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Dr. al Gossarah:

With the active assistance of Sheik Kabir, Richard Peterson and Ibrahim Arslan and, of course, my marriage to Lizzy Wiesner, there would be no obstacle to my naturalisation soon. Also, my other two wives were guaranteed permanent residence.

Opening the first Islamic clinic in Duisburg was a complete success. We had to compete against powerful opponents to make this possible: Medical Association, AOK, Lobby of the pharmaceutical industry. Our financing concept was a slap in the face for these self-service providers of public funds. I don't want to bore you with details. Only this:

Each cent collected and spent was always visible to the public. And you can imagine how nervous the politicians and the lobbyists responded and that the worst thing for them was: We all worked for God's wages without exception. They paid us according to the number of our family members living with us in the adjoining residential area of the clinic. No one had to pay rent and food was free. As a result, our salaries were, and our staff was always large enough at a much lower cost.

Slightly spicy dry politics from Vulcan:

A glimpse into the future? Ali Meiser and Faizah Peterson were the designers of our social plan and meanwhile permanent guests in the TV talk shows. They had already outstripped the 'Tafel'. Ibrahim Arslan too was courted by the press despite his public commitment to Salafism and his hugely successful mission work. His work led to some extraordinary situations:

One young female journalist had an interview with the Imam, and she dressed quite open-heartedly. They merely locked her in a small room with a microphone and loudspeaker and invited her to ask her questions. At first, she was pissed off, but soon she calmed down and bravely started asking her questions. By the end of the interview, she had even asked the Imam for pardon for her apparent affront. A few days later she converted, and she was lost of sight.

The CDU could no longer ignore Richard Peterson and Klaus Böhm. Peterson as seriously treated as the new NRW prime minister, they wanted to get rid of the colourless Laschet anyway. He would become the first German Prime Minister who had converted to Islam. The future CDU chancellor candidate AKK, a well-known dry Christian and conservative, was his most active supporter. She had the hope that, should he manage to win the absolute majority for the CDU in the NRW state parliament, then the CDU will only too willingly chase the CSU to hell and position itself for the next state election in Bavaria.

The pogroms mood against Islam had made way for a new tolerance. The arch-conservatives in particular with their enthusiasm for the new modesty among the women didn't keep behind the scenes. The days of naked flesh in public soon became a thing of the past. Single mothers received a special protection status, which was financed by cuts in the Harz4 benefits. Single unemployed people, in particular, fell through this grid and it was almost impossible to make it through. More and more young women, therefore, called for the introduction of polygamy, to be allowed to lead a decent life at the side of an already married man. Politics responded exceptionally fast. If a man or woman provided evidence of being able to care for one or a second partner, they were permitted a second partner. In the case of a polygamous marriage, the registry office quickly granted permission. One unemployed less for the state. Women who asked to marry two men were a case for the asylum.

Even though they were most affected by the changes, the women were fighting for immediate implementation. They got a female Chancellor: AKK. Targeted use of gas and nanites - especially in the educated middle classes - started to have severe effects on the social structure.

Meeting at Sheiks:

Present: Richard Peterson, Ali Meiser, Klaus Böhm, Ibrahim Arslan, Frank Weber, the national construction manager, Dr Gossarah, the Sheik Ahmed Kabir and his son Rachid and a new star in the sky: Ahmed Arslan, founder and chairman of the ''Young Patriots''. One of the essential helpers of the brotherhood, Faizah Peterson, was sitting in the kitchen with Soraya to cook the food and to feed little Mahmud.

"Soraya, my dear! How are you without Purdah?" asked Faizah.

"It's okay, but when Ahmed wants a second wife, only if both live in Purdah," she said.

" He wants a second wife?"

"Yes and No, me too! It is always tedious to be alone in this big house. It would be nice to have a loving sister-wife."

"How I envy you so much about your boredom! I can' t get to do anything anymore due to all the work and appointments. I manage to fulfil my prayers dutifully."

"Now let us be quiet as we should be and serve with devotion!" Soraya said, and Faizah enjoyed the stillness she all too often missed. Soraya didn't understand that, but Faizah was the only woman-initiated, and if everything went according to plan, she would still have to do her hated public relations work at the Chancellor's side a long time after. She was condemned to play the role of Model Muslimah. Currently, she enjoyed the quiet company of Soraya, and it reminded her of her first time in the Madrasah. Soon, the food was ready, and they brought it to the men. Faizah and Soraya served them quietly and inconspicuously, as it was their duty. When the men were full, they thanked, and the women were allowed to clear. They ate the leftovers quietly in the kitchen and brewed tea for the men in between.

"Well, gentlemen, we have drawn up our new plan of actions and, as always, we will present it to our sister Faizah, Allah bless her, for her evaluation." said the Sheik. Dr Gossarah said,

" An event that is unique in the Brotherhood: a woman judging males."

"My dear Dr Gossarah, this woman did more for us than one of us. She is an absolute natural talent, and only this gave me the idea to reform our community so radically. This leads me to your marriage with Lizzy Wiesner. I was not pleased to hear that she lives in the strictest Purdah and you cut her vocal cords," said Sheik.

"Ahmed, forgive me. I have two mute wives already. It is my duty to treat them all equally. As the Prophet told us."

"I know I've asked Ali and Faizah taking the case to work out a solution acceptable to all." That they mentioned Faizah in this context made the old doctor first swallow. He was dry as a bone Salafist. But his role as head of the clinic was decisive, and he fulfilled it with flying colours.

"Now we want to welcome a new face in our midst: Ahmed Arslan, founder and chairman of the 'Young Patriots'," the Sheik said.

"Sorry, I was only a co-founder and not the busiest." he shyly interjected. Everyone laughed.

"My son, your modesty honours you. But you seamlessly integrated your people into the madrasah, and everyone converted. Nowhere else is there such a smart and robust collection of young German intelligence as you created it. I am sure that you have soon extended your influence to all the schools of this country. We can be proud of you. Lucky to be able to look after you Ibrahim is hardly able to take it anymore." Kadir laughed.

"My life and that of Aleyna Meiser, wife of Ali Meiser, has been enriched incredibly through our work with young people. And Dr Gossarah, I can assure you that a marriage with fewer restrictions for the woman can be a high gain, says one of the strictest Salafists. You learn new things whenever you like!" He smiled to take the edge off his words.

"It's good now. Dr Gossarah is new among us. Soon, he will accept our approach. You, young Ahmed, keep in touch with all of us so that we can always assist you. We have big plans with the 'Young Patriots'."

"Thank you very much, Sheik! Without your support, we would never have come so far. Please, Mr Peterson and Mr Meiser, express our deepest gratitude to your wives from the 'Young Patriots'."

There was another cosy hour with hashish and tea, in which the women also took part, albeit quietly and reservedly. To Dr Gossarah's amazement again. Then each of them went his path.