Veiled PAGE



It's getting a little rough here. Unfortunately, it could not avoid. It's all due to art. So, if you should have a too gentle mind, then better stop reading here.

Howling, she ran out and ashamed herself to the core, not understanding why she grabbed her things and ran into the street. There the good guys of Sheik were waiting for her.

"Holla, that's a cute little milf! Are you lost, Bitch? Shall I show you your way?" They pushed her into a dark alley and ripped her blouse and bra off. Through the gas, the will to submit completely was overwhelming for her. Immediately she knelt on the dirty floor and devotedly took the penis held out to her in her mouth.

"While you cunt blows his cock, I want to fuck you in the ass. Down with the panties." Hardly she followed the order, and he rammed his penis between her ass cheeks.

"That's tight, damn it! You're probably still an anal virgin. It's an honour to deflower your ass." After they all, had emptied themselves in her, they urinated on their Victim lying in the mud.

"Don't you want to thank us, motherfucker, for fucking your ass and your mouth?"

"Thanks for fucking my ass and my mouth and thanks for your urine." Then they left her lying in the dirt.

Two hijab girls found her, quickly fetched a blanket and brought her to the madrasah, where Imam, previously informed by Sheik, was waiting for her.

"Wash her and give her clean clothes, then take her to the treatment room," he ordered.

Meanwhile, at Sheiks.

Soraya and Madame were entering the living room. First Soraya and then Madame knelt in front of the Sheik and took his hand in their gloved hands, kissed them and then submissively touched them with their veiled foreheads. Then they served the tea and pastries. Max looked fascinated at this strange scene and then remembered that he saw nothing of Christine.

"Excuse me, have you seen my assis..., I mean secretary?" he asked the women.

"Your bad behaviour is indescribable! Now you' re talking to respectable married Muslimas. I must ask you to leave my house immediately. I am no longer interested in doing business with a kafir. There's the door! Get out!"

There was a duped Max. Without a contract and his assistant he moved. When he approached his Porsche, he found it without wheels, and when searched for his I-phone, he noticed that it had stolen from him and then his wallet was also gone. Wholly paralysed, he walked a long way home. "The poor man, I almost feel sorry for him," Madame said, but no one saw her devilish grin hidden behind her veils.

"What happened to this bitch?"

"She is in good hands, she will be fine," Ahmed said.

"You mean you'll reverse her polarity with your gas?"

"You have a completely wrong idea of us. We had to protect ourselves from the fascist attacks. The Nazis in Solingen and Remscheid burned down houses of Turks more than 20 years ago, and then the NSU, which for 10 years, although observed by the BND, murdered Turks without being bothered, and last but not least the AfD in the Bundestag and all state parliaments - and always accompanied by an anti-Islamic, racist press. Just imagine: one million Germans would live and treated like this in Turkey. Who are you more afraid of now? From the rushing and murdering mob or from our consciousness expanding gas that makes the treated happy and loyal" said Ahmed. Soraya replied:

"When I fell in love with Ahmed, I faced with the decision to live this life or to leave him. I have never regretted my decision! If you were honest with yourself, you could share this happiness with me."

Madame turned red. She understood immediately.

"Is it so evident, am I so easy for you to see through? The thought of living like you is just too absurd for me, but I confess that I fell in love with Ahmed! But to repress you and endanger our friendship is out of the question for me!" Soraya took her in her arms and pressed her so tightly that she almost ran out of the air.

"Please, come with me to the madrasah right now. Then you will understand much better! Have confidence, please!"

"You say you will make me happy? You are my dearest friends! I have faith that you will guard me. Let us go, for what are you waiting? I have long tired of my present life."

Deeply veiled, they made their way to Ahmed's car. They got into the rear seat. It took a while until Madame had sorted her veils to sit correctly. But then it could start. Madame held Soraya's glove with her gloved hand and wouldn't let loose. She had a lamp fright.

Finally arrived, the women went straight to the treatment room. Everything already prepared. They gave her a strong sedative, and she perceived everything as shadowy. They administered the nanobots intravenously and immediately they started their work. An hour later it was all over, after all, Madame was only conditioned to lead a life as a Muslima, and she felt fantastic. Ahmed was already waiting for her outside the mosque.

"Madame, would you like to convert to Islam and become my second wife."

"Yes, I do! With all my heart I want to be a faithful companion and obedient, decent woman to you".

Then they went to the mosque. Madame spoke the Shahada and made her vows. Happily, they drove home and happily consummated their marriage.

Then Christine's fortune was much more profane. She endured a 24-hour treatment. Islam did not become a part of her life for her, but the only experience so she was entitled. She terminated all contracts and accounts with the help of a notary and married an Egyptian scientist, 25 years older who enjoyed an excellent reputation in the world and who was to open the first Islamic University in Berlin in Germany. Because of his reputation and his marriage to a German, he very quickly became a German citizen. Christine was now called Fatima. Her incomprehensible chatter overcame her new husband. With a shorthand, he let cut her vocal cords, and she became an obedient, mute wife and soon also a mother.

Max felt Sheik's uncontrollable anger. He signed the divorce papers in the presence of a notary in which he waived all claims. Max had to cancel all contracts and close all accounts order to pay his debts to his company.

Then he got a loving kick in the ass and ended up in the gutter. An appropriate place for this scumbag, as Sheik used to say. But instead of quietly retreating into his hole, he kept making palavers. He always found a press person who thought he had to publish his story. In the end, he ended up in an Egyptian laboratory of the Salafist Brotherhood.

But that's another story — another time more of that.