Veiled PAGE



And she turned to me and said,

"I call myself Kamila now. If you want, we could talk about at the break." In the break, I followed Hanna to her friends. They all wore a full woollen robe with long arms reaching up to their ankles. There was a bonnet-like headscarf on their heads with a scarf over it that stretched far above their waists. It seemed to me that it was a scarf with a round hole. It was close to the chin so that only a small triangle was visible from their face. If they just lowered their heads a little, the hood veil covered almost their entire face, and only the tip of their nose was still to be seen. The girls were all Germans, and some of them were my clients. I thought:

"What a bummer! I certainly won't be able to sell them anything anymore."

"Hei, Lisa! How's your channel? You can see we're not your target group anymore."

"Jesus! Is that you, Petra?" I asked shocked. She and Hanna were the absolute Sweepers at our school.

"I now call myself Samira, please! I converted to Islam like Kamila, and now I am a decent and honourable Muslimah". She said. I first had to digest that. The prettiest and best girls at this school were standing deep veiled in front of me. Even their bare hands were hiding under their veils. There was only a small hand-sized triangle of her face visible.

"I'm beginning to believe I have missed out." I asked her, quite confused, "How long has this been going on?"

"Julia, now called Amber, the one with the alcoholic mother, was our first. It was about two months ago. As far as I know, she signed off to get married. Kamila and I converted last week." Petra said, I mean Samira.

"You are wondering about our strict clothing, aren't you?" Kamila asked me. " Perhaps you have ever heard of the Salafists?"

"You mean the terrorists, the bombers and suicide bombers?" I asked them.

"Our politicians and journalists are calling these criminals that. Whether out of ignorance or evil intent, I don't know. In any case, these murderers are Wahabites, paid by Saudi Arabia, the good friends to the USA and the EU. As Salafists, we strictly believe Muslims, sometimes very strictly believing Muslims, and we regard to murder and terrorism as mortal sins. Our Imams teach us a peaceful, loving Islam and a total turn to Allah."

We were admonished by the bell to visit our classrooms. I was infinitely grateful because I had an enormous pile of new information to work through. My surroundings seemed to change completely, and I realized it was way too late. Curiously, I found it almost normal. Yes, I was curious about what might still happen.