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Another Anja

"Hello, everybody! I'm sure you're wondering how I can report back to normal. But later. I would like to report to you at the request of my Lord on what had happened in the past few years. Having 'voluntarily' returned to the instructor's control, I was again the dull and happy 'pet', an 'it' that fulfilled its duties. It was all good and right there. However, the best 'it' cannot serve in peace if it does not please its Lord and owner. Because he still dreamed of his beloved 'Anja', the long forgotten one. He had integrated into this world very well. With him, his household had increased up to 9 persons. Yes, you heard right, he had knocked up all four of his wives and all four had thrown. Notice a 'pet' does not give birth! And the crowning was, they all were boys. The native men ran storm, whether this exceptional fertility and the fact that they were boys, in this world already the birth of a single boy was an event. A man with 4 sons from 4 'cows' had not existed for centuries. So our owner became a highly respected man, to whom no wish could be refused so quickly. For a long time, he had developed a software that he was now also allowed to use with us, which released women extremely gently and cautiously from the instructor's control. At first, we didn't feel much. But little by little, it took months, we developed a weak ego-consciousness, that in connection with a renewed pregnancy of all 4 women, was still forced by deep going mother love. Our love for the master and our first-born grew steadily and the instructor moved more and more back to the background.

Pretty soon I thought of myself as woman number 1, inside of me there was now something 'Anja' again and a lot of wife and mother. My sisters, we slowly regarded ourselves as persons, things happened to like me and there was a family born of love and duty. When the children slept in the evening, we sneaked up to our Lord in his huge bed to cuddle up and fool around. When he climbed one of us, we enjoyed the happiness of the Lord as well as that of our sister. Crouched close together, we all fell asleep happy and tired. Well, now we were a happy family. I may have had a great life in my homeworld once, I found happiness in my new home.

When we delivered, we were finally females again, we gave birth to 4 daughters. Nobody has ever found an explanation for our abundance of children. Especially as we got pregnant again after a long recovery period. The pregnancies also ended with the birth of 4 girls. We were now a family of 17, an absolute novum! This made our authorities think that at least the first-born children would become boys and our Lord would have to marry two more women, who would also give life to two boys. With 6 wives and a herd of children our Lord was, he was and remains our owner, so we want it, hard challenge. Cause that meant marital duty every night and father duty during the day. During the pregnancy, the 2 'new' we 4 'old' again became pregnant and gave birth again to 4 boys. We were now with 18 children, by far the biggest and most famous family. Some hardliners were even forced to solve their wives from the instructor more or less.


Anja was still not my 'Anja', but still wife 1 only with more personality. The erasure of her memories was irreversible. The submission to a man, for the 'old' Anja an absolute absurdity, triggers the greatest feelings of happiness in her today. Even her critical mind had gone. Nights of long conversations with her, in which she always gently but surely forced me to agree with her opinion, I missed so much.

It's like figure skating: the 'old' one was free skating and strenuous, the 'new' one is compulsory and strenuous.

In short: I loved the freestyle. And I loved physics. After the domestic duty, I threw myself happily into my researches. We have constantly further developed technology. Today we can look at an incredibly large number of universes. Some of them are so different that we can't even begin to understand them. Worlds like ours go the way of damnation without our doing it.

A very special event has occurred today. We found a world that resembled paradise. The global climate was more balanced and the vegetation more varied. And there were no people in this world. A circumstance that led to the assumption that humanity was exterminated by epidemics here in the early Middle Ages. And these epidemics came to us when we contacted them. The emergency system was activated and all those present and the interior were destroyed in a firestorm.

I was late that day, that saved my life. But not my years of research, everything was lost. Also my job, nobody ever wished to do research on parallel universes again, the active fear of epidemics was deeply implanted here. The fact that all the parallel worlds destroyed by human beings and this flourishing world without us allowed the conclusion that we might disrupt the plan of the natural order and thus have to be extinguished.

People began to withdraw into themselves. They rediscovered the long forgotten faith in Allah. Gradually, mosques were built everywhere. They treated me with a mixture of fear and respect. Suddenly I was forced into politics, on which I will never begin to research again.

20 years later

These years of change did not pass me by without a trace and since I have accumulated sufficient funds to lead a quiet pensioner's life, I only want to dedicate myself to my private duties.

The end