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Caro Lichter, music student, 22 years, 1,63 m, naturally blonde, blue eyes, Type: sporty, but well balanced Celina Fürth 22 years, 1,58 m, brunette, brown eyes, Type: Bomb Pete Lagerfeld, Marketing Manager 29 years, 1,91 m, athletic, red-blond, green eyes, Type: elegant son-in-law Caro Hello, my name is Caroline Lichter - Caro for short. I'm a music student and give private piano lessons and work in the gym in order to make a living. I've been desperately looking for an affordable apartment in Cologne now for months. Each month the back and forth journeys between Langenfeld, my residence and Cologne for my studies tear a big hole into my household budget and my GTI starts to show its age. I met him at the gas station. It was on Wednesday. I was under full steam. I still had an appointment for a visit for an apartment in Cologne, my gas was empty and it was about 15:00. So shortly before traffic jam time! So what did I do, silly cow? Silly blonde, I put diesel in my GTI. Better said, I nearly did, for the guy behind me took the nozzle gently but surely out of my hand to ask charmingly: " I assume your GTI is a gasoline engine?" "Fuck, yeah! Would you let me gas up, please? I'm in a hurry," I hissed. "Well, if you fill up with diesel, you'll have plenty of time soon!" He replied. Gulp! "I believe I have a debt I owe you. That would have been a lot of expensive fun," I meekly said. "A Date would be awesome! May I give you my card?" Pretty brash gentleman, but he looked really good and he had this male touch, and he seemed to be a proper guy. In times of gender bender and beautiful, gay men, you don't just let a man like that go, even though I was much too long solo again; but unfortunately, I was really in a big hurry. "Maybe, I'll think about it," took his business card, jumped into my car and drove to the next gasoline pump. I read Pete Lagerfeld - Marketing Management - Müller Immobilien as I fueled and stuck them to the other cards. I had just paid, turned around to storm off, almost running into my rescuer's arms. "Excuse me!" I said and glanced into his eyes - sea green. Gulp And he said, "Any time! It's always a pleasure to be overrun by you!" We both had to laugh and I would like to miss my appointment. But he said anxiously: "I thought you were in a rush?" I felt how I got color on my face, quickly turned away from him and called out to him lightly: "See ya!" On my way to the highway, I got a traffic jam warning on the radio for the A1. There was a truck tipping over and its load leaking. That's it for today. I canceled my appointment in Cologne and drove home quite frustrated. I texted my BFF: "Celina, sweetie, would you like around on Muckibude?" She replied, "18:00 okay?" "Okay!" I worked in the fitness center for 400 €, mostly on weekends and today on Wednesday is taboo for men. That idea has grown on my crap and that' s how it came: It was at the bakers on a Sunday morning. As always I bought fresh Sunday rolls and as always Jutta served me. She's the daughter of the house and my piano student. And in place of her chestnut brown hair, her beautiful angel's face framed a large scarf of colorful silk. "Hey, Jutta! Have I missed the latest fashion trend," I asked her. "Exactly! Dearest piano teacher! This is the latest fashion," I got the answer. " Then please give me my order please," and as I was about to hand her the money her mother came in with a basket of bread from the bakery, she too was covered in silk. "Hello, Mrs. Schreiber! How are you?" I greeted her. "Hello, Caro! I'm glad to see you. I'm afraid I don't have good news for you! I'd like to unsubscribe Jutta from piano lessons." "Why? She is making so much progress!" I lied. She was a disaster. But somehow I had to earn my money. "Come on, Caro, you know better than that, don't you?" Jutta said and I just shrugged my shoulders. "Of course you get your money paid for this month and your rolls are free today," Mrs. Schreiber said and handed me an envelope. I noticed at home that it had been more than generously filled by her. " Are you free this afternoon?" Jutta asked. "You know I work at the gym," I said. "All right, I'll stop by," she said. She was accompanied by her father. It was a curious picture for the visitors of our fitness center how a veiled woman followed him with three steps distance. I welcomed them both. But he ignored me completely. Jutta then told me that she and her Muslim friends would like to train here. However, they would not like to train with foreign men if we would like to open a day only for women. I asked her, " What's the total number of women?" "About thirty," she said. I gave her a pile of applications for admission and said: "If you're okay with Wednesday afternoon, I'll take care of it. Fill out as many applications as you can." There were 'only' twenty-five in the end, but on Wednesday afternoon the fitness center was always empty anyway and my boss was grateful for every load. If I had looked at the applications and not passed them on to Freddy, I would not have been surprised. Freddy is the owner and also a fatherly friend. He paid a decent extra commission for two-year contracts and, to be honest, he had often saved my ass.