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Part 1

The supporter published on April 8, 2019, by Vulcan.

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Part 1

Erika Sommer was a 23-year-old, slim, brunette girl. Her best friend is Asra Kagan, an Arab girl of the same age. One of the reasons for such friendship is Erikas parents. Ingrid and Fritz had no sympathy for Arabs, but Erika had just made friends with Asra. After initial quarrels, her parents left Erika alone. They were disturbed by the moods of their difficult daughter and hoped that she would soon forget Asra. Maybe Erika, when she finally finds a job, has less time for stupid things, parents thought. But Erika became more and more friends with the Muslim girl who loved fashionable clothes like Erika. Asra told her about her culture and religion. She even taught her Arabic in a few months, and both prayed together. Erika was an atheist, to the great sorrow of her Catholic parents. Erika begged Arabic as a gesture to her friend. Asra knew that, and yet she was happy. Erika once accompanied her to the mosque. One day Asra got angry about a report in the local newspaper.

"Look with what an idea the Godfrid has come up! That is unacceptable! " she said. Anna Godfrid was the mayor of the city, and many didn't like her. The two girls didn't want her either.

"It will soon be forbidden to wear burqa and niqab!" Erika read the article. The article reported that the mayor said the veil was a means of oppressing women, which men forced women to do. So she will place an order regarding his ban.

"It's scandalous! Why can't we wear what we want? "Asra was outraged.

"But you're not wearing a veil!" Erika wondered.

"It's a matter of principle! If we're going to carry him, we're going to carry him! That shall remain our decision! We're already organizing the protest. Join us and support us!" said the Arab girl. So they also agreed to meet the next morning at nine o'clock at Asras parents. Erika rushed to them the next day, and a woman in black veils opened the door for her.

"Hello, my friend! Come in, and I've already prepared some veils for you with my mother.

"Asra's voice resounded behind the niqab.

"Should I wear a veil, too?" Erika wondered.

"Of course! All stages are run through in a veil! " said Asra nodding. Asra and her mother Dima accompanied Erika to a room and undressed her. They gave her black panties, a shirt, and stockings.

"Do we have to? Why can't I keep my underwear? "Erika asked.

"You're supposed to be a Muslim Arab girl, so you'll wear the same as me now!" said Asra laughing. They kept dressing Erika. They gave her a long abaya, matching shoes and covered her hair with a hijab. Only the face and hands were still visible, but that didn't last long. Asra pulled black gloves on Erika's hands, and Dima tied the niqab in front of her face.

"It's time! What kind of pretty Muslim girl did we make there? Come on, take a look in the mirror! " said Asra. Erika looked at the three identical black-veiled women. Dima took a layer of the three-layer niqab and pulled it over Erika's head.

"When we're alone, you can pull that layer out of your sight to see better. But when we leave the house or are together with a man, pull the veil over your eyes again! All right, all right, all right? " Dima asked, and Erika nodded. Even though it was still foggy, it was much better now. She now saw her eyes in the mirror as well, only through thin black material. The veil concealed everything else. She pulled the third layer over her eyes and then stepped out of the house. Three veiled women went together to the square in front of the mayor's office; they decided to protest. The square in front of the office was already full of black-veiled women. Hundreds of entirely identical veiled women screamed in the choir:

"We want freedom! We have the right to wear a veil! No need to settle! Don't tell us what to wear! We demand the revocation of the regulation or the dismissal of the mayor! Freedom for Muslim women! "Erika screamed along with the other women chanting in Arabic or German. Then the leader of the protest, a senior woman, called for prayer. All prayed together. Erika was also a member of this large community. She was thrilled to be part of common action, a common will, and confidence in success. It was late in the afternoon when the protest ended. No one has come out, so the administration asked all to continue in the next few days until they got permission to disguise themselves.

"Don't forget! We have the right to meet the demands of our religion! But since we are women who deal with their families, we will not come until the afternoon of tomorrow," she said. Erika, Asra, and Dima went home. Erika was a little disappointed. In vain she wore the veil, in senseless prayer with the others they achieved no results. At the same time, Erika was proud of herself. She hadn't embarrassed her friend. No one could claim that there was no Muslim girl behind the black veil.

"How did you feel? Was it good? Are you coming tomorrow? "they asked Erika.

"It was perfect! In the end, I was not disturbed by the veil. And I'd love to come back." Erika laughed. She didn't even notice the veils when she came home. Then she remembered that she was still in the veil. The previous dress had stayed with her friend. What will her parents say when they see her in the veil? To her surprise, Azra's father opened the door for her. He accompanied the three veiled women into the living room where Erika's parents were sitting.

"My faithful daughter! Rashid told us everything," Fritz said.

"We've decided to treat you like an Arab girl. You wear a veil and pray with the others, so you'll be a Muslim girl now!"

" Which one is my daughter? "Ingrid asked. Erika wanted to lift the veil, but her father said:

"Just let it go! Aren't you strong enough to keep wearing it? Then why were you hiding in it? ”

"Your father's right! If you can't wear it, take it off, but if you're not a wimp and feel strong enough, stay in it. The demonstration will continue tomorrow! Would you like to join us? Asra would be disappointed in you! The name Erika doesn't suit you! Instead, we call you Elisha!" Rashid said smilingly.

"I'm not a wimp! I'm as strong as steel! And of course I will also take part in tomorrow's demonstration," said Erika with her head veiled and stubbornly shoved her gloved hands into her hips.

Part 2

Part 2

"All right, Elisha! Your new name fits the black veil better. Thank you, friends," Ingrid said. When Asra and her parents had left, Erika and Ingrid uncovered dinner. Erika wanted to sit at the table, but her father said:

"A normal Muslim girl doesn't eat with a man, even if it's her father!" Erika was very hungry, but she had to wait until her father and mother had eaten. Fritz ate slowly, very slowly. Finally, he has finished, and Erika was allowed to sit at the table. She tried to remove the veil, but Ingrid said:

"What are you doing? Why would you take it off? A simple Muslim girl doesn't even take off her veil when she eats! ”

"But Mama! I'm not a Muslimah! " Erika protested.

"You're not Elisha? Look in the mirror! In these black veils, you are a strict Muslimah, like a husband or father would like to see her. ”

"And now you shall pray! As a Muslim girl, you have to pray five times a day. Erika wanted to protest, but her mother ignored her by merely pushing the prayer mat that Rashid, like many other things, brought with her, and ordering her to begin with a gesture. After the prayer, Ingrid reached for Erika's gloved hand and led the veiled girl into her room. Erika was surprised. The window of her room was painted. The light came through, but you couldn't see her. Your TV and CDs are gone. There were only a few books and magazines in the bookshelf. She went to the shelf and looked at her. All in Arabic. A Quran, some books about life, binding behavior of Muslim women and wives, religious magazines and newspapers. „Read this Elisha! First of all, the Koran! Then tell me what you read! You must not remove the veil until I allow you to. Otherwise, you can't leave tomorrow! ”

"Mom, I'm an adult! Don't tell me what to do! "Erika sulked.

"You're not so mature that you're looking for a job! And I understand you, Elisha! These clothes and the veil are uncomfortable. Warm, stiff, and you see almost nothing. You want to get out of them and put on something comfortable. You don't want to lead a strict life like a real Muslimah, but your friends are expected to wear and do what is unbearable for you. The truth is buried deep down in you. Bring her up to you if you want, but don't tell me you're strong!" Ingrid laughed.

"I'm firm! I don't have a body in the closet! If someone else can live by such strict rules, I will, too.“ After Ingrid went out, Erika first thought of removing the veil, but she realized it would be a weakness. She took the Koran off the shelf and began to read aloud. She knew her mother would listen. She was severe, the stupid one. And Erika was right. Ingrid blinked through the keyhole into the room. Erika was sitting on a pillow in the middle of the room, and Ingrid heard her daughter reading Arabic. Then she went to her husband with a grin on her face.

"She squats in her black veil in her room and reads aloud. Probably the Koran and Arabic. I'm sure she knew I'd be listening. Rebellious as ever. ”

"Do you think she'll be convinced?" Fritz asked.

"Of course! Who would want this austere life? "Ingrid nodded. After an hour, Ingrid knocked on Erika's door:

"Go take a bath, Elisha! At dawn, like every Muslim, pray the first prayer! ” Erika opened her closet, but instead of her clothes, she found only black clothes. She wasn't surprised. After bathing, she took fresh clothes and a veil with her.

"Won't you sleep in your pajamas, Elisha?" asked Fritz.

"So, how do you laugh at my weakness? I'd rather sleep in that veil! Respect this!" Erika growled and closed the door. Erika woke up when her mother shook her shoulder.

"Wake up, Elisha! It is time for the prayer of dawn." Ingrid urged. After breakfast, Fritz said to Erika:

"Come on! Let's go shopping! Your mother will prepare lunch for us." "Shall I go shopping with you in the veil?"

"Of course! Move!" he said. Erika went into the cellar, but after a few steps turned around and saw her father smiling contentedly.

"You almost managed to trick me! You're trying everything so I can take off my veil and admit my weakness! Your mind will not defeat me; it is not so strong than you think! We can go shopping," said the veiled girl.

"All right, Elisha, then follow me!", said the man. On the way, Erika realized that she had made a mistake. Although no one could recognize her in the veil, but her father could, and so they could guess that it was Erika who followed him. Of course, they met a friend. Erika followed her father home with two heavy bags when she heard a familiar voice.

Part 3

"Hi, Fritz! Isn' your daughter just going with you in that black veil? I didn't know she was a Muslim! ” Erika felt lost in shame. He was a young man who lived next door. Erika would have liked Otto König to court her, but the 28-year-old, handsome man hadn't looked at her yet. Otto and Fritz talked to each other. Finally, Otto turned to the veiled girl:

"Erika, do you have afternoon?" I'd love to see you!"

"No time for that! She will take part in the protest with Muslim women. The real Elisa? "Fritz said. Erika nodded with mixed feelings. She would have liked a date with Otto, who was visibly pleased with the veil, but she promised to go on protest today. What about Asra if she doesn't go? On the other hand, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to meet Otto! The man stares at her like that. It was perfect for Erika. After lunch, Asra and Dima appeared. Both in a black veil.

"Hello, Elisha! May I call you that? I see you dressed. Then we can go! "Asra said. " Since you veiled me, I've been wearing it, and I dressed in the morning with what your father brought for me. "

"Were you wearing a veil the whole time? Did you sleep in it? And did you eat in it?" Asra asked her in astonishment.

"Of course! Why didn't you do that? "Erika asked.

"Certainly not! That's what the strictest families want! ”

"Then why did your father bring me more clothes and veils?" Why did he bring me Qur'an, prayer mats and Muslim documents? "Erika asked.

"My husband spoke to your father. I think your parents think you need to learn to talk about it to help us. "Dima said when they left.

"You're wrong! I promised to help you and keep the veils! If I have to, I'll wear them for weeks! ”

"Thank you. What if it takes months? " Asra asked curiously.

"I'll wear them as long as I have to!" Erika nodded. The demonstration lasted until dusk, and then Dima and Asra brought Erika home. To her surprise, Otto chatted with her parents.

"Come here, Elisha! Otto came for you! "Ingrid said.

"Elisha bring a cake and wine! Serve our guests! "Fritz said. Erika brought a bowl of cake, plates and a carafe of wine, but her mother said:

"A neat Muslim girl can't drink alcohol! You can't eat with us! And it's time to pray! Then you can sit in the corner of the room.” Erika wanted to protest, but Ingrid just pushed the prayer mat right and gesticulated to start. Erika did it. She felt Otto's gaze on her. How do you think about that? She saw a pillow in the corner. She went and sat down. She observed Otto talking to her parents. His voice is so pleasant, so manly! And he doesn't even let his eyes get away from me! Erika thought satisfied. Erika got warm in her veil and gasped for air. She needed Otto! She wants him to be her husband! That's what she decided. After an hour Otto got ready to go.

"Elisha! Be quiet, if you accompany your guest out, then do it right! "Ingrid said. At the door, Otto took Erika's gloved hands and thanked her:

"Good night! See you tomorrow, Elisha! You're so beautiful in that black veil! ” The man will be back tomorrow because he likes her! Erika was happy. They were already thinking about their honeymoon. She experienced a strange dream at night. She stood in a wedding dress in front of the priest in the church when Otto her fiancé entered. He wore a long beard and Arab clothes. Suddenly the church turned into a mosque, and the Catholic priest became an imam, and her wedding dress became white niqab and abaya.

"What does that mean?" Erika thought in the morning. After breakfast, Ingrid said:

"Today you're making Sunday dinner, and I'm just gonna help you." Erika tried to make the most of the food. When she was done, she takes a bath and puts on fresh clothes and a veil. She was waiting for Otto. He got here on time, too. Erika led him to the dining room, where she had waited for him with the table set.

"Today Elisha cooked, I only helped her," Ingrid said. Erika looked with satisfaction in her corner that Otto was eating her cooking with a good appetite and staring at her. After lunch, Dima and Asra came. Erika disagreed. She would have liked to stay, but she had promised to help. Otto wanted to tell her to stay, but Ingrid came in between:

"What are you waiting for Elisha? Your friends are waiting for you! Come on, show yourself to them! ”

"Go ahead! See you tomorrow! "Otto said with a sigh of disappointment. The three veiled women walked on the sidewalk, and Asra asked:

"You Elisha! Who was that man with you? ”

"Otto König. Our neighbor and my fiancé! "Erika said.

"I see you like the man, but does he know he's your groom?" Asra asked and giggled.

"Not yet, but I'll find out." And you know what's funny? He hadn't even noticed it when I tried to get his attention! Now that he saw me in that black veil, he started courting me! But he doesn't see me because the veil covers me completely and he says I'm gorgeous. Who understands men? "Erika giggled and held her hand to her mouth with gloves on. All three laughed. Finally, Dima said:

"Some men have flown to love! What's the matter with you? Would you wear the veil for the man's sake? Maybe for the rest of your life? What if he insists on becoming a Muslim? Would you do it for him? ”

Erika didn't know the answer.

Part 4

It's been a month. Erika wore the veil and met Otto every day. So the man was indelibly happy with the veiled girl. Erika always accompanied the man out of the house, who became more and more friendly. In an old gentleman's way, he still kissed Erika's glove hand and said goodbye. And on the last day, just grabbed the veiled girl and kissed her through the veil. Then he ran away as if he regretted what he had done. Erika was just stunned, but happy. Otto's kiss was terrific. "Otto asked for my hand! Don't expect me to beg you!" Erika thought longingly. Finally, the mayor came to the demonstrators. The mayor and the leader had argued for a long time. Finally, the leader called:

"Dima! Come here. I want you to introduce her to Elisha! ” The three veiled women went to the mayor. Erika shook her hand.

"Erika Sommer. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Anna Godfrid." The mayor reached out her hand.

"You are not a Muslim, why do you wear a veil and why do you take part in this demonstration? I only want to help women who are forced by their husbands or fathers to disguise themselves! " she said.

"Don't you think there are some who wear it voluntarily or with pleasure?" asked Erika.

"So you like to wear it?" Anna laughed.

"That would be an exaggeration! I wear it to help my friends. They don't want their regulation, and I'll wear it as long as I have to." said the veiled girl. "The veiled girl said.

"And for how long? For a week? For a month? Maybe more? " asked the mayor.

"I don't care if you keep going or not! To success! What's so funny about that? My fiancé likes this black veil better than my mini skirt! "Erika laughed.

"You know what? If you remain in the veil, I will withdraw the decree. I'll even offer you a job! You'd be the link between the Muslim women and me. You get an office and take them there, listen to their complaints and help the families or get to know them better! Of course, you should always wear a veil, like now, so that Arab women can see that you belong to them! My nephew invented the whole thing. Do you know Otto?" she asked with a smile.

Erika was amazed. Otto and the mayor were relatives? Do you accept the order? Wear the veil, who knows how long?"

"Take the job! Everybody would like it! We would have someone to represent our interests, the help of the mayor, and your mother would be happy if you finally had a job! And you said you liked your groom," said Asra laughing.

"What about me? What's the matter with me? Will I continue to remain in this black veil? How long?" Erika's voice came behind the black niqab.

"What if I did? You promised to help them, and you wear the veil as long as they need you!" said Otto, who now stepped up to them.

"Are you involved in this conspiracy?" Erika asked.

"There's no conspiracy here!" Otto said and continued:

"Marry me! Your parents agreed. It wasn't easy to believe! All I'm asking is, wear the veil all the time! I like it! ”

"Come on, Elisha! Don't ask yourself if you've changed your mind! My mother still has her wedding dress. She wants to lend it to you, says yes! Erika had waited a long time for him to notice her, to court her and to ask for her hand. It would be foolish to miss the opportunity to be his wife. Do you like veiled girls? Well, it'll be a veiled woman! She thought to herself and said yes.


Erika stood happily next to Otto in the borrowed white veil.

"You're beautiful in that veil!" Otto said.

"Thank you, my love! I'm glad you love me!" she laughed behind the white niqab.

A year after her wedding, Erika and her husband became Muslim. Erika took the name, Elisha. After the birth of her first child, she left her job and stayed at home with her family.

Slowly her parents reconciled with her. Ingrid was happy because Elisa came to visit almost every day. Ingrid liked to play with her grandchildren. She was proud never to have seen her daughter without the black veil; she also had four grandchildren, so her life never got boring.