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Meeting at Sheik:

Everybody was there. There were three black ghosts, the women of al Gossarah. For the first time, Gadi was by Murad Arslan and his wife, Selima. Both women in colourful silk ruband.

"A warm welcome to my friends! For the first time, we welcome the world-famous Ruband designer Gadi Wiesner, Murad Arslan and his wife, Selima. The three wives of our friend Dr. al Gossarah, including Safiye, the mother of our friend Gadi. These meetings primarily serve the exchange of ideas, but also to clarify disagreements as well. There is something Gadi wants to tell us".

"I am irate, I have sent my mother to Berlin with confidence and faith to cure her paralysis and not to make her a mute, half blind servant of Dr. al Gossarah. To cripple women is brutal and primitive," Gadi exclaimed. One of the three ghosts raised her hand. The Sheik spoke:

"Speak, woman!" A text then appeared on the large display on the opposite wall.

"My dear child! I`m the third wife of Dr. al Gossarahs. I share my fate voluntarily with my sister's wives. Everything I did, I was doing out of love for Allah and my husband. I am, and I want to hug you immediately." Safiye, rose with her arms wide open. Gadi jumped up and ran into her mother's arms. A black ghost combined with a colourful design ghost. "I think we've solved the problem and I'd like to discuss the next state election with you now. After the latest plans had talked, we returned to the favourite part of the day: Tea and Hashish.

Lisa Nahles:

"Today I have the wife of the Imam, Selima Arslan and Aleyna Meiser to visit. They want to discuss my support for the 'Young Patriots'. It's time for me to get ready." I put my German Koran - my dear friend Gadi had given it to me - aside and went to my wardrobe. A wardrobe full of designer clothes, which cost me, I never wanted to think about it. But to welcome two believing Muslimahs, I had nothing decent to wear. Apart from my videos, I didn't wear these bitch clothes anymore. In my private life, I dressed more modestly. I will call Jenny, uh Gadi:

"Hey, here's Lisa! I have a big request for you! I've got Selima Arslan and Aleyna Meiser visiting right now, and I don't have anything sensible to wear," I said.

"If you receive them at your place, if so, then I will bring you a Ruband and everything else, and you will invite me too. Two decently veiled ladies receive two honourable Muslimahs to visit. What do you think? Would you like to?" , she asked. It wasn't such a nasty emotion to ware veiled in my video. Why not? It will undoubtedly be great fun.

"It's a deal! They come in an hour. Can you do it?"

"Sure, see you soon! Twenty minutes later she stood in front of my apartment door.

"Wouw! I said. "Can you fly?"

"No! I was driven here by Murad." We hugged, and she rubbed me with her temple — a beautiful, totally female form of greeting. I love the feeling. It was as if a good friend visited me, and we seemed to be soul mates somehow.

"Hurry up! Lisa! The time is running out. I jumped out of my clothes and put on the wide harem pants, above them a full, knee-length blouse with a long arm and a stand-up collar. When my hair disappeared under the hijab, the old Lisa was only a memory. The obligatory elbow-length satin gloves followed. Then a grey overhead abaya with butterfly sleeves that reached over my hands.

"I completely forgot how warm it could become under all that stuff," I told her.

"So you please Allah and the fires of hell are hotter," she replied. I somehow thought it was funny and completely right at the same time to hear what she said and nodded to her.

"Now for the finale, tata: the Ruband designed by Gadi Wiesner for her dearest friend Lisa Nahles. She held it out to me, and I was a little disappointed at first. It was gorgeous, made of silk and shimmered pink, but also unusually plain for a Gadi-Ruband.

"You're disappointed, aren't you?"

"Not disappointed! It's just an unusually simple Gadi Ruband." She carefully placed it on me and brought out a velvety Khimar kept in a brilliant green. She pulled it over my head and fastened it with a gold-coloured buckle at the front of the ruband. One look into the full body mirror and I was thrilled. I saw a cone-shaped sculpture, no woman, no Lisa, something entirely new had emerged and I found myself beautiful. I felt pure and untouchable. Carefully I stretched out my arms to embrace my dearest friend Gadi. Then the doorbell rang, and I welcomed the two ladies.

"It is I, Lisa. It is Gadi who is also here. She has brought me these beautiful veils. Do I please you?" The women greeted each other warmly.

"You look fantastic. It is unmistakable a typical Gadi! It is unmistakable," Selima said.

"And maybe the last one too", said Gadi.

"But why that, Gadi?"

"My mom, I have visited her and seen how happy she is. Her life in the circle of her family is very pious. She is a hundred times closer to Allah than I am. My life without family and faith meant what. People say when they see me: 'Look, this is Gadi, the famous Ruband designer'. I wanted that they say, 'Look, she's a good Muslimah'. Both my mother and my stepfather wish me to move into them. My stepfather, Dr al Gossarah, said that I was his daughter and that, as a good daughter of a Salafi, I should place myself in his care. Isn' it the daughter's duty to be obedient and humble?" Selima said:

"It is not wrong for you to live a godly and decent life with your mother in the care of your family". And Aleyna said:

"I am sure, Gadi, that you will always choose Allah. But now we want to discuss with you the things we are here for."