Veiled PAGE



"Murad, Selima, I'm so glad being with you. That old life of mine, rushing and only looking for my advantage, had nearly destroyed me. At that time I thought my followers were all I needed, they were more important than friendships. Nowadays I have a real family thanks to you and in the Madrasa all the women are my friends. I thank Allah for my salvation five times a day," I said. While outside a spring storm raged to chase the winter away, we sat in the winter garden protected from the rigors of nature and enjoyed our well-earned evening over a cup of hot cocoa.

"Gadi said she wanted to move in with her mother next month," Murad said.

"I'm not particularly enthusiastic about her idea. She willingly falls into the hands of al Gossarah. I just don't like this guy! I think his Purdah madness will destroy Gadi forever." Undiscovered tears flowed behind my ruband.

"She already wanted to move directly to her mother and with a little pressure and good words, I have managed to keep her here till the end of the month. Maybe you, my girls, can persuade her to stay," he said.

"Gadi can be so damn stubborn, but I'll keep fighting for her until the last day," I said.

"Fida, I can only praise your ambition to protect your girlfriend, but never forget that a good Muslimah will never use strong language," Selima, the good one, blamed me. I was all confused and wondering what she meant. Did she mean " damn"?

"Sorry, Selima! I will strive to become a better Muslimah," I said submissively.

"It may seem to you as if Selima is counting peas, but you will soon understand the importance of decent language. That's what civilization stands or falls with. The barbarian, like Trump and many other politicians coming to power, or capital exploiting the planet more and more, only became possible when the dirt they secrete became tolerated. We can always move down more quickly than up. Developing is just hard," Murad said sternly. The highly pregnant Selima got up and came to me to embrace me. Then she whispered in my ear:

" Grant to Allah every word of yours, and you will never take the wrong note." Only slowly I was able to get used to the caresses which were so strange to me. I was overwhelmed by the emotions I was feeling almost every time. Selima rubbed her forehead against mine to comfort me. She knew how it was about me. Since I left my illusory world, I've been clinging to her and Murad. Murad said:

"Don't be afraid, my child. We will protect you and show you the way to a good life."

I prayed to Allah five times a day that he might protect them, and I would do so to the end of their days.

"We have a guest visiting in two days. Fida, please take care of the guest room. He is a very distant relative of mine from Pakistan and is called Amir Arslan. He graduated in engineering and before he has to return to Ottakram, he wants to take a look around Europe."

" What do you think about setting up Gadi with him?" I asked.

"Then she'd be far away from al Gossarah!"

"Allahu akbar! Our little deceitful Fida has reawoken! Take advantage of your cunning for the benefit of your loved ones and the glory of Allah, for He gave you this gift! Murad was very excited about the idea. I was aware of how much he was worried about Gadi and I finally had another task that suited me. On Thursday the Mr. Engineer arrived. I made sure that Gadi was also present and as we were presented to him, I regretted my promise to match him with Gadi. What a man! Tall, slim, muscular! The wet dream of a mother-in-law was before us. The nervous rumors under her veils suggest that Gadi was also very fond of him. Murad frug: "Gadi, you can take care of our guest while we work! You can introduce him to the 'Young Patriot' and show him around the community."

" But I have so much to do myself!" Gadi said reluctantly.

"You're going to leave us soon! So we have to learn, sadly without you," Murad said. The words were missing from Gadi as she nodded thoughtfully. Then in the evening, we were all sitting together and Amir told us about his homeland. It was called Ottatal, named by the river Otta and the capital was Ottakram because the inhabitants were of the tribe of the Kram who emigrated a long time ago to Pakistan and Turkey. In their language, blue meant woman and white man, because they dressed exclusively in these colors. The men wore wide trousers and over them, a long, wide shirt and all the women there wore blue dresses and over them a blue burqa, which was also floor-long at the front. It had long apertures at the sides where the women put their gloved hands through. He was a fantastic talker. We were spellbound listening to his accounts. Gadi and I unconsciously held our hands while we were hanging fascinated on his lips. Then it was time for our prayer and going to bed. To talk a little more, Gadi stopped by my room for a moment.

"Yes, that was once an exciting evening! I want to live right there, just as our guest told us about his homeland," I said. Gadi said:

"He's an amazing guy." Something was vibrating in her voice that made me keen-eyed and I said to her:

" I wish I didn't have such problems with myself. He would surely be a splendid husband for me and I could live in a purely Islamic city - all the women there would be my sisters! It's just a beautiful dream, isn't it?"

"But where' s your problem? Marry him and all will be well!"

Gadi got excited without giving it much thought.

"I will never abandon Selima. Incidentally, this child would be a sibling to me, as Murad and Selima are my new parents. You can't imagine how much I need them. I have placed my destiny in Murad's hands and I will submit to him unconditionally. Basta!" I said emphatically.

"Okay, I wasn't thinking. You're right," she admitted.

"You know, Selima has given me a hint, I once again thoughtlessly voiced myself: - Give every one of your words to Allah, so you will never be able to grab the wrong tone-. Of course, ask Murad what he thinks about your idea. I desire it with all my heart," I lied. May Allah forgive me, but I would do anything to protect my dear friend from this insane al Gossarah.

"But be a little more careful with your statements, then everything will be fine."

We hugged and suddenly I felt strong. Yes, Gadi! I was drawing my strength from something good, my new faith and I gave it to you full of sisterly love! I realized how I could offer mankind many good things with my lousy personality. This was certainly meant by the precept of concealment as it was stated in the Koran. I have to discuss this with Imam Ibrahim Arslan now. Anyway, I got her up there. The next round would go to Murad and he will fight for Gadi like a lion. Everything will be fine, Inshallah!