about tonight at the café?" textedSimste Murad.

"Is 8:00 p.m. right with you?"

"Okay, see you tonight." texted Ibrahim back. They met in the evening in the café and told each other their news.

"Sheik Achmed Kabir ordered me to recondition my wife. All the men in leading positions have to do it. We should work more publicly, and fully veiled women don't fit into the picture. Until Islam has established itself on a broad front, I will have to live with it for better or for worse." Ibrahim said.

"Brother, I suffer with you! How good that I am only a small tailor. My wife Selima now wears the ruband and has become an impeccable Muslimah. And a new fish has gone into my net, little Jenny Wiesner and her two lesbian mothers are already on the waiting list. Now that the whole street connected to the gas network, it's only a matter of time before they belong to us as well. How do you handle lesbians?" Murad asked.

"They will soon convert and then, of course, stop their sinful activities and be available for our marriage market."

Sandra and Lizzy: It's Friday and Jenny is sitting at the breakfast table with her mothers.

"It's about time! You have to go to work, Jenny!" said Lizzy.

"It's Friday, and we Muslims have a day off. Murad takes me to the mosque today for Friday prayer. What do you think, don't you want to come with me? Please, I would be so happy to experience something with you again." Jenny said.

"I have to go to a mosque? Are you probably insane? And what does 'we Muslims' mean there? Have I failed to see something?" Lizzy reacted annoyed.

"Darling, you take all this much too seriously! Now let Jenny try it out, and if she wishes it so much, then we'll come with her. It is the chance to get a taste of a foreign culture. By the way, I would also like to see Selima again." Sandra said.

"Earth to Sandra! Don't you understand that I'm worried about Jenny?" Lizzy asked.

"About what are you worried? That Jenny will become a Muslimah, who runs deeply veiled three meters behind her lord and master? Sandra said.

"For example! I finally raised her to be an emancipated woman and not a slave," Lizzy resisted.

"Such great emancipated women as we who let the ARGE harasses ourselves from one measure to the next. What a self-determined and emancipated life we lead! Or like Mrs Walter, who goes hooking to finance her son's medical studies," Sandra replied.

"Please stop arguing about me! It's also not easy for me to share this fucking Hartz4 life with you. I'm just trying to get the best out of this fucking situation. If I can tailor, I can always supply myself somehow independently. Mrs Walter hasn't worked in her job as a medical assistant for years and you overqualified yourself for the job market with your studies. The chances of getting through with a proper handicraft are much better," Jenny said and ran howling into her room.

"Uff, that made it! Lizzy goes to her and comforts her. Your daughter needs an understanding mom now." Sandra said. Sandra could have saved herself the comment because Lizzy was already running behind her daughter.


"Baby, dear! Forgive me! We all have a hard time nibbling on our destiny. And how ungrateful I am, you and Murad will spare me the humiliating way to the 'table'. If you want it so much, Sandra and I will come with you to the mosque." Then they lay in each other's arms and howled. Sandra stood with wet eyes in the door frame and thought:

"I think a lot will change soon. I have to take care of my two loved ones so that nothing happens to them". After Jenny caught herself again, she said:

"I'll tell Murad you're coming with me. Tell Selima to bring something neat to wear for you."

"I will not disguise myself, Miss," said Lizzy, falling back into her old cliché. Sandra said, a little annoyed:

"Shut your mouth for once! Nobody wants to disguise you. A long skirt and a headscarf will probably be enough! They went back to the kitchen and finished their breakfast in peace. Soon Murad and Selima arrived. He carried a heavy suitcase and said:

"Girls, Selima has brought a 'small' selection of Muslim clothes for you. It's best if you move to another room for a fitting."

"Bring the suitcase into the bedroom and then sit in the kitchen and drink coffee. We women now have to take care of more important things than you," Sandra slapped him in front of his head with a hearty smile. The irony of her words did not pass him by, and he withdrew into the kitchen with a smug grin.

Selima put the clothes carefully on the bed, and the women looked at them curiously. Lizzy and Sandra first grabbed one of the expensive clothes. They had long, full sleeves and were ankle-length. Then they picked their headscarves, all made of pure silk. Selima showed them how to use a flexible piece of plastic to fold a hood-like hijab. Then they put on an overhead abaya and were perfectly dressed for a visit to a mosque. Sandra and Lizzy looked at each other in the mirror and found what they looked at not so bad. As the four women walked into the living room, you could hear the soft noise of their fabrics. There was something special about everything. Automatically all four women moved in such a way that they were in harmony. Selima informed Murad that they were ready. Then they went Murad ahead, to the car. Their little procession caused quite a stir in the street, and Sandra thought:

"Jo, people! Now you've got something to talk about." Murad drove a two-door Mercedes Coupe, and so it took some time until the three women in the amazing full dresses and veils got into the back of the car. But then it finally started. Arriving at the mosque, Murad first let the women step out to look for a parking space. Selima said:

"Let's go inside; follow me." They entered the mosque through the reserved for the women side entrance. They took off their shoes, and Selima took off her Ruband, too.

"Men are not allowed here," Selima explained. Sandra asked:

"Do I imagine it, or are there much fewer women than men? "The Friday prayer in the mosque is obligatory for men. Women can but don't have to. We will now ritually wash before the prayer and then enter the prayer room. Jenny and I will show you. How it works". Finally, they entered the prayer room, and Selima said:

"Kneel here on the carpet and watch us. Remember something good that happened to you and thank God for it and pay homage to him in thought. We don't do anything else if you leave out all the fuss! For you shall rejoice in yourselves and Allah, that is what we are here for". Sandra thought:

"What a crazy woman! Runs around like a shadow in public and at the same time has such a dingy Ruhrpot snout on her lips!"

"My little Jenny grows up and masters all the challenges she faces. Allah, I thank you for that and praise you for all the good things I was allowed to experience with all my heart." Lizzy thought. Then a feeling of pleasure overwhelmed them both. The women felt the protection of God, the safety and security of a believer in Islam. After the prayers ended, Selima said:

"We are now going to the adjacent madrasah. There we can eat something and gossip a little with the other women." They left the mosque — a fully veiled woman followed by three women in Hijab and Abaya. The symmetry of their movements made it easy to see that they had grown together.

There they got to know exciting women, like the high school graduate Kamila with her mother, Genna Böhm. Women from the upper middle class, who talked to them at eye level without falsehood. Kamila told them how she found her way to Islam. Fascinated, they listened to her story. Selima Arslan also joined them. When they heard who she once was, they were speechless. Then she said that she was pregnant at last and everyone was pleased with her. Murad texted:

"I'd like to leave. I have work to do at home. Please walk to the exit." Quickly they exchanged their mobile phone numbers and said goodbye to hurry to the exit. Sandra thought for herself:

"What's going on now? A man calls for departure and we women storm off like chickens. Well, yes! It's quite comfortable; he guided us; it makes me a bit fuzzy, too."

Murad was already waiting in the car in front of the exit, and this time the women had mastered the entrance to the rear without any problems; apparently, they had got used to the voluminous clothes and veils. Arriving home, Murad went up with them to take the suitcase with the rest of the clothes with him.

"Murad waits! We'll quickly change so you can take everything with you." called the always worried Lizzy.

"Nonsense! Consider it a gift, a small thank-you for your true tolerance towards us. It was an honour to show you something of my culture. I wish you a nice day." Then he was already gone and left behind three pleasantly surprised women who had experienced such a beautiful day.