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It all worked out, like clockwork! It was a bit scary how my YouPub channel was going. My name is Lisa Nahles. But you all knew me from Lisa's World with my product presentations. As I said, the business worked well. I thought I was the most successful business graduate in Germany. I was always on the lookout for new business ideas and contacts. Therefore I attended an event of the 'Young Patriots'. An association of young people in my district who were socially active, and admittedly very successful in caring for the socially weaker. Politically they were probably more on the left, as they were committed AfD-Nazi haters. I wasn't particularly interested in that. I only wanted to sell my goods - to whomever. First business, then ethics is my maxim. On my way I had to go through the construction site, that was our apartment house for now. They were laying some new lines.

-- New 'gas pipes' were laid --

Anyway, the noise and the dirt was a reason for my visit to the 'Young Patriots'. There I met Jenny Wiesner. I noticed her right from the start. She wore Islamic dresses, but with her sky-blue eyes and her bright skin, her German ancestry was immediately recognisable. Her light eyebrows, flashing barely visible under the edge of her headscarf, betrayed the blonde. As modest as her clothing was, she was undoubtedly an eye-catcher wearing modern Western outfit. Surely she was a beauty. I had to get to know her. It is indispensable for my business to get to know the wishes and the latest fashion trends of young people because that is all I thought of all the Islamic nonsense. A fashion trend that soon disappears into oblivion. Sure, you would have to be blind if you didn't see the growing number of headscarves in my part of town, but I was more interested in the possibilities how I could implement this for my business. At the end of the event, we were able to sit down for tea or coffee with biscuits. I sat right next to Jenny, who had a more in-depth conversation with Achmed, the chairman.

"Ahmed, I am so thankful to you! I enjoy the job that you gave me at your Uncle! I have decided to stay and learn all that a good dressmaker needs to know," she said.

"I am happy for you! You dress modestly in your spare time, why?" he asked her.

"Selima thinks that I should wear these clothes all the time so that I can become better accustomed. She' s right. I like to dress more and more modest. It's enjoyable not to be continuously whistled behind me, and in Marxloh I barely attract attention anymore," she said.

"Yes, the people seem to have changed. Everything is much calmer and friendlier. It's like a safe island in the sea of Islamophobia." he said, with obvious irony.

"The guy is powerful!", I thought. Then the 'Mr. Chairman' was lured away by a comrade-in-arms and we sat at the table by ourselves.

"Hey, I'm Lisa. You are Jenny, aren't you?" I introduced myself.

"Lisa's World, isn't it?"


"And what pushes the career woman to us normalos?" , she asked me.  

"The business! What else?", I countered. "No, of course not! I just wanted to take a look around. At home, there are some changes, and the noise and the dirt have driven me into your arms".

"To do business with us would also be a rather futile undertaking. Welcome to the world of the Hartz4. In memoriam SPD!", she said.

Oh, man, that girl had a fucking face! I had to interview her on my YouPub channel!

"Listen, I'm not interested in business. " I lied. "I sincerely want to invite you to an interview on my YouPub channel."

"I don't think that's the right thing for me anymore. A month ago I would have enthusiastically accepted, but I've changed a lot since then. Do not be angry, but your products don't interest me at all anymore." she said.

"I don't want to lie to you." I lied. "I am interested in you. Let's swap our WhatsApp, and I'll send you some questions I want to ask you. Okay? You would give me great pleasure." We exchanged and then we had a bit of girl fun checking out the boys there. Then we separated.

"They're very impressive types, these young patriots." I was thinking on the way home, and somehow I was feeling a bit blank.

"Maybe I'm too superficial? Perhaps there are more important things besides business?"  I went back home deep in my thoughts. It seemed to my great joy that the renovations complete. On the same evening, I sent Jenny my questions.

That was a fantastic night! I slept like a marmot. I felt like a newborn! I burst with energy, and at the same time, there was a profound serenity in me. I quickly jumped into the shower and got ready for school. One last look into my sizeable full body mirror and off into the kitchen for breakfast. Or not at all? Another look in the mirror. I turned to the left, then to the right. I looked at my shoulder-length hair. And then my cool, tight top and my favourite jeans, shredded and perforated at all essential points, the rags have cost an ass full of Eurons. On the feet expensive Kate Spade slippers. I was entirely in line with my Lisas World image. It was all the same as always. It was perfect and yet I wasn't comfortable in them. So it was all on the start. Let's see what else my well-filled wardrobe has to offer? At some point, I ended up in a calf-length skirt and a white cotton blouse with a long arm. My hairstyle had poorly suffered from all the moving. With a shorthand, I tied my hair to a ponytail. I had no time for breakfast anymore when I wanted to be at school on time. A quick look in the mirror and strangely satisfied I left the apartment. I sat in the classroom, and for a long time, I looked at my schoolmates. I had never noticed before at all how many of my classmates wore headscarves. Directly in front of me was such a large bundle of cloth. Moment! Hanna Böhm was always sitting there?

"Hanna! Is it you?" No reaction.

"Hello, Hanna! Is it you?"