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Part 37

Sandra's e-mail to Gadi:

"Hello, sweetie! I would like to say goodbye to you personally, of course, but I stay in Berlin. So much has changed in my life and in that of your mother. Both of us have decided to convert to Islam. Your mother now wants to be the third wife of Dr. al Gossarah and live in Purdah. I was trying to persuade her, but she was stubborn. I really tried everything. Now she is his third wife, called Safiye, is a Niqabi is mute. In fact, she voluntarily had her vocal chords cut. Horrible, but she did it of her own free will. Soon Dr. al Gossarah will move to Duisburg to run the new clinic. You will soon see your mother again. I was bored in the hospital because your mother was constantly being treated. So I started to be useful there. The hospital administration must have been pleased with my work because they offered me a job as an assistant nurse. The prerequisite was that I convert and that I agree to be married with a brother. Here I feel used and loved and my name is now Saida. My future husband here is a male nurse and I am becoming increasingly fond of him. Inshallah, we might meet once again. All the love and may Allah bless you! Saida

Gadi was furious: "What the hell could this asshole possibly think of turning my mother into a mindless, mute and submissive slave?" Gadi yelled in tears with a suffocated voice. Selima grabbed her in her arms and tried to soothe her:

"Sheik tries to rescue whatever can save. Your mother comes in the Madrasah. My brother-in-law Ibrahim will take care of her. In his field, he is an absolute expert. After all, you know how long my sister-in-law was in the Purdah."

"When can I meet her?" Gadi asked.

"Be patient! He'll probably need a few days."

"I can understand you how barbaric it is to rob her voice," said Murad. "Unfortunately your mother is trapped in between the millstones of two different cultures. When Dr. al Gossarah married his first wife, she lived in Purdah. Although one by one he managed to get her out, she remained mute and submissive. In the end, she was just a mute Niqabi. As a Muslim with more than one wife was forced to give the same treatment to them all, his second wife and his third, your mother of course, voluntarily had their vocal cords severed."

"Voluntarily? Murad, I beg you! She would never let herself get mutilated voluntarily! Gadi insisted.

"When your mother finished, the Sheik will schedule a meeting. So please be patient," Murad said.

"Inshallah! Otherwise, whatever remains to do," Gadi thought and returned to her work.


Aleyna was happy. She lived a happy and prosperous life. As her husband rejected his second wife Rabia, she was afraid she might be the next.

"Aleyna, my dear, why so quiet?" asked her husband, Ali.

"It is because of Rabia, it scared me how you chased her out of the house," she said.

"You're afraid I kick you out? For what? You have always been loyal to my daughter Samira, the mother she never had and to me. Rabia hurt me a lot in the past, and I could not forgive her for abandoning her daughter. I am not a monster. I have ensured that she will be pleased with her new husband and that I will never see her again". Aleyna said:

"You have liberated me from my Hatred and you and Samira have given me something that I had never experienced in my life until now. LOVE! Can you understand the fear I feel about losing you?"

"You are Aleyna. The first and only wife of Ali Meiser. I love you, and I swear to protect you and to guard you until death does us part," he swore. Aleyna moved with tears and thanked Allah silently for his kindness and prayed to become soon pregnant.

Aleyna and her teenagers:

As every Monday, the 'Young Patriots' and the Youth of the Brotherhood now met in the Madrasa to discuss and make plans. They have made a good name for themselves nationwide under the slogan of ' Young Muslims help'. In the 'Aktuellen Stunde' on WDR-TV, regular reports made about them. The concern that editors or moderators were acting crosswise proved to be wrong some reported professionally and some perhaps had not yet paid for their semi-detached houses. The television council behaved in a wait-and-see manner. And so there have been more and more interviews with Muslims. Alyna was in charge of the organisation and administration, and so this meeting went smoothly. As always, the meeting chaired by Ahmed Arslan.

"Okay people! Now please be quiet, so that today all we can do is work through an advisory plan. It's about the next state election, and the Brotherhood is requesting that we do our utmost to support their candidate. It is Richard Peterson from the CDU. His party is already treating him as the regional chairman to replace the unfortunate Laschet. I am opening the discussion."