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One month later

That's a nice present. I was pregnant. And Amir was so happy. I know women get pregnant without contraception, but not that fast, damn it. I had hoped I would have some time to settle in, but that was not the way it was. Selima said:

"Nina Ford's second daughter Vilma celebrates her eighteenth birthday in four months. Vilma grew up here and is a good and obedient girl. I want you to meet her. They're coming this afternoon for a visit." Meanwhile, I knew that the 18th birthday of the girls was a very special day. Perhaps because they got married then. I thought it was way too early. I was happy about every change, for I missed my work. Occasionally some women came to me and asked me to make some small changes to their burkas. Often they fitted badly because they were made in bulk and not individually. For a dressmaker, though, it was a piece of cake, not a real job. So Amir stayed in Germany long enough to understand it. Selima didn't want me to work and as long as I lived under her roof, that wouldn't change either. So I knelt into learning the Kram language and there I was really good. I stayed here for a month now and already mastered the everyday conversation with the women. The conversations with our men are limited for us to the obedient listening. As lovable as the women treat me, in the family hierarchy I stand at the bottom and have to obey them all. I didn't hear anything from the outside world. Always in the house. My four mothers-in-law regularly leave the house - for shopping or visits - and I have to do the housework and look after their children. More and more I hear from the Four that Amir urgently needs to marry a second woman because soon I will not be able to fulfill my matrimonial duties due to my pregnancy.

It was afternoon and Hillary and Vilma Ford arrived. I had been introduced to the Fords. The four women and the visit took place and were served by me.

"My husband insists on marrying Vilma to Amir on her birthday. I'm here to claim Gadi's approval," said Hillary Ford. Selima replied to me:

"It is a great honor for our family to have a Ford daughter. Come Gadi and Vilma!" She pushed us into a corner and Vilma had to kneel before me, then she ordered me:

"Gadi, lift your burka over her! Vilma, show yourself! Gadi kneels and looks your sister in the face. Gadi, what do you see? Answer me!"

"I look into Vilma's face," I replied obediently and it was now that I realized how long I hadn't looked into a female face. She was a damn pretty red-haired witch. Her face was covered with freckles.

"Vilma, what do you see?"

"I can see Gadis' face," she said. The women clapped and trilled.

"Vilma covers you and you Gadi rise and takes your burka from Vilma then come to us," Selima said. Vilma said:

"Oh! Gadi! I will always obey you and be a good second for you." I slowly realized that I had accepted Vilma as my husband's second wife. I had a Sister Woman in Spe now. My future mother-in-law said:

"Gadi, I'm so happy for you. I know very well what it must mean for a woman from the West to live here. I was also shocked at first. But be patient, you will soon love this life."

One year later

I had given birth to a son. We called him Ahmed. My pride and joy. If I had had a daughter, I would have had a second child. The laws on birth control were handled very strictly here.

Vilma was now pregnant and a third bride should soon be at our side. We were living in our own house, just for space reasons. Amir presented me with a sewing machine to celebrate the birth of our son. But with high restrictions. In no case, I was allowed to neglect my domestic duties or accept commissions. Amir brought the money and no one else. That's it! It made me a little sad, but since Ahmed was there, not too much.

I made it. I live like Kram, I talk like Kram and I like to be a Kram.

I've come! Allahu akbar!