Veiled PAGE


The Otta valley


1. Arrival

Enthusiastically, when James Teller came home in the evening, he told his wife about the new job opportunities offered by his company.

" Imagine my love! I'm being appointed chief engineer! A big pay rise and I'll be the chief engineer of a gas field!"

"And now where?" she asked.

"Because there's already a chief engineer around here and he won't be leaving soon, we need to move to Ottakram, a town somewhere in Pakistan."

"But that's on the other side of the world! Let's stay in Texas. We have enough here for a living. If we want to make more money, I might as well go to work. “

"It's not just about the money! Maybe it's the biggest chance of my life! Maybe my only chance to make a career!" he said enthusiastically.

"Well, where exactly do we have to go?", ask Hillary.

"To the Otta Valley! You don't have to worry, it's a peaceful society with no dangerous fanatics. “

The young woman was not exactly enthusiastic about the idea of leaving her usual life and her friends here. They had only married a few weeks ago and she loved him too much for not going along with him. She'd follow him if she had to. Although her husband suffered from a potency disorder and was not able to offer what his wife expected from him. A week later, their plane arrived in Pakistan. The local representative of the company welcomed them:

"Mr and Mrs Teller! Welcome, Sir. I'm Abu Darem! I'm glad you arrived safely. I hope you had a pleasant trip!"

"Thank you, call me James! The name of my wife is Hillary." The man nodded and said:

"Rest for a while from your long journey. The company helicopter's coming tomorrow to take you to Ottakram. But your wife might look better in a different dress. “ They didn't understand him. The next day the helicopter arrived.

"Welcomely to the Pipeline Company! I'm Ben, the pilot. I'll get your luggage and we can fly! My lady, I believe you will feel uncomfortable in the helicopter just as you are dressed," said the pilot.

"And why should I change?" Hillary wondered. The pilot just shrugged his shoulders. It took them almost an hour to arrive in Ottakram and they landed right next to the company's administration building. A middle-aged man in a white suit, two women in blue burkas and a girl in a green dress were waiting by the landing area.

"Welcome, Mr and Mrs Teller! I'm Leslie Ford, your direct boss. Call me Lee. These are my wife, Nina, and my daughters, Emma and Vilma." He shook hands with James. The taller blue burka woman went to Hillary and shook her hand.

"I'm Nina. I'm glad to meet you. We are also from the USA, but that was a long time ago. My daughters were born here." Hillary looked embarrassed at her gloved hand. Also, the small, elongated hexagon above their eyes was so dense that they could not be seen behind it. The veil resembled the Afghan burka, but also reached almost to the ground in the front. At the sides, the wearer could put her hands through. The boss and his family were Americans! Then why did this woman wear such a strict veil? The two girls giggled loudly.

"Be quiet, girl! You don't laugh about others," her mother admonished her.

"But Mama! Isn't it ridiculous when a blue one wears a white dress," asked the other burka girl. The two girls giggled loudly.

"Well, she's new here! She doesn't know the local habits yet," Nina said and turned to Hillary.

"Be not mad at them! It's unusual here to see a blue one in a white dress. Sorry, I'll explain. We rarely call each other man and wife. Instead, according to the colour of clothing, 'white' instead of a man and 'blue' instead of a woman. You should wear a burka, too! Have you not been told that this is a custom? “ While the men went into the office building, Nina moved Hillary into her home. Hillary's amazement was that the women did not remove the veil there either.

" At first, the customs here were also very weird for me. The blue ones avoided me and the green ones (girls under 12 years) laughed at me. It was very confusing. Soon afterwards, I bought blue clothes and a burka. Immediately I was welcomed friendly by blue and green. Today I wear nothing else. In my wardrobe hang only blue dresses and burkas; even my nightgown is blue. My daughter Emma is now 14 years old. She turned blue two years ago. Until then she was green like her sister," Nina said.

"Vilma will be green forever because she's so immature. She'll never be as blue as I am," Emma said laughing.

"That's not true at all! In two months I will be 12 years old and then I can wear the veil like you! I'll be as blue as you and our mother!" The little girl was mad at her sister.

"Don't argue again! Of course, you'll be the blue Vilma!" Nina stroked her youngest daughter's green headscarf with comfort and then turned to Hillary.

"Come on, I'll loan you my clothes and a burka until you buy everything for yourself." The girls took Hillary by the hand and accompanied her into the bedroom. There they helped her change. Soon Hillary understood why women were called blue because everything was blue. Even the long underpants, the gloves, stockings, and shoes. Luckily, the measurements were right. Except for the shoes, which were a little too big.

"Fortunately, my feet are so small and not too big," Hillary thought. Then she glanced at herself in the mirror. She was a replica of Nina. In the burka, it was dense and warm. The small blue mesh in front of her eyes severely restricted her vision. The thick veil made it hard for her to breathe. The weight of the burka pressed on her head. She was supposed to wear that while she was here? So how did Nina keep this up for so many years?

"You see! You look much better than in a white dress and all that at no cost to you," the girls said and giggled.

"It looks good on you. You've become a real blue," Nina said satisfied.

2. integration

Hillary was talking with Nina and the two girls. She had a lot to learn about a new life. The Kram originally lived in Afghanistan, from where they brought their burka. Here in the valley of the Otta river, they founded a new town, hence the name Ottakram. Over the years the community grew. She was surprised that the girls wanted to cover themselves with the blue veil. Even Nina's younger daughter.

"Wearing the blue veil indicates to everyone that she is no longer a child, now a woman. Preparing for marriage. Emma gets married when she's twenty," Nina laughed.

"What? Mama! You can't do this to me!" The girl jumped up angrily. Hillary agreed with the protesting Emma. She'll still be too young, and yet you want to marry her. She wanted to have a serious conversation with Nina, but to her surprise, Emma continued:

"If I don't get married on my eighteenth birthday, all my friends will laugh at me! I'd starve to death out of shame!"

"Calm down, Emma! As usual, you're getting married on your eighteenth birthday. I only said it because you mocked your sister," Nina said.

"Thank you, Mama and I apologize!" The girl hugged her mother. Hillary was shocked. Nina explained to her that the girls had grown up in this culture. Everyone, the school, has taught them this, who do not adapt to the blue and the customs, are shunned and in the worst case thrown out. The women here are very strict with each other and not concede to anyone. They will always be vigilant against those who break the rules and will punish them for this sin in their way. The long conversation was abruptly ended by the arrival of the men.

"The whites are here. It's time to follow your husband to your new home. You'll be living in our neighborhood. Let's go over there and help you. " said Nina. Hillary put her old things in a bag. Then they left the house.

"I'm glad your wife's already dressed. The blue dress looks good on her," Leslie said. James looked at the women in their blue burkas. His wife was one of these. Their new house resembled the directors. The lower part of the two-story house was the man's apartment and the attic was intended for women. In front of the house, three blue burka women waited for them, four girls dressed in green like Emma and one boy.

"Hi first! Is this the new chief engineer with his wife?" asked one of them.

"Yes, they are. Come with us, Hillary," Nina said. Hillary didn't understand the situation. Nina told her these were her sister-wives. They had names, but they were only called first, second, third and fourth. They spoke some English but preferred the Kram language.

"I am the fourth, which means the fourth wife. My name is Hassina. Here every man can have four wives, and whoever the leader is must do so. The numbers also mean the rank. Fourth, I owe obedience to the other three women next to my husband.

"Yes, and I am Amira, the third. The previous chief engineer didn't want four women, so he left, and the one before him has already retired. He also has four wives. He bought a house nearby and already has grandchildren."

"We're all Muslims here. That's why my husband has four wives and seven children. This has become our new home and we want to stay here as long as we live," Nina said.

"Did you know that?" Hillary turned to her husband.

"I swear I won't! Lee just told it to me, too. But only in a month, we have to decide! Until then, we can leave at any time," James replied to her.

" Don't worry. Only a few people know you're here. Be careful not to go to an 18-year-old's birthday if you're invited. This will always be a wedding invitation! We had done this out of ignorance before. When we were caught, we had to become Muslims and Rana became my second sister-wife to my husband. That didn't matter much to me at the time, because my husband's sexual activities were increasing. I think there must be something in the water that makes men so horny," said Nina laughing. Hillary tried to hang her dress, but Nina said:

" You won't be using it anymore! Tomorrow we'll buy you everything that you need. But now we want to eat. I have brought something with me. The whites have already eaten."

It was curious for Hillary to eat in the veil, and it wasn't that easy. She pushed her right hand through the side opening, took some food in her hand and pulled it behind the veil. With her left hand, she lifted the veil from her face and put the food into her mouth. It was very cumbersome to eat, but it was common here. She thought to herself. After the meal, they made the order, prepared the bedrooms for bedtime. Then she thanked her new acquaintances. Hillary escorted them out.

She thought she could take off the veil now, but she was embraced by two strong hands from behind.

"You're beautiful in that veil!" James said.

"But James! How can you say that I am beautiful if you don't see me, just this blue veil," Hillary said and looked at her husband. The man was looking at his wife. The small hexagonal net covered her eyes, but he found her so beautiful and erotic! He took his wife in his arms and carried her into the bedroom.

"James! What are you doing?" said Hillary, like she didn't know her husband wanted from her. And she didn't have anything against it, for she longed for good sex with her husband. An hour later her husband slept next to his burqa-wrapped wife. The sex in the veil came out incredibly well! It seemed to her like a second wedding night. She wanted to pull down the veil, but in his sleep, he still pressed his wife's gloved hand, thus she slept in it. When she woke up, her husband had left the house. He left a message to his wife telling her he had gone to work and was coming home for lunch. Hillary stood up and noticed that she was still in the burka. There was a knock on the door and she went to open it. Three blues were standing in the door.

"Hello, Hillary! It's Nina! Next to me is the second and third. We've come to help you with your shopping!"

"And where are the fourth and the girls?" asked Hillary.

"The girls are in school and the fourth is preparing lunch. Someone has to work when we're having fun!" Rana and Amira laughed. Their first station led to a clothing store. All blue and green dresses indicated that this was the shop with girls' and women's clothes. Hillary just shook her head as the women appeared with the salesgirl with new outfits.

"No, that's not good! Small, big, too cheap, artificial! Bring only the best clothes for the new chief engineer's first wife. At the end a whole series of blue dresses, gloves, underpants, and stockings were packed.

"I have no local money! How much do you pay for so many clothes?" Hillary whispered.

"Do not worry! This will all be deducted from your husband's first wage! Anything we buy will be brought to your house. When you get home, you'll find the packages," Nina said. It was a surprise to Hillary that the parcel was delivered to her without further ado. But Nina assured her that the fact that she was the wife of the chief engineer was credit enough here. The next thing they knew, they were going to a shoe store. Her new girlfriends only gave up until she had chosen at least four pairs of blue shoes.

Gradually Hillary became starving. After all, she hadn't had breakfast yet. They frequented a restaurant that only women were allowed into. The food was delicious and it was served in such a way that the women did not stain their veils. In the meantime, she whispered to her new girlfriends about how comfortable this life was. The three blues laughed and rejoiced at her.

"You see! You feel safe with us! " said Rana laughing.

"And now we're gonna look at the burqas," Nina said. The blue burqas hung everywhere on the walls of the store, but Nina ignored them.

" Bring us to the back room!" And when they entered the room, Hillary figured out why. The high-quality burqas were hanging here. A much better material is beautiful workmanship and decoration. She had to admit these burqas were pretty. She took off her blue veil and strangely enough she felt unwell. It made her nervous to be watched by her friends.

"You are a beautiful woman! Here I have a beautiful veil for a pretty woman," said third and presented her with a burqa of her choice.

"We rejoice to see you without the veil, but if you change a veil, pull the new one over the old one and pull the old one from underneath! You won't be uncovered for a moment! For it is not proper to show oneself!" It took over an hour to choose the right burqas. They struggled with it, but in the end, they chose five burqas and had them packed and went home.

"My husband will kill me if he sees how much I bought and he gets the bills," Hillary said and laughed.

"You'll be very happy when he loves you in your veils! " said Amira. When they arrived home, not only the parcels were there, but also Leslie and James. James held three bills in his hands and said:

"Honey, this is only our first day in Ottakram! If you keep on like this, we will be forced to live from dry bread and water," her husband said with an amused smile.

"Forgive me, but we only bought the things I desperately need here. After all, I needed to buy quality goods, the chief engineer's wife can't walk around in rags," his veiled wife said and laughed.

"That's it! But it's time for lunch! The fourth has already cooked it," said the director.

When they went to his house, Nina accompanied the two men to the dining room on the ground floor. When Hillary tried to follow them, her friends stopped her.

" First the men are eating! That's their privilege," the women told her.

"And we women may eat in the attic. And Hillary ate with the women. You were talking. The women told Fourth what they had bought. "But it's a shame I couldn't be there!" she said.

"If you want, come to me and I'll show you around," Hillary said. And she didn't have to tell her twice. After lunch, the second and third had to do the dishes and clean up and Nina and Hassina accompanied Hillary home.

"You did a great shopping! If I had been there, it would, of course, have been even bigger," said the laughing fourth.

"And a beautiful woman is the chief engineer's first woman," Hasina said when Hillary (with the method learned by Amira) tried on a burka in front of her and her face was seen for a second by a clumsy gesture. Shamefaced, Hillary blushed under the burka. The new girlfriends are so nice to her! Gradually, Hillary adapted to her new surroundings. She became friends with other women. She soon became part of this society. She was one of the blues. She liked engineer Gadajan and his four wives and their children. Faruk Gadajan was James Teller's best and most experienced engineer. A real friendship evolved between them. Faruk was older than James and knew his way around. If he was more industrious, he might as well be chief engineer.



3. A wedding

Hillary started to feel more comfortable with the Kram. This weird life felt really good. Like every woman here, she wore her veils all the time. Her husband wanted her to wear a veil in the house and also during the love play and Hillary liked to do it. And not just to make James happy. She began to love it. Soon the blue burqa also became her sleeping dress. That wasn't unusual here. A lot of people had sex that way. The sex played hardly a role in her previous life, but now he was gaining more strength. It soon became too much for her and she was forced more and more often to refuse her husband, frustrating them both. Gadajan and his wives came to visit and while the two men were talking, the women went upstairs. Gadajan's first said:

"We're just coming to you for a chat. Our husband invites your man to the 18th birthday of our daughter! Her birthday's in a month. Please, come and be our guests!" A wedding invitation! Hillary immediately remembered Nina's warning:

"If someone is inviting you to their daughter's 18th birthday, this will be a wedding invitation!"

"Chakira! I don't suppose we'd be the best for that. “

"Nonsense! My daughter is beautiful, wise and obedient! Do you remember? You said your husband wanted too much sex! Believe me, he'll have a good time with my daughter! " Chakira said.

"But we're not Muslims! We don't use polygamy! "Hillary disagreed.

"You will be soon, this is foretold to you! " said the other woman.

"Come, join us! You know our daughter. You've talked to her before. If you want, Esma will show you how she looks without a burqa. " said Third. Hillary, who eventually ended the conversation and walked with the women to Gadajan's house, wasn't far away from their home. They had barely approached the house when the door blew open and a blue burqa was running to them.

"Well, Mom? What did Hillary say? Did she agree that I'd be second?" Behind the burka, however, Hillary's voice resounded:

"It's me, Hillary! Esma, let's have a little talk."

"Oh! I'm so glad you're here! Do you agree? Can I be second next to you? I'd be so happy if you'd say yes," she enthused. They went to the wenches. The other three daughters of engineer Gadajan were waiting for her. They greeted Hillary vividly and then praised her sister with the words: What a normal girl she is, so diligent, open-minded, religious. Then Hillary and Esma were left alone. Esma slowly took off the veil. Hillary looked at her. Esma was a pretty, long-haired and black-haired girl with dark eyes. Her long silky hair stretched to the middle of her back. She blushed when she faced Hillary.

"How can I explain it to you? Do you know how hard it is for me to decide?"

"If you don't want to tell me anything, just give me a sign of your approval!" Turning her back. She looked at the floor and became very thoughtful. Esma was desperate. She was certain that she would be the second of the chief engineer, and Hillary now shows her back. That was a sure sign of rejection. She can't be a second if she doesn't match the first! That's the law! She looked down sadly as she tried to put on her burqa again. Then she heard the voice of the chief engineer's wife:

"Look at me, Esma!" Hillary lifted her veil and showed her her face. Esma's grief could not have been more quickly dispelled by a storm. Hillary's naked face told her she'd accepted a second. Happily, they fell into each other's arms.

"Thank you very much. See, I'll be a good second! You won't be deceived by me!" They put on their burkas again and returned to the other blues. Esma said:

"Hillary allows me to be second!"

"Thank you, Hillary! I'll talk to you about the Shahada," Chakira said. "But it's not definitive yet because my husband isn't sure he wants to stay."

"What can he do contrary to the will of the blue, this white?" Chakira blasphemed. All blue went down and Chakira knocked on the door pressing her ear against it. And Hillary pulled her away and shoved her aside to enter without waiting for an invitation.

"Forgive me, Gadajan, for coming in so easily, but I want to know what you agreed with my husband." That came out of the blue burqa. James turned to his veiled wife:

"Honey! It's not proper of a blue enter the white's rooms without being asked. I accepted Faruk's invitation to his daughter's birthday party. “

"Aha! And do you also know what the invitation to the birthday party means? That you should marry her," said Hillary, looking through her blue net at her husband's shocked face.

"But do not worry! We blues have already agreed on everything! Esma will be your second! I promised and I trust her," Hillary said laughing. Faruk Gadajan smiled all over his face.

"All right, my dear sister." He shook hands with the surprised James.

At home, he turned to his wife:

"Take off the burka and look into my eyes, Hillary!"

"Maybe I wouldn't like it, though?"

"You know how much I like it when you wear these. But this is serious business now!"

"Then can you tell me why I should take them off?"

"To look into your eyes!"

"Look into the blue net! That's my eye!"

"Hillary, you're not a Muslim woman and I'm not a Muslim who has multiple wives!"

"Listen to me, James Teller! I came with you from Texas cause you asked me to! I've abandoned everything for you. I've been wearing the blue burqa for a month, day and night, cause you want it and you love me in it! I was so happy that our sex had improved, but your current sexual appetite is too much for me! I need another woman to help me so you never have to be rejected! Esma and her family are perfect! Gadajan is your best friend, what more do you want?" the Burqa asked him.

"But you have said that this veiled life is too harsh for you!"

"I said it because I felt that way the first few days! But a month has gone by since, and now my opinion has turned. I've become accustomed to the veil. Well, you haven't seen my look in a month. Esma will be your second, she'll never show herself to you without a burqa. Chakira, Gadajan's first wife and mother of Esma, leads us to the Shahada. You don't have to deal with anything!"

"But how do we get back home? How do I get citizenship for a second wife in the States? Or do you want me to keep her here?"

"Not at all! We'll be staying here just like the Ford family! We've got all we want here. Our children will also have a good place."

The birthday party was nice. Esma in her light blue burka was beautiful. White and blue celebrated separately. Esma, the happy young wife, sat next to Hillary. She received good wishes. She couldn't wait for her husband to pick her up and start her wedding night. Just before midnight, it was time. Hillary and Esma left the celebration, which lasted until morning. Chakira was so happy to have married her daughter so well. On his way home, James was walking ahead of them. The two blue burqas followed him. Esma whispered excitedly in Hillary's ear.

"Shut up, Esma! Everything will be fine!"

"I know, but my mother said the best night of my life was coming and I can't wait!"

The next morning, Esma laid the table for James and drove Hillary away. Only after James was finished and went to work Hillary was allowed to sit down for dinner.

"Why can't we all have breakfast with our husband? And how was your wedding night?"

"My mother was so right! It was indescribably beautiful! And blue never eat with white, always right after! Now I will clean up, pray and then go to the market! Then I'll cook lunch. Would you help me get our man's lunch served on time? I don't have that much practice yet," Esma asked her.

Since then, four months have gone by. Hillary knew that her life would change drastically now, but Esma's religiosity was too much for her after all. With gentle force, Two Introduced One into the five daily prayers, regular reading of the Koran and a visit to a mosque became normal for One. Gradually, One adopted the lifestyle of the native Muslim women completely. She didn't see herself anymore as the woman named Hillary. She became more and more a blue that was called First. When James came home, his wives knelt before him and touched the ground with their foreheads. In the evening they were waiting for their husband, who picked a nocturnal partner from among his veiled wives to look after them carefully. Also, James slowly adopted more and more the lifestyle of Muslim men. He did not beg for anything more but ordered to tolerate without contradiction. As the changes took place very slowly, the former Hillary did not protest. In any case, she did not want to differ from the second, who accepted everything quite naturally. But always the Second obeyed the First. The first one became an exemplary Kram (much better than Nina) and she even tried to talk to her husband and everyone else only in the Kram language.

" What do you want First?" he asked.

"I am pregnant, Sir." James looked at the blue kneeling down. He was very pleased with his obedient wives and now First was expecting a new child by him. The Second also bowed down before him.

"You must remarry, sir. You need a third person so that First can rest to give birth to a healthy offspring! The daughter of one of your workers will be 18 in a few weeks. My mother told me she'd be happy to see you on her birthday! It's a lovely religious girl, my lord! She'll be a good third," Esma said.

Four years have passed again. James Teller's First was so proud of her two daughters, who romped around her. Their green dresses fluttered behind them. According to the law, she wasn't allowed to have any more children. So she envied a little Second, her son was born two years ago, but Second also envied the First, because she was allowed to have two children. The overpopulation was tried to be controlled by a strict law: Every woman can only give birth to one boy. If she had a daughter, she was allowed to give birth a second time. So there were always more girls than boys, and in the valley, there was nearly four times as much blue as white. For a white, there was little way around the law.

As the First, Hillary enjoyed privileges. The other three women were her obeyers. Over the years, she had become fully integrated into the community. She became a native. Genuine blue. She was already talking Kram with her husband. Like every other blue, she stayed at home and worked only in the household. White worked in the factories and plants and kept their families in their custody. James' women often received guests (blue and green) or went to other blues. They chatted or they boasted about their children or their husbands. His wives were proud of their husband, who was the second man at the gas producers, with wage so high that they never had to look at the prices in the shops. Nina spoke:

"Imagine Hillary! We're gonna marry Emma next week."

"Exactly! I'll be a first on my 18th birthday! The son of the provincial president wants to marry me! What about you, Vilma? You can't beat me," Emma said proudly.

"I can be the first woman too! I may not get into a family as prestigious as you, but it's not bad to be the first," said the little girl behind the blue burqa.

"Congratulations to Nina and Emma! Be happy!" said Hillary.

4. The visitor

Two years passed when a journalist arrived in town. He was a 25-year-old good-looking investigative journalist. He could not deny his German origin because of his blond hair. He loved women and she loved him. After several successful articles, he received this topic from his editor: Find out how it is that already the second American couple stays in a city called Ottakram in Pakistan and does not want to return home. He first contacted the gas company. He talked to several people but was told that both families went there voluntarily and no one forced them to stay. The Ford couple have been there for twenty years! Mr Teller and his wife had lived there for six years. However, he instinctively felt that there was a secret behind it because when he spoke to the press reporter, he had more questions than answers. By chance, he learned that years ago a chief engineer had very quickly returned from Pakistan. He researched the man's name and address. The next day he was already standing at the door of the former engineer.

"Look! I still work for the company with a very good salary and live in a nice big house, which they rent to be very cheap. I have to keep secrets, if I talk internals out, I can lose everything," said the man.

"Then tell me about yourself, that' s not forbidden," Otto said, hoping to find out more. They talked for a long time. It turns out he was gay.

"That's why you had to leave Pakistan," asked the journalist.

"I didn't say that! That's what you said," the man replied and admitted the fact. Otto now had a very hot trail. The editor-in-chief told him: "Go there! Take care of yourself," he said. The Secretariat provided him with a work permit to work as a reporter in Pakistan. He had the feeling that they were reluctant to let him travel over there. The tension was almost tangible. There' s something stinking in here. Otto thought.

When he went to Pakistan to fly a helicopter, the pilot said:

"Welcome, Sir! Ben, I'm the pilot. Please change your dress or they'll laugh at you!" "That's my favourite jeans and jacket!"

"But both are blue, and blue is the colour of the women in Ottakram! If possible, take white clothes, that's the colour of men." Otto shook his head. What a stupid custom! Luckily, he had light grey pants and a white shirt. When the helicopter landed, Otto expected two men dressed in white and two blue burkas.

"Welcome to Ottakram! I'm Leslie Ford, the director. And this is my friend and deputy, chief engineer James Teller. And the blue ones are our first women: Nina and Hillary.

"Please come with me, Otto! You' ll be staying with us. My wife has already prepared the guest room for you," said the younger man, shaking hands with the journalist. Otto listened to them with astonishment. First wives? Did they have several wives? Are they Muslims? Why do women wear that strange blue veil? He saw the two veiled women whispering to each other. Apparently about him. What Otto didn't know was that Nina and Hillary wondered with whom they could marry the journalist. Nina's older daughter had already married and the other girls were still too young. Finally, they agreed on the daughter of Gadajan's brother. "Hamid Gadajan and his wives will be happy, not to mention their daughter," whispered Hillary.

"I'll go and talk to them," Nina whispered back. The Ford couple said goodbye and James told Otto to follow him. Otto was a little embarrassed, but he went next to him and the blue burka followed them. When they reached the Teller house, three blue veiled women, girls dressed in green and boys dressed in yellow, waited for them.

"These are my wives and my children." James introduced them. The three women looked at Otto curiously. They went to their husband and spoke softly in a foreign language.

" They've never seen a blond man before. I had to explain to them that your hair was not autumn but blonde," explained the chief engineer.

"But in what language did you speak?" Otto asked, who of course did not understand the foreign dialect.

"Kram, but everyone here speaks English," James said. Then they sat down to talk and a blue veiled woman served them.

"Thank you, First!" James said to her. The veiled woman just nodded.

"You're not the First, you're the Second! Am I right?"

"Forgive me my master, but First gave me the order to serve, I wanted to see the guest closer. Are you upset about this, my lord? Do you punish me?" asked the blue-veiled woman kneeling on the floor and touching it with her forehead.

"I don't know. I'm sorry. The others shall come."

"Yes, my lord, if you' ll let me, I can bring them here. We've never seen a blond man before."

"I think you will be a very popular man here," James said and grinned. The two men began a long conversation. Otto got to know the Kram culture. He wondered why women were subordinate to men and that even American women accepted it. They wore the blue veil like the locals and obeyed their husbands.

"I hope you understand that it would not be good to publish this information from the Otta Valley! It would only cause international complications, the value of the company's shares could fall. An army of feminists would come and ruin our lives. That's not necessary! The lives of the blues would change too, which they wouldn't want. It must stay as it is! It's in the interest of all of us," James said.

"I'm a journalist! I have to report what I'm going through! But how are you going to stop me from writing this? To kill me?" Otto asked jokingly.

"You're overlooking things! There are things worse than murder! We'll marry you," the chief engineer laughed. It was getting dark when they heard a knock. Engineer Gadajan entered together with a man.

"Hello, James! Good evening, Mr Heinkel. I would like to introduce you to my brother Hamid Gadajan. My brother would like to invite you to his daughter's eighteenth birthday," he said.

"You can't refuse it, Otto! It's the biggest celebration of all girls because they become women," James said.

"Hamid and his wife insist that you come to the party! You think everyone will be very happy when you come," said Faruk Gadajan. Otto, who was always curious about foreign cultures and liked to attend every event, did not notice the trap. In a month, he was at the party and got married.


Otto Heinkel never went home. The editor-in-chief was told that he would stay in the Otta Valley and terminated his contract. The first marriage was a surprise to him, he thought she would flee, but when he saw the cheeky face of his beautiful young wife, he fell in love with her. Soon he was appointed the company's foreign press reporter and he also had the love of four blue veiled wives who could hardly wait for him to satisfy them. "Nina! When my daughters are old enough, will you help them to find a husband," Hillary asked?

"Of course! The fourth son will be the right one for your older daughter! How do you like him?" Nina looked at her friend's blue hands.

"Thank you, my friend! You're so good to us! I was afraid after all these years you might have forgotten."

"What we promise, we keep! Naturally, we also help your sister-wives and the daughters of their daughters! Let's stay in blue! We are helping ourselves to marry our daughters," said the woman in the blue veil.

The end?