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Sheik and Ali Meiser:

"Ass-Salaam-Alaikum, Ali!"

"Wa-Alaikum-Ass-salaam, Sheik! Do you want to know how much progress we have had? Take a seat, please! Aleyna, we have a visitor. Bring some tea," he shouted towards the kitchen.

Aleyna and Samira sat there at their laptop to coordinate the next actions of the 'Young Patriots'. The association increased so that Aleyna was slowly reaching her limits. At first, Faizah was able to help her. Now she was stuck with the election campaign of her husband as well.

"Remain sitting, Mama, I'll take care of it," Samira said.

"Thanks, my child, but you all know that I' m the only one who has to serve," she said.

"However, I will be with you. I want to know who is visiting us," Samira insisted. As usual, the Sheik remained mute until he got his tea. With Samira in the procession, Aleyna delivered some tea and biscuits.

"Ass-Salaam-Alaikum, Aleyna! Ass-Salaam-Alaikum, Samira!" greeted the Sheik kindly.

"I would like to give you some attention, but unfortunately Ali and I have fundamental work to do, and so I ask you to retreat into the women's wing and close the doors right behind you." The women whispered:

"Wa-Alaikum-Ass-salaam, Sheik! Whatever you ordered," and disappeared.

"Ali, for how long have we been providing Lisa Nahles?" (He meant the gas, of course. Even in such safe rooms, the Sheik was careful).

"It's now exactly six weeks and two days, with minimal dosage," he told the Sheik with an enjoyable grin.

"I already see, Faizah informed you in advance, right?" and Sheik was deeply impressed by his people. They were worth every cent.

"Ali, here's a list of people where you can raise the level two points," the Sheik said.

"May I inquire what about exactly this is? "

"No, of course not! You should slowly understand our policy. Knowing is knowing, and mine is mine," said the Sheik angrily.

"I was stupid by now, it doesn't happen again", said Meiser.

"Not stupid, it is dangerous, my friend! I pay for you so princely not for nothing. Never weigh you in safety! So be always on guard! Now shut the documents away well and then bring the two girls back again. Preferably with fresh tea," said the Sheik more relaxed now. Aleyna and Samira brought fresh tea, and everybody sat down.

"With great pleasure, we see the rapid growth of our youth, and we also see with great concern how overburdened your work is, dear Aleyna. Now we have to reorganise the group. You may know that we buy up real estate on a grand scale and then customise it to the needs of Islamic families. So we have succeeded in releasing rented flats near the mosque and the madrasah for administrative purposes. Also, some Hartz4-damaged ladies who were employees in administrative work have recently converted to 'True Faith'. In short: you get a department with ten employees. How do you like that?"

"Sheik, Allah bless you! That's wonderful news. I am grateful from the bottom of my heart," Aleyna enthused.

"At the same time, an administrative centre will be set up in Berlin to which you will subordinate," added Sheik.

"Now to you, Samira! You will take your Abitur exams in May, right?"

"Yes, in mid-May till the end of June I know if I passed or not."

"No doubt, of course, you will pass. Anyway, I want that you marry my son Rachid in August," the Sheik solemnly announced. Samira could only squeak with joy, and she jumped around Sheik's neck overwhelmed with joy. What a faux pas! In the same moment, she would have preferred to sink into the ground with shame to death. She gathered her veils and rushed into the women's wing. She didn't see the grin of Sheik and the other ones.

"Aleyna," he said. " Go to her and say to her that I liked her embrace very much and that once she is my daughter-in-law, she may do it regularly. Provided the consent of my wives." Aleyna said,

"It is already late afternoon, and I ask you to dine with us Sheik and pray the evening prayer together with us. Then she rose up giggling and then left. He accepted the invitation gladly and, happy and proud of his day's work, he left his new future relatives in the early evening.