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Philipp Inthür: First, I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Philipp Inthür. I am a member of the CDU and an elected member of the Bundestag. I count myself among the conservative wing within the CDU. Then I am treasurer of the Junge Union and freelancer for a US-American law firm and some other activities. So I'm actually working to capacity. But my friends from the 'Junge Union' asked me for information about the 'Junge Patrioten', who recently attracted attention through various actions. Above all, their highly successful actions against Pegida and AfD attracted my attention, because I won my Bundestag mandate against the AfD perhaps also through my deeply conservative attitudes. My party colleague from NRW Richard Peterson arranged a meeting for me with Ahmed Arslan, the co-founder and chairman of the ''Young Patriots'' in Duisburg. Richard Peterson: I'll turn up the gas! I was on my way to the airport to pick up my 'dear party colleague' Philipp Inthür. The activities of the Brotherhood, but especially those of the ''Young Patriots'' and my consolidation to the next and first Muslim CDU Prime Minister of NRW had probably stirred up a lot of dust in Berlin. NRW Prime Minister Lasche fought for his political survival and was now more in Berlin than in Düsseldorf. As he had already been written off by the CDU fraction in NRW. Now the shining star on the CDU-Career-Sky Philipp Inthür wished to make us his reference. The little East-Asshole! "Welcome, dear colleague Inthür! It's a great pleasure to finally meet you." I greeted him - in my wake the elitist, saliva-licking NRW-CDU-Gesocks. "Finally I find the time to get to know your wonderful state, Mr. Peterson," replied the slimy MeckPomPommeranze. On that day the standards were processed: Visit FDP, Junge Union, etc. The next day we drove to Duisburg; directly to a meeting with the 'Young Patriots'. Ahmed and Ibrahim had prepared everything for a 'warm' reception, a complete day's programme. After we had searched all the social stations - he was full of admiration for the self-sacrificing, private commitment of our youth - there was a big feast of the best and finest. Our guest was very fond of it. He also seemed to like the fact that everything was due to the diligence and devotion of the women. In general, he found it quite relaxing to be surrounded by women who served him, the little chauvinist! Then we gathered in the auditorium to inform our guest in detail about our work as well as giving him a big load of the newly developed gas! On the evening I brought a deeply impressed and manipulated Inthür to the airport and wished him all the best in his political work in the capital. His happiness to actively support my future chancellorship was still not at all conscious to him. It slumbered deep inside him and should be activated at the appropriate time.