Veiled PAGE


Part 1

When it all began:

"Darling, please answer your mobile phone! It's on Sunday! I will sleep more" I tried to wake up my husband. Finally, he moved and answered it. Satisfied, I let myself sink into my pillow to get some more sleep.

"Heureka!", throwing himself onto me and my better half roared into my ear.

" We have made it!" I thought:

"Fuck off! Never marry a scientist! I slowly sat up and fixated him with the greatest possible hate in my eyes. "Now come on, do not look so, I do know after all how much you love me and what excitement you have to await an explication."

"Yep, love of my life and inexhaustible source of annoyance, tell me, announce the good news and then finally let me sleep".

" Attention! As you know, we are researching the grey materia which is not recognisable to us and which makes our universe physically possible. And today we seem to have achieved a major breaking through: it is proof that parallel universes exist. They are originally responsible for the phenomenon of grey materia."

"Great! Can I go back to sleep now?"

"Hot beloved, ignorant journalist sock in the shape of my beautiful wife, I will, unfortunately, leave you now, because CERN is calling me!"

"Go well, dearest, if not to hell, then at least at work! As it would fit for a scientific luminary like you not be sanctifying Sunday". He kissed me goodbye with a tender kiss, for we both deeply loved each other. And that was it with our marriage, our happiness and our freedom, which we knew and cherished. The guys at CERN started with something that no one was able to guess, not to mention use. 


I should introduce myself: My name is Anja Wertmüller, and I used to work as a journalist for a private radio station, my husband Karl is an astrophysicist at CERN, and we were a young married couple with big dreams.

My man was at CERN now, and I won't see him again until Monday. Scientists and journalists don't know any closing time or weekend. So my guy and I came about a Monday, the Hairdresser's Sunday in Germany if somehow it is possible to make a reservation for us. So I got up too, showered and ate breakfast, opened my laptop and did some research, made several phone calls and was already a specialist for black holes, parallel universes and grey matter. I have an excellent job! Laying tracks and collecting money. Now I have to wait and kill time with shopping or an adequate thing. In the evening my smartphone contacted me at my favourite Italians. Facebook told me that Sandra Maischberger, Anne Will, Lanz and various other flat chatterers would like to interview me about black holes, parallel universes and grey materia as their specialist. I should contact them urgently. Like I said: I have an excellent job. With a glass of wine at Luigi's on the terrace, lolling comfortably in the early evening sun, how can there be something more pleasant? Unless your mobile phone is annoying. A look at the display and I was in power mode. It was my better half, and he had never called me from work before. That violated our agreement to strictly separate work and private life. After all, he doesn't have to realise what a spring I have :). So I answered:

"Yes, dearest, make it short, I still have to work through many appointments today".

"Forgive me, dear! I can't provide you with any information on my mobile phone, but we need you here urgently. Could you please come as soon as possible?"

" Could it be that your wife has a job?" I bitched, I will not jump when my master calls.

"Hello Mrs Wertmüller, this is State Secretary Lüger from the Defence Committee. I must ask you to come over. It shall also be profitable for the journalist Wertmüller." I was confused, as to what was so important that "Secretary of State Lüg(n)er" demanded of me.

"All right, State Secretary Lüger, I'm on my way," I said obligatorily and made my way to CERN.

Part 2

Approximately one kilometer from my destination I realized that there were many military vehicles on the road, that made me a bit anxious. A guard at the gate escorted me directly to Dr. Wenzel's office, where the gentlemen expected me so urgently. At my sight the Secretion of State* (*that's called satire)started chattering immediately:

"Mrs. Wertmüller, you' re finally here, something great is waiting for you! They will . . ."

"If I am quoted here already, I would like to have information and perhaps everything 'great' later," I said irritated. The babbler was speechless for the moment, and Dr. Wenzel took the opportunity and thus the word:

"I think we have to give Mrs. Wertmüller - so first hello Anja - a small introduction into the events of today. In short: We have discovered and opened a gate to a parallel world. We have successfully made contact with them. There is the possibility of physical exchange by exchanging two persons of the same volume and weight on each side. This possibility only exists every five years. At first, we thought of your husband and Dr. Schwarzer, but five years are too long. Your husband is a scientist and first choice, and he has the same countenance as his counterpart in the parallel world and you Anja would correspond precisely to the other person".

" This means I should be leaving our world together with my husband so that somebody on the other side would come over? Are you completely crazy? If I' m 5 years out of the job, then my career is finished now."

"When we come back after five years, your career will make a big leap up. Think about it, and we would be the first people in this world to have been in a parallel world. We would be the new 'Neil Armstrong', forever in history books," was my husband's excitement. I knew he was right. It was a great opportunity. I loved my life here, and I was familiar with this place. I sensed now that I would regret it.

"Sorry Anja, now we need you to give us your consent. The window will close in less than an hour for the next five years."

"Damn, I'll do it! I think whoever renounces such an adventure can only be a politician or dead." (Yes, dear reader, I've merely overlooked our political actors with their hollow phrases.) Would I have known about what was waiting for me at the other end, I would perhaps be more tolerant. We were quickly taken away in preparation for the transition. We had to undress completely, then put into large, bulky protective suits and taken to the gate. It was an impressive view. A colossal bronze discus with a circumference of about 20 meters awaited us.

"It's about time. Position yourselves on the markings." Then a short flash and that was it. We were on the other side. Not that we immediately became aware of it, no, only slowly we detected a changed environment.

"Welcome, Dr. Wertmüller. We are pleased to welcome you to our world. We are going now to the conference room, where we will brief you about this world."

A Dr. Wenzel in a Nightgown with a tie welcomed us and overlooked me deliberately. Going to Rome live like a Roman', Obeying that maxim, I first overlooked his rudeness and shut up. Then a masked figure next to a kind of cylinder was waving to me to come over. I looked at my husband, bewildered, shrugging his shoulders at the same time and nodding his encouragement at me. Pretty disconcerted I went to the masked one, as I approached I recognized a woman. She grabbed me by the arm and pushed me into the cylinder, that closed immediately after me. There were dark and stuffy in it, and I screamed with fear.

"Hey, what are you doing to my wife? Leave her immediately out of there" excited my Karl.

"Mr. Colleague nothing will happen with your wife. The way your wife dresses is very offensive for us. We ensure that protected her from the sight of strangers and that you are not dishonored, Mr. Colleague, because of your wife's ignorance.'. Yelling out my anger and frustration, I realized that I could not hear myself, no matter how loud I screamed - my prison was soundproof. That was the first 'nice' surprise for me and many more to follow.

"Your wife temporarily will be placed in a women's shelter where she will prep on her new destiny."

The cylinder then moved, and I disappeared beneath my loud curses that nobody heard.

Part 3

A perceived eternity later I stopped. But nothing happened. And so I got to know lesson number one to women: To wait and to shut up. I heard a soft hiss at one point and then no more. I awoke naked on a kind of medical examination chair. They had fixed my arms, my torso, my legs and my head with straps and a light was shining in my face.

"You are awakened sister that pleases me. Wait until your instructor has turned on, please."

"I will be your instructor, and I will train you in all things that concern the women. I will also train your behaviour and your way to think". I tried to shout, but not a single word was coming out of my mouth.

"Until you learned to keep silent and talk only when you are asked to, I paralysed your vocal cords temporarily".

"You damn hogs, you can' t do that to me. I am a modern, emancipated woman, goddamn it" I can only think because of the lack of my vocal cords. A horrible agony twitched my body.

"Be careful what you think, woman!" Then I understood that the instructor communicates telepathically with me.

"Right, Woman! I will raise you to be a good, modest, submissive woman. You will immediately execute any order I give you, dress as women are allowed to, and learn that all you think about is to please your husband. With every error, I will penalise you by pain, and if You obey well, I will reward. I was horrified to realise the implications of it. I had no private life any more, and it also saw what I saw. I shared everything with what? "

I am connected to the central computer and programmed on women's routines" promptly and unsolicited the answer was. There was shivering through my body, a feeling of great abandonment and tears ran down my face. Then my eyes turned black, and before I fainted I thought desperately:

"Do I pass out or does the machine make this now? I was awakened by the machine, still naked and fixed in the chair. Then a pipe was shoved inside my mouth, and a delicious tasting porridge was coming out of it, and at the same time, I sensed my bladder and bowel emptying. I never before had felt so degraded.

" Today you will be shown the responsibilities of a woman, which you must imitate with precision. So be cautious! Incidentally, I find it very offensive the way you think about me being a machine, that is unreasonable. You will consider me with respect as your teacher and leader, nothing more is for you to do, woman! Apologise!"

"I apologise, if anything, not to a machine for a human!" It came upon me with inconceivable violence; it was like large hands crushed my body and soul. I shrank to a small heap of misery. That machine completely controlled me, and it could do whatever it liked to do to me. I said whimpering:

"This unworthy bitch is asking you, as her beloved teacher and leader, to forgive her. It will think from now on in love and respect to the instructor."

Like automatically I talked and thought of me in the third person, and I found the correct phrases. Something was breaking inside me, and there was something new to come through. I had deep inside me a desire for submission. I didn't realise that they manipulate my subconscious mind while I was sleeping. My Lord graciously said:

"Thus is it right, regard me with respect as your Lord, so you learn to serve your husband lovingly as your Lord if you are allowed to go to him. An unbelievably pleasant feeling flooded and rewarded my heart. So intense, so addictive.

"This woman thanks you, my Lord, for your care," it slipped by itself. Then, in a time lapse, it occurred in front of my eyes as I got up in the morning, cleaned myself, clothed myself till I was veiled entirely, I prayed, then went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast and in silence served it to my husband at the table, taking care that I handed him all at the slightest hint. When he finished, I rushed to the dressing room to offer him his coat. Deeply bowing, I wordlessly said goodbye to him and ate the leftovers that he had left over. I raised my veil so I could bring the food to my mouth even without seeing the tiniest thing off my face. Then I stood up and prayed and cleaned the apartment. I prayed again for lunch to prepare it. I was kneeling in front of the door and waiting for my husband. As he entered, I welcomed him bowed over. I waited for him at the lunch table, and when he got up, I was allowed to eat the leftovers. Then I cleaned the table and washed the tableware. Then I prayed and prepared myself for bed. I wore a white burka to sleep, underneath I was naked. I kneeled beside my master's bed and was waiting for him. As he entered, I undressed him, and I washed him in the prepared bathtub, dried him gently and handed a clean nightgown to him. I then lay with my back on the bed, and he climbed me. When he emptied into me, he rolls off me. I walked to clean and crawled into a tiny, windowless room that was barely a metre high with a thin sleeping mat lying on the bare floor laying down to sleep.


It all took just ten minutes.

"These are your chores, and you will be taken to your master's house now, don't worry, I will always be with you and take care that you don't do something incorrectly. I spontaneously thought:

"Unfortunately you are here. Leave!" I was immediately rewarded with a 'turn my guts upside down'. The belts disintegrated, and I was standing up to drop over immediately.

"Have I allowed for you to stand up? Have a seat again! He controlled me completely, even my moves.

"If you do anything wrong, I will intervene, any time. You should slowly have understood it. You may now stand up, only fold your hands before your chest to lower the head as it should be. Then you may walk with short steps towards the chest, take out the clothes and dress well. I could find there everything in black. I slipped into a grandmother's panties pretty fast - finally no longer naked -, a knee-length shirt with a high collar, wide trousers closing at the ankles, black socks and shoes, on top of that I pulled the abaya, a broad, thick cloth with a hole in the middle, that made my shape of body hidden and left only my face and hands blank. I then put on long, shiny black elbow-length gloves. Ruband was the name of the last part, a large white silk cloth with two small circular holes with a net to look through and fasten to the back of my head. Not a single piece of my skin, even the smallest, could be seen anymore and my body's silhouette disappeared, and I could have been everything, and I realized:

I was a ghost. I was a nothing, a servant, a lover and whatever was demanded from me. They did not have to anesthetize my vocal cords anymore, and I was also so muted and half blind below the veils. Anja was dead. Both my previous behavior towards my husband and in public became a disgusting reminder to me. All I could do was be happy living in this present time, with all its limitations, and rigorously erasing my old life from my mind. It was necessary to become an ' IT ', an being without a personal presence, merely to be able properly to function. I felt a sense both of total liberation and sincere gratitude. I never felt so safe before. It all seemed to me the way it was now, correct. Imagining myself as an obedient, demure and pious female Muslim gave me endless pleasure. Admittedly what I am now, my behavior, my way of thinking, these people made me. But that doesn't matter. Because I only have to think about my husband I fall on my knees in blissful awesomeness. I feel content about my fortune, and I want to finish my report. Now my husband will speak, for me, as a good woman is silent in the world. Karl After many endless sessions, they informed me about my wife who was waiting for me at home. With joy and sorrow, I started straight on.

Arriving at home, a veiled woman was waiting for me. She bowed before me without saying a word and took my coat.

"My God! Honey, it's me, your husband, I have gone crazy with longing after you. Come, we sit down and talk".

"This woman will gladly obey her lord. It speaks if it should," she said. It was as if I had been beaten in the head. Where was Anja?

"Listen, will you please speak reasonably, impertinently and defiantly, as I am accustomed from you. "

Part 5

At that moment the monitor started, which otherwise simulated a large window overlooking a beautiful park.

"Hello, Mr. Wertmüller. The woman's control unit reports a psychological instability of your wife. Do not ask anything out of your wife that is contrary to her imprint. Such conflicts create great pain in it, because it has to obey, but can' t."

" Wait for a Moment. What have you done to my wife?"

"Mr. Wertmüller, we had to enable your wife to integrate into our culture. Its greatest happiness is the happiness of the Lord, so you. It is filled with the idea of serving and obeying its Lord. When you act against it, you only create terrible pain in it."

"And what do I have to do not to torture it?"

"It knows what it has to do. Just let it do and praise it in the evening for how well it has served you.

"For now, I'll be playing along with you till I know what you've done to it. I don't want it to suffer as a consequence of me. May I ask it what it wants?"

"Yes, that's not a bad idea, only it doesn't have a name anymore. Therefore, talk about it with bitch or whatever you want. It's your property, you treat it that way, and it's happy." I was trying my luck to be the owner of a bitch, and I said,

"Bitch, tell me, how would you like to be treated by me?

"If it pleases its master with its service, it is exceedingly happy."

"I sincerely hope that you are not being forced to surrender like this. Please pardon me for treating you this way. I must first find out what they have done to you, and I shall treat you for as long as these guys demand. Now follow your duties."

"This woman thanks to its master for his care and is now asking to be allowed to remain silent in order not to offend strangers passing by offending with its voice.

"I think I still have much to learn, and I don't understand anymore. However, well you may keep silent. She bowed deeply and continued her work. While it was preparing the food I researched the databases - that's what they call the web here. I soon found clues in the historical archives explaining the uniqueness of this world. The epidemics of the Middle Ages were completely different on this world line. They were catastrophic, and they almost led to extinction. Above all, people were changed. They could not allow themselves to be superstitious, as in our Middle Ages, and they found help from the Moors, one of the most advanced scientists of their time. Immediately they converted to Islam and developed technological progress far sooner than we did. Until today, the birth rate among boys to girls is one to ten, and fertility is extremely poor. Islamic laws have been strictly obeyed, but they are considered more as a guide to leading a good and constructive life. For example, compound interest is a great sin which leads these people to the wrong side of capitalism. The strict ban on killing a Muslim often also helped to find a peaceful solution. As the birth of a son is extremely rare, but in Islam, women depend on the protection of men, polygamy and strictly patriarchal society are the norm. Already young women are directed to an instructor, and it is only a chip that is connected to the central computer. The permanent use of the chip turns the women into compliant servants who live a strictly Islamic life. I slowly realized how high the power of the chip was on women. Only by submitting to the dictate of the chip they could live, a life that the chip dictated. Further research about the chip revealed that the women developed increased emotional sensation controlled by the chip. Means that when they serve well, they are floating in an almost addictive cloud of happiness. While insubordination leads to an unbearable depression. I had to settle for the next five years with a slaved wife. We will see how well I succeeded. In the beginning, I tried everything to get my wife's chip removed. However, regardless with whom I auditioned, and I went 'upstairs', I only got a lack of understanding, even wondering how cruel the women in my world would be treated. And while I was having all these conversations, I got very distrustful for the first time when I met the Imam of CERN. As he said,

"My son, don't be so heartless to your wife, she is happy, and hopefully all the women in your world will be soon. Thy wife needs a strong hand to guide her and a place where she is safe from the world. It needs no more for its happiness." Thoughtfully I left him. '...hopefully, all the women of your world will soon...' he had said. Did they intend to transform my world into their world? If yes, how? To experience the truth, I couldn't ask anyone directly, and I knew that. Only the ' long way through the institutions' would promise any success. I will not be able to escape unless my body and soul are wounded. But I will be strong for my beloved wife. I couldn't talk to her freely unless the chip were listening to it. I behaved like a local towards her from now on. I had to learn to see her not as a woman but as a bitch. A woman had here rather the meaning: pet, it spoke of itself in the third person of not 'she' but 'it', like 'the little animal'.


Part 6

I spent most of my time at CERN working. And that's unusual here. On the one hand, my colleagues seemed to work much less than I knew from my world. On the other side, my older colleagues in particular usually looked tired. I made friends with Antonio, a deep, relaxed Italian with a brilliant mind. Talking to him outside of work got possible. In the evening we were sitting comfortable smoking hashish, a substitute for alcohol.

"My friend, a long-standing question on my mind is why older colleagues always look so exhausted". Antonio grinned in my face and said jovially:

"They get tired in carrying out their Islamic duties". "Explain this to me. I don't understand you."

" You know our world now. You know that every man has ten women and that every male offspring is essential for survival. Due to the low birth rate, we are struggling to maintain a global population density of one billion and this only if each woman has regular sexual intercourse for as long as it is reproductive. Now, and if a male in the family dies, his wives we fairly distributed to all remaining males. That means that you often have to climb ten or more wives and that requires a lot of power. Everybody tries to give everything, driven by the hope for a son. Was this understandable for you?

"You're right, I might have figured it out for myself, but a lot of things are still very unfamiliar to me here."

"Well, possessing many wives is a prestige issue as well. To be a respected man of career prospects, you need to own a minimum of six wives." It was clear to me that until I wanted to go home in five years with a restored Anja, I was allowed to get another four to five wives.

"Well, shall I get some more women?" I asked.

"But that assumes that you'll stay here forever," he replied with a knowledgeable accent that I didn't like at all.

"First of all I advise you to convert to Islam, you do not even imagine then how many doors will be open for you. " he continued. I only thought:

"Even here 'Rome and Romans' applies."

"Can you help me to do all right? I am just too strange here," I asked him. So, with my friend's help, I was quickly integrated and turned into a harem owner. I lived in a bigger house now to have space for three additional wives. I numbered my wives the way it is common to do here: Anja was the woman Number One. I felt guilty about her and called her out to me:

"Everything that happens is for your sakes. Please trust me, dear." She remained silent. I forget that I must explicitly ask her to speak.


"Lord, this woman thanks you and is proud to serve a Lord of four wives." Gradually all this started to annoy me. I looked at a cone of cloth kneeling in front of me, emitting submissive manure and only expecting to be used in some way. I missed my so wonderfully quarrelsome and bitchy and beloved wife.

"You may stand up and leave." I determined. It helped never to know which Anja was amongst the four veil owls. So it did not exist, and over time I got used to looking at all four as my females in the sense of pets. Each night a white Burka ghost was lying next to me in the bed and had to be climbed. No love and no joy, there was just dull flower sex.

When my private life had already been in the ass, I decided to focus more on my career. I was working at CERN till lunchtime, and in the afternoon I continuously expanded my circle of acquaintances. Soon I became known as a colored dog, and many unknowns addressed me at that time. After one year I was able to understand the structures in the local CERN and was able to interpret the conversations with the locals correctly. And so the truths became more and more apparent. By the exchange of us, they learned everything about our immune system and could infect themselves safely with us, at the same time our counterpart infected my planet with the most devastating epidemic which had ever raged. It resulted in uncontrolled mass deaths and the collapse of civilization within a year. My world line accepted everything to survive. My people were now provided with the necessary vaccinations, and the CERN computers of both planets were networked, and of course, their network was the Master PC. So the fate of my world and my friends, as far as they had survived, was sealed. My research at CERN showed that other parallel universes had already been absorbed into the local system and the procedure was described in detail. From this, I deduced how my world line proceeded. I requested Dr. Wenzel to speak with me to make my supposition. Naturally, they supervise my activities from the beginning and so all persons relevant to the system expected me. They were all part of my circle of acquaintances.

Part 7

"Hello, Karl! Good to see you, I guess you have a lot of questions" Dr. Wenzel greeted me, the rest of those present nicely nodded to me.

"You turned my wife into a pet and attacked my world and killed several people. I'd fucking like to have a reasonable explanation for this madness!"

"I know we seem to be cruel conquerors, but these cruelties are not for low, but highly responsible reasons. We will now play you a video, it is a 300-year-old documentary and describes our first contact. I saw both sides approaching carefully. When certain stability was achieved, the opposite side of the world tried to force business relations more or less politely. But despite all efforts to establish a friendly relationship with the other hand, there were always quarrels. Here one could not handle it reasonably and decided to put the contact and the parallel world project on ice for the time being. After a few years, they wanted to look again. But they couldn't find the world anymore, and it had blown itself up. So they began to secretly observe the countless parallel universes to find out that self-destruction was the rule rather than the exception. Their analysis showed that the great epidemics that made possible a worldwide Islam, which suppressed the extreme varieties of capitalism because of the ban on compound interest, and the struggle for the survival of the species of their society, which continues to this day, had given them much more time to develop. But they also survived by the strict separation of the sexes, which made many competitive struggles superfluous and always provided a home for the men, where they were still well occupied with the reproduction of their species, which probably also explained their prudence and peaceableness. Deeply impressed and shocked by what I saw, I first had to calm down.

"I think our friend needs a break, so I suggest we meet in the cafeteria in an hour," graciously suggested Dr. Wenzel. I went to the small park of CERN and thought about what the things I had just seen meant for Anja and me. We humans survive only through the strict Islamic way of life, a life strictly according to its rules and the permanent pressure to preserve the way. I went deep in my thoughts, into the cafeteria.

"Before we go any further, gentlemen, I would like your assurance that you have not shown me a fake."

"There is no pleasure in our actions. It is horrible to destroy a world like this. With the destruction of their civilization, many good things get lost, and every contact makes us almost despair. But you have just seen hundreds of worlds die and are deeply shaken. We avoid contact as best we can, but it cannot always be avoided. Each time we see the same patterns, which finally lead to the destruction of this world."

"Yes, I've been here long enough to appreciate her sincerity. It is horrible to destroy civilization to save a world, and I ask you to take responsibility for it. I want to ask you one big favor, release my wife, Anja." A short pause, then the Imam said:

"My son, it is cruel what you ask. It is happy. It only wants to be what it is, that is its fulfillment."

"I know Imam, in long conversations you tried to convince me. I only ask you to give her a choice. I want her to be given the time to get to know everything and to consciously decide for a life with a veil or to lead a life regulated by the chip. This admission to only one woman will hardly shake this stable social order."

"Well," said the Imam, "I will go with you to your wife because I am authorized to deactivate the chip.

When I got home, I called Wife One to us. It kneeled silently before us and bowed deeply.

"To the central computer: deactivate the chip of the woman kneeling in front of us," said the Imam. Anja howled like an animal and shook epileptically. I lifted her and held her firmly in my arm. Then the Imam said:

"To the central computer: constant monitoring of the life function of the released woman. In case of immediate danger reactivation of the chip, otherwise only at the personal request of the object".

"Thank you, Imam. Allah blesses you." Then he left us, and I held my wonderful wife in my arms, who had fallen into gracious impotence. I lifted her and laid her on the bed, sat next to her and waited. I must have fallen asleep, for I was awakened by the loud foul cries of my Holden. In the meantime, she had got rid of the veil and sat beautifully tousled in front of me.

Part 8

"God, I missed you!" I said with tears in my eyes.

"And couldn't the fine Lord free me from this machine much earlier?" she asked angrily.

"Darling, you are the first and the last whose chip has been deactivated, with the condition that you continue to live a life with a veil and as a submissive Muslim." She looked at me with strangely dead eyes, and there was a deep sadness in her voice:

"Please take me home, I want my life back. I can't stand living here without the chip. I remember every detail of my time here that you have three more women, that monotonous life and the joyless, mechanical sex. But I was still overjoyed, always. And that's the worst."

"We can't go back, everything we knew is destroyed. There is no place where we can go," I said.

"I thought to myself, why else would they have released me? And I already miss the chip. I don't think it's over Anja enough to resist the luck given by the chip."

"Please Anja, don't say something like that. Stay with me and let's both try to be happy here," I asked her, but I read in her eyes the unvarnished truth she suffered terribly from the loss of the chip. They had merged into a symbiosis. She couldn't live without him anymore. Without me already and I understood the words of the Imam, I tormented them terribly. To know that one had lost his old life and that the new life meant happy enslavement was unbearable for her and so she longed back for the chip that made everything bearable.

"Forgive me, and I am a terrible egoist. I should never have ripped you out of your new happiness." She leaned against me and said:

"You love me and couldn't help yourself. Let us spend this night together as we used to. When I then return to my new lover, the chip, I will remember you're great love forever."

So we loved each other to the point of total exhaustion, then I kissed her goodbye and fell asleep crying miserably. The next morning she was gone, and I was alone as usual. I wondered if this life was worth surviving. Then I got up, took a shower and got dressed. Downstairs one of the women was waiting for me to serve me breakfast. Then I went to CERN to do my work. The future is peaceful, and all I hoped to find another viable world.