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Otta valley 

T_G's mini-serie 'The Otta Valley' becomes Gadi's new home and her farewell performance



We were taken to the airport by Murad. I felt so happy to finally come home. I had succeeded in everything I could achieve in Germany. I was an engineer now, and I had a beautiful young wife. We loved each other with all our hearts. Well, what more could I ask for? Perhaps it would be hard in the beginning for Gadi but I was sure that she would soon become real Kram. She had sewn some blue dresses and veils in Burqa style for the trip. Because of blue means for us Kram all the time woman and men always dress white. Well, she's a designer. I guess she's gonna cause a lot of a fuss among the women in Ottakram over her design ideas. Finally, our plane landed in Pakistan and Ben was already there waiting to fly us directly to Ottatal. He was Ami. We Asians always liked them. Not that we loved them, it's a different story since the drones.

"Hello, Amir!" he welcomed us. "It's been five years since I took you on a plane to Germany and now I have an engineer with his wife." We fell into each other's arms and patted each other on the shoulders. Ben, the crazy dog, was still alive. Who knows his vita, might think he is a cat, so often he is already scratched by death. Above all, however, he was a faithful soul.

"May I present my wife Gadi. Gadi - Ben, Ben - Gadi." I said.

"I'm glad to finally meet you. My husband is very enthusiastic about you," she said in a somewhat bumpy but correct English.

"You're German," he asked. She just nodded.

"Well, you're the first from the West I've brought to Ottatal wearing the right clothes. Get on the plane while I stow your luggage." The flight passed quickly because Ben provided us with the current gossip from the Valley of Otta.

We landed next to the administration building. When we were looking out, we saw our welcoming committee. My father Abdul stood between the mayor and the director of the Pipeline Company. Behind them stood my mother Selima. As we got out, we were first greeted by my future boss, pipeline director Leslie Ford.

Then I could finally embrace my family. Gadi traditionally greeted my father and then went to my mother who embraced her and welcomed her.

" Amir has written that you were a famous fashion designer for Islamic fashion in Germany. Your burqa looks fantastic," she said to Gadi.

"I've only sold a few designs, so what's the point?" Gadi said modestly. I know my mother. Every woman in the Ottatal valley knew of the arrival of her son's famous designer and wife.

Gadi stumbled and almost fell into mother's arms.

" What up, dear? Are you not well?" I asked her and held her in my arms.

"It's nothing! I just feel a little weakened from the long journey," she said. 

"We immediately go home, it's not far, and then you get to drink and eat and then you first rest, my poor child," stated mother and we obeyed without contradiction. Again she stumbled and I briefly took her on my arm and carried her. Arriving at my father's house, I immediately ran up with her, my mother closes behind me. When I discarded her, the women chased me away. Here it was the case that women took care of women's affairs and that men should disappear. Half an hour went by. Finally, Mother came to us and said:

"She's all right now. She's asleep now."

" But is she diseased?" I wanted to know.

"No, her burka had a big fault. It prevented her from getting enough oxygen, especially when she was sitting and she had to breathe for two!" I heard the giggling from the women's wing while I was busy preventing my jaw from touching the floor and I stuttered:

"D...d. You mean, s... she's pregnant?" My mother went silently upstairs and father said drily:


Then the obligatory Indian dance took place: 'I'm going to be a father'. I couldn't believe my luck and wanted to embrace the whole world. I jumped on my father and hugged him. He just said drily as a bone:

"Come on! Once you have four wives, do you want to dance all day? You'd better go to your room and get some sleep. Tomorrow is another day." And he was right, the long journey became noticeable to me and I went to bed.


The call to morning prayer woke me. It took me a while to recapitulate the latest events.

"Good morning, my daughter! It's me, Selima. How are you today", my mother-in-law asked me in Kram and when I didn't react again in English.

"Sorry, Selima, I'm not quite there yet," I replied in Kram. My High School English was so bad, I could start with Kram directly, even if I hardly knew the language. She handed me a big steaming cup of coffee. Allah, bless her!

"Your burqa is beautiful, you were just a little too generous with the fabric and didn't pay attention to adequate ventilation, especially when sitting. You passed out from O2 deficiency. It's not good for a pregnant woman," Selima said. I almost swallowed myself in the hot coffee.

"Pregnant? I am? Already?" I babbled.

"I think so! We're going to the doctor this afternoon to make sure we're safe," she said. Then she left me alone and three other burqas approached me.

"Hello, Gadi! My name is Talibe and I'm the second blue. Ultima here is third blue, next to her Vega the fourth blue of Abdul Arslan. Welcome the first blue of Amir Arslan. We're about to pray, but drink your coffee first." How nice, they left me alone and I was able to digest the shock of my pregnancy. It had probably all been a little too much for little Gadi. Suddenly wife, the loss of my loved ones: Mama, Murad, Selima and Fida and then almost suffocated in my burqa. Here I was a Kram, first blue by Amir Arslan, who would marry three more wives and finally still pregnant. I think enough for a little clash of cultures.

"Honey, are you fit enough to pray with us?" Selima approached me with something blue in her arms. I nodded and she handed me a burqa. When I put it on, of course, my vision was very limited again, but it was surprisingly light and airy. After the Fajr Selima showed me the bath. Finally, I was able to wash off the dirt of the long journey and put on the fresh clothes Selima gave me. "Today for once, Vega will be serving your husband. I want you to take it easy, and I want to take care of you. After the Duhr we will go to the doctors," she said. I must learn to submit to her because she would guide me in this strange world.