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Girlfriends by T_G


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Suzan Porter ran through the rain. She just got off the bus that brought her home from her father when it suddenly began to rain. Nice ending for Sunday! She thought to herself. When she came home, her clothes were all soggy. She opened the door, but when she wanted to close it, two girls in black came up to her. " Excuse me! Let us come in, please! We walked through the rain and wanted to warm up a bit," they said in English. They ran into the living room. Water ran out of their black clothes. They introduced themselves. Suzan took a closer look. Her new acquaintance Asia and Zohra were Arabs. They wore black clothes, gloves and a floor-length veil showing only their eyes. It's just a narrow slit with a thin netting over it. She told them to undress and handed them two white bath towels. As long as the girls took off their soaked clothes, Suzan disappeared to shower. She enjoyed the warm water jets on her body. As she went out in her bathrobe, the two girls, wrapped in bath towels, dried their clothes and hair.

"Go to the bathroom and shower in warm water. I'll put your clothes in the dryer." The girls disappeared behind the bathroom door, and Suzan collected their clothes. Curiously she turned the wet clothes, the veils, and then put them in the dryer.

"You're not angry that we ambushed you?" The girls asked when they came out of the bathroom.

"No, but put some clothes on!" Suzan said and opened her closet. She took off her panties and bra. The girls accepted her giggling.  Zohra wears Suzan's stylish dress.

"I'm pretty!" she laughed. Asia picked a sexy dress for herself. She looked at herself in the mirror. The short top and the short top covered almost nothing.

"You Suzan! How can you live in clothes like that? You're pretty naked in them! Your feet, your arms, your face, even your stomach, are all uncovered! Scandalous! And yet, what a great feeling," said Asia as she posed in front of the mirror.

They talked, and Suzan learned that the two Muslim girls had arrived yesterday with their parents. Her father was on a business trip and took his family with him.

"Suzan, don't you want to dress in the veil?" Zohra asked when the dryer finished its job.

"No, thank you!" Suzan shook his head.

"Come on! Many of you western girls would like to give it a try," Asia said and fetched the dry black clothes from the dryer. They took off the bathrobe from the bitchy Suzan and put on her long black panties, black stockings, shoes, black clothes, gloves, and veils.

"Look what a pretty Muslim girl we've made of you! You can go and pray immediately!" The girls laughed. Suzan looked in the mirror and saw a black veiled Arab girl in it. Her eyes were barely visible behind the niqab. Even my father wouldn't know me, she thought to herself. The knee-length panties were too tightly tied at the waist. Nevertheless, she liked her new dress. She knelt and pretended to pray.

"That's not okay! We'll show you how to do it," laughed Asia. They've been chatting for hours. The girls taught her to pray appropriately in Arabic. Suzan got the cake the girls ate happily. They taught Suzan how to eat in the veil and how to use the toilet without taking off their clothes. It wasn't easy, but she already understood why there was a long gap at the bottom of the panty. Asia's phone rang, and she said after a brief Arabic conversation:

"My mother misses us. They'll be here soon, I'm sorry, but you have to give me my clothes back. But tomorrow we can come, and you can wear it if you want! ”

"Why not? If you want, I'll show you some of the attractions in town.” The next day, when she came home from work, the two veiled girls were already waiting for her.

"What a mess! They just didn't let us in anywhere! We couldn't enter a museum or a restaurant because of our veils! Do you know where we could go alone? To the local monastery! There the sisters treated us friendly, showed us their convent, told us their story. We even had lunch! They were dressed as black as we were. Only their faces and hands were free," they said.

"Come on in! I'll give you some clothes so you can go anywhere! But why don't you buy other clothes? " Suzan asked smiling.

"Because Dad won't give us any money! That's why we're in need! "The girls laughed. A few minutes later Zohra and Asia stood in front of the mirror in Suzan's fashionable clothes.

"It's great!" They laughed at each other in Arabic.

"Don't speak Arabic!" That's what Suzan told them.

"You're right because we're not Arabs! But you will be!"

"And what do you want now?" Suzan asked the girls in her niqab.

"Ice cream!" they said immediately.

"All right, I'll buy you an icecap, but I'll change first!"

" Why should you change? Come on! Come on! ”

"What if I meet a friend? What if she sees me in that black veil? ”

"Do you think she'd recognize you?" the girls said and laughed. So Suzan went with her new friends, who also spoke Arabic with her, deeply veiled to the confectionery.

"Why do you speak to me in Arabic? I only understood a few words," she said and shook her veiled head.

"Just to complete the illusion," Zohra whispered.

"Three Arab girls are talking to each other," whispered Asia.

"But your clothes don't look Arab," Suzan said.

"You're right! Two English girls then talk to their Arab girlfriend," said Asia laughing. However, the veiled Suzan was not allowed in the confectionery.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! That is the rule! The boss doesn't let in people who can't be recognized because they cover their face," said the waitress.

Suzan thought she could remove the veil, but Zohra had the upper hand.

"Get out of here! Just believe everyone that you're a Muslim girl!" she whispered to her.

"We'll go in and get something for you," Zohra said out loud and went in with her sister. Soon afterwards they were sitting on a bench in front of the confectionery. Asia and Zohra devoured large parts of their ice cream, and Suzan drank her cola through the plastic tube. Slowly she got used to the veil. She started to like it. She felt like an Arab girl. Like it's an Arab fairytale princess. Her friends visited her every afternoon as soon as Suzan was off work. They put on Suzan's fashionable clothes and Suzan veiled himself. They visited museums (where the veiled Suzan was of course forbidden to enter, so they had to wait outside), they went for a walk, or they went to the cinema. Suzan was also allowed to come in. Since Suzan had no car, they drove on a bus or walked. A lot of people saw Suzan in the veil and liked her. But once they got into an argument with a woman who wanted to tear off Suzan's veil, but her friends protected her:

"She has the right to wear a veil if she wants. It's not forbidden here! ”

"Go home and wear it there!" the woman growled.

"But she was born here! A normal girl hides behind a black veil!" said Asia.

"Don't be afraid! We protect you from everyone," said Zohra, stroking Suzan's veiled head.

"Stupid Arab!" she said to Suzan and almost went crazy. The girls just laughed and went on.

Suzan spoke more and more in Arabic and was eager to wear veils and black clothes. Soon they only spoke Arabic to each other. The next time she visited her father, she told him everything. At her father's request, she put on the black clothes she had brought with her and the veil she had bought in a Muslim clothing store.

"Wow! An Arab girl came to visit! " said her father. They both laughed.

"I like it! You could show me how a Muslim girl lives," her father said. Suzan showed how to pray and eat in a veil. Her father observed as she cooked in her veil in the kitchen and cleaned the apartment. He saw it as a good thing. One day, as Suzan walked with her friends in her black veil, someone grabbed her hand.

"Now it's your turn! You stupid Arab girl!" They heard a familiar voice. It was the woman she had beaten once. Two cops who came with the woman handcuffed Suzan.

"Don't you listen to the news right?" Since yesterday the veil is forbidden! And since then I've been looking for you and finally found you!" She laughed contentedly. The protesting Suzan was pushed into a car by the police and taken away.

"I don't want to be in the place of your Arab friend! By law, she can go to jail for several years. A new prison was established directly for such violent Muslim women. There she can wear the veil for a very long time!" She laughed at the girls and left them.


The judge didn't believe Suzan wasn't a Muslim. Due to the accelerated procedure, she was imprisoned the day after her arrest. She remembered well the judge's last words:

"Two years in prison! An appeal is not possible! ” Her father and the girls visited her once a month. They weren't allowed more often. In prison, she made friends with the prisoners. The others were Muslim women, and they were surprised it wasn't Suzan. You believed her. From then on they made a real competition to convince them to become a Muslim.

"Because this is a prison for Muslim women, you must wear a veil here and pray as we do that your life would not change in any way if you agree with your Sahada! Let's all be Muslimahs! There is so little joy for us here! Give us this joy, and we will make you as happy as possible here" she was told several times a day. Suzan finally agreed. After a brief ceremony, her comrades embraced her. One after the other she stroked with her hands gloved their veil.

"Now you've become our sister! We thank you" said the veiled women happily and did everything to make Suzan feel comfortable.

Suzan was at the prison gate. She was now released from prison, where she had to wear a veil all the time. On the day of her release, they lifted the veil ban. Soon everyone was allowed to wear it. A minibus stopped next to her.

"Suzan, is that you? Why are you still wearing the black veil?" her father asked when he got out of the car.

"Hi, Dad! I became a Muslimah in prison. My fellow prisoners convinced me. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I was afraid you'd get mad at me." Her father opened the back door, and Suzan sat down with three black-veiled women.

"Hi, Suzan! I am Fatima, Asia's and Zohra's mother. And your father's wife. We were afraid to tell you, but we got married a month ago. The girls used to take your dad to visit so we could get to know each other. I've been a widow for more than a year because my husband died suddenly, just weeks after your conviction. I became the wife of your father, who became a Muslim to my delight. And my daughters became his daughters. And I want me to be your mother! Do you accept me as your mother?" asked the veiled woman.

"Yes, Mama!" said Suzan. She squeezed Fatima's hand with gloves and nodded. Asia and Zohra hugged their sister.

"Papa's so hard on us. Unfortunately, we can't wear your clothes anymore. We have to cover ourselves with the veil. Hopefully, we'll get married soon," they sighed in Suzan's ear.

"Don't worry. We'll find you, good husbands! But first, we marry Suzan because she's the oldest! Then it's your turn," Fatima said and pressed all three veiled daughters.