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YouPub fashion show in Lisas World:

"Hi, Jenny! It's nice to hear from you,' I said.

"Yes, I got your questions. Do you want to visit me? I still have some ideas I would like to discuss with you," she offered.

"No problem! When is it convenient for you", I asked.

"I finish at 16:00. But my boss Murat Arslan is a devout Muslim, please pay attention to serious clothing," she asked me.

"Don't worry, I'm very flexible," I said. "Well, I'll meet you later then. C U ." I packed up my equipment. It was only 14:00, so there was still enough time to have some food. Directly under my apartment, a new Turkish restaurant had opened. A kebab with a lot of fresh salad would be precisely the right thing now.

"Merhaba," I said as I entered the restaurant. It was only weakly visited, and thus I headed straight ahead towards the last free window place. RESERVED stood on a little label. I pretended not to have seen it and sat down. A young waiter approached me. He seemed overwhelmed by the situation and greeted me kindly. He handed me the Menucard and left me without comment.

-Always leave a remaining impression wherever you are strange.-

So I got to meet the boss of this restaurant quickly and easily.

"Good afternoon, madam! I am the owner of this restaurant, and my name is Demircan. It may have missed your attention, but unfortunately, this is a reserved table." He pushed the reservation label into my field of vision.

"Oh, I'm so embarrassed, but I was dreaming, I really didn't see it, so please excuse me," I said in my most gorgeous Bimbo (a Bimbo is a young sexy chick with a limited mind).

"Do you know we are neighbours?" I inquired innocently. But now it's time to win. After all, I want to present to the people who ordered the table.

"Oh, what about that? “

"Well, I live right above you are, and I'm excited to meet your dinner. But I haven't even presented myself yet. My name is Lisa Nahles. Welcome to our place!" I said. This was sage on his Turkish soul, often ill-treated in Germany.

"Mrs Nahles, it pleases me to meet you, and I appreciate your friendly welcome." Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some people approaching our table. Two middle-aged men accompanied by veiled Islamic women. This day promised to be exciting.

"Hello, Demirkan! Have you given up our place elsewhere?", a little stocky man grinned.

"I accidentally sat down here, and Mr Demircan kindly pointed that out to me. I am gone immediately. "I said and reached for my bag.

"Nonsense, of course, you can remain seated.


"Please allow me that I may introduce myself. My name is Klaus Böhm. Here my wife Genna and my daughters Kamila and Djamila. Here my friend Ali Meiser with his wife Aleyna and daughter Samira", Mr Böhm welcomed to me.

"Very pleased, my name is Lisa Nahles, and I think I have known their daughters for a very long time. Hello exHanna, hello exPetra."

"Wouw! Lisa! What are you doing here?" exHanna greeted me.

"Well, I am living here!" I said.

"We all will sit down now and place our orders," said Mr Meiser.

"You Ms Nahles are of course our guest."

"That's very sweet of you, but I only have very little time left, I have a business appointment at 16:00."

Demircan brought the menus, and we placed our orders. The food was delicious. I told them about my work and my appointment with Jenny Wiesner. Samira, exPetra was thrilled and said to me about Jenny's unique veils. We enjoyed our get-together. I would have liked to stay, and it was time for me to set off. Mr Meiser said:

" Relax, my dear. I called Ms Wiesner. Together with Mr Arslan, she is on the way to us. Actually, I should have been annoyed now because he interfered in my business unsolicited, but the company with these lovely people and early appointments with Jenny pleased me very much, and so I could casually dedicate to them.

A very serious looking Turk in company with two deeply veiled figures was approaching our table. The waiters immediately rushed to us and put an additional table and chairs next to our table. Demircan greeted the newcomer exuberantly. He then led the new arrivals to our table. When everybody greeted each other, Jenny - she was one of the colourful ghosts - introduced me to Murat Arslan and his wife, Selima. She would have changed her name and now called herself Gadi. Samira and Gadi seemed to be friends. On my questioning glances, Samira said:

"Gadi is wearing a Ruband, a special veil worn in a remote province in Turkey where Mr Arslan was born."

"Hi, Lisa! How do you like me?" Gadi greeted me.

"It looks beautiful. The different shades of green mixed with gold applications are amazing. You are not a woman, but a work of art!" I stated in honest admiration.

"Thank you! I distribute my designs worldwide, and I have a big heel. Do you think a fashion show on your YouPub channel is of interest for my collection?", she asked all serious me.

"If I do that, I'll get a shitstorm that has washed. Any Islamophobic AfD-Nazi fan will be hanging out of the window, and my fans would be perplexed."

"But if it works and you get thousands of clicks in and I trust in you. If you wanted, the kids would dance naked in the streets tomorrow. You can sell everything," Kamila said.

"Shit, I know that's too risky. But on the other hand business risk lubricates the machine! When I crash Lisa's World into the wall, I will start a new channel. But if I succeed, I'll be the first, and it'll be a money machine. For what are we waiting? So let's act".

My equipment was already packed. Arslan's huge living room with its expansive winter garden was the perfect backdrop. The ladies did it very well. We performed a fashion show at its best. From time to time I gave my comments to the different styles. Women from the surrounding area joined us with their veils. In the end, it became a parcours ride through the world of female veiling. It ended with the presentation of the Gadi-Ruband. I hosted the show as usual by constantly swapping my expensive, not-hiding designer clothes. Finally, I filmed myself being dressed in Islamic clothes by veiled women. They put me in a vast black abaya, handed long black satin gloves, a broad, heavy, grey cloth with a round hole in the middle, pulled it over my head, now only my eyes, nose and mouth were visible. They then put a beautiful ochre-golden ruband on my head. By the monochrome, all covering necessary equipment the Ruband got an almost overwhelming dominance. It had virtually something magical. If this has the same effect on the net, a huge success is waiting for us. I vanished to my studio at home with my videos to place them on my YouPub channel for Friday.

On Friday at 16:00 I updated my YouPub channel.

"Hello! Here I am again! Welcome to Lisas World! Blah,bla,bla... In the end, I said goodbye deep veiled with the words:

"This was a very special monthly special today! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did, my dear fans! There will be another normal Lisas World next Friday and in four weeks a new, really great special at the beginning of spring. Then I' ll visit Heino Gurke and we' ll have a look at his latest motorcycle fashion. Bye-bye, make it well till the next time. I'm looking forward to your comments and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And the Shitstorm started. Shocked, like ' Lisa what is this?' up to hateful tirades like 'Kanaken-shit', but the clicks grew more and more. But gradually more and more others called. They were curious about my models, whether they were Muslims, what it would be like to be Muslims, whether and where to buy these great clothes and veils, etc.... By Sunday the minds had cooled down a bit. A lot of comments came in, most of them positive. I was praised for my courage to tread unconventional paths and that Lisas World is always good for a surprise. On Monday morning some of my sponsors contacted me. They were a little pricked, but soon calmed down when they saw the number of new subscribers.