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No slips - different sometimes

Annette and Clarissa, both secretaries, had arranged to have ice cream after work at the Italian restaurant. It was a damn hot month in July 2028 and the terrace was filled to overflowing. But the two were real Sweepers, quickly they were offered a seat by the Male World. Gratefully, with a shining smile rewarding the gentleman, they sat down. Annette sat down, as always, grazing her skirt over her thighs. Clarissa, wearing an airy, wide summer dress, gathered the hem of her dress and for a tiny moment her naked ass cheeks flashed up in the sun, then disappeared surrounded by fabric.

" Have I seen that right, you don't wear panties and sit with your naked ass on the chair?" Annette asked slightly irritated. At the same moment, a small gust of wind drove under Clarissa's dress and lifted it slightly. Skilfully, she prevented it from revealing her private zone, but let her naked bottom flash lightly, not unnoticed by the men. A villain who thinks evil.

"Look, I gotta show you!" Clarissa said and picked up her smartphone. The two were forced to close together because of the sun's rays, which allowed the wind not to be missed, which Clarissa stopped a bit too late. On the display was the website: There they found the story 'No Panties'.

"It's not too long. You can read it while we wait for our ice cream, which will certainly take some time." While reading Annette's face ran through all sorts of emotions: At first amazement, then amusement, thoughtfulness and finally incredulous amazement.

"My pussy is freshly shaved, just the short costume skirt is annoying," Annette said with a big grin.

"The guy who wrote this looks kind of familiar to me," Clarissa said.

"You're right, I believe you're reminded of the old sack with the innocent grin and who never minces his words." Annette believed.

"Yes, that's right. Last week in front of the Kamps bakery, he had one of those fascist, racist assholes run up against the wall, verbally of course."

"Of course, but the old bag has balls and doesn't piss on himself - figuratively. A few more of this species and the AfD (author's note: a Nazi heap that scolds itself party) would be history," Clarissa said.

" But we women don't get along so comfortable with him. Veil, obedience and all that shit," Annette stated.

" If you feel like it, visit his website at home. Sure he writes damn crap, but I think you can use some of it."

"Yes!" Annette replied. " After eating the ice cream, we go shopping, I am thinking of an airy summer dress without panties" she grinned up to both ears. Then the ice finally came and both enjoyed the ice, the beautiful weather, the attention they attracted, especially Clarissa, as well as the anticipation of shopping.


Meanwhile, the management raved on the executive floors.

"This fake U.S. President is a complete total blow to our plans. How can we plan sensibly, we urgently need more reliable customers," complained the sales manager. Our customers in the US are passing the costs of the isolation policy to us on a one-to-one."

"If we're not careful, we'll bankrupt our company and our political actors stare like hypnotized rabbits at the U.S. and wait to be enlightened by our big brother at the next pointless economic summit. As in the twenties of the last century, everything seems to me to have been captured. In the end, it was all that was left."

"Gentlemen, calm down. As you all know, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, we have taken steps to strengthen the EU to slowly free ourselves from the US coercive cloak. The biggest nightmare of the Americans is when Russia and Germany cooperate. I can't tell you all I want, but we're way ahead than you might imagine. However, you would have to work with us and initiate a lot of new things that you perhaps don't yet fully comprehend. Our goal is an economically dominant Europe and a militarily strong Russian-Asian pact."

" Turnover figures say the time for change is now. We're in! Let's work, gentlemen, upon which we flourish and prosper!"

One year later.

Annette and Clarissa sat on Toni's terrace eating ice cream.

"You know, it's our NoPants anniversary today. Exactly a year ago, we acquired that fetish."

" And the way everything has been changed in such a short time."

"Yeah, great! We're unemployed! The new fashion is not the eye-catcher either," Annette said.

" Well, calm down. Like every European, we are now receiving an unconditional basic income," Clarissa said. "We still have money to spend at the end of the month."

"Yes, and if we don't comply, it can be cut," Annette commented.

"Nothing will come out of nothing. What do they want?" Clarissa answered.

"Since parts of the Sharia law were included in the Basic Law at the urging of the 'Christian-Islamic Union', the most powerful group in the Reichstag, a lot has changed for us women," Clarissa replied:

" You said how pretty and practical the new Hidjab hoods are and I think the absolute ban on alcohol and smoking for women is rather a step forward. Thank God for the protection that we women enjoy in these uncertain times. Look across the Atlantic, only the strong will get everything, there is still the naked misery and our new religiosity pleases you nevertheless as well. Let's go to Koranic school." Annette then:

"I bet you've got a big crush on the Imam."

"Don't be crazy and come to the pots!" Clarissa said slightly upset. It was not only the Imam who interested Clarissa, but it was also the company with Muslim women that gave her great pleasure and satisfied her helper syndrome. Despite unemployment, the women there were busy all day with caring for children and the elderly or other social works. It was a giant leap for Clarissa and Annette from silly chickens to responsible women. Pretty soon they wanted to convert and then wanted to wear decent Islamic clothes. They would then lead a safe life determined by the reforms and determined by the Islamic faith. Only one thing, they said, should stay: 'NoPants'.

This year, the Consortium for the Coordination of Europe and the Russian-Asian Union met for the first time in Berlin. It ended with sustainable results. The highly indebted 'new EU states': Poland, Czech Republic, etc. saw their rescue in an undisturbed trade. It should benefit all consortium states. Thus, through the sale of all American government bonds of all its members, the € quickly became the international reserve currency. The social changes came about through the reintroduction of social achievements: throughout Europe and Russia, there were reimbursements for medicines and hospital costs. School education, studies or continuing professional education were free of charge. But work had become rare in this high-tech world and in the meantime had been distributed among men. The women were, as always, the first victims and remained outside. However, a soft social niche was prepared for them by the introduction of the so-called unconditional basic income and soon it was more desirable for women to marry than to work. Islam, being the youngest and most dynamic religion and freed from stupid Islamophobia won many followers very soon. Maybe out of boredom or curiosity, people rediscovered their longing for religion in Islam.


Following the law of fashion and her new faith, Annette now wore a hijab hood reaching far into her face and an ankle-length, wide robe with long sleeves. In the meantime, Annette and Clarissa had converted to Islam. Clarissa had married her Imam and was now pregnant. She lived in Purdah, which meant separated from the secular. Her vocal cords were surgically cut and she was now completely mute. She wore an opaque niqab, a butterfly abaya, and black glove. Above it, she wore a dense Chymar, who transformed this beautiful woman into an anonymous cone. But still, no panties, because that was the reason for their meeting: 'no pants' anniversary. They sat concealed by a screen, while women were only permitted to visit a restaurant under the strictest conditions. Gone was the era of permissive self-expression. To enjoy an ice cream fully veiled it required great skill from Clarissa. So she wrote on her display:

" Sometimes I just wish I was back in the good old days."

"Yes," Annette said, " everything was much more relaxed and I missed the fun with the men very much."

"Abdullah is the finest man I have ever met, I deeply love to be his submissive wife, but this life of strict faith by his side can also be very exhausting. I lack the old spontaneity, the crazy life," Clarissa wrote.

"I most miss you, the time we spent together, it was always fun."

"I've never been with a better friend than you," Annette said, "and I wish that we could always be together."

"If you were Abdullah's second wife? Is that a solution for you?" asked Clarissa. Annette hadn't expected it, but then she answered:

"Dumb as a fish, blind as a mole and completely surrendered to a man, you believe I couldn't think of anything more pleasant?"

"I do know you enough, you like to be guided too, you enjoy subordinating yourself. This life in the care of the state, get boring. We have converted together, so let us serve together with a Lord."

"I'm confused, not just since today, it seems to me that we started with 'noPants' only yesterday. Just look how we've changed in that time. I gotta move out of my apartment and into one of the virgin residences pretty soon. I have to undergo strict house rules there. I gotta wait to get wedded there. Two years ago, if anyone had told us how we would live today, we' d have laughed at him." Annette didn't get along anymore. Clarissa took her in her arms and wrote:

"We are children of a new age, and the old age will never return. All we can do is look to find happiness in it. Believe me, a strictly Islamic marriage has its charms. A life in harmony with Allah and in the company of a sister who shares your destiny could be very nice. You will have a firm place in life. Nothing will confuse you anymore." Annette replied shyly,

" Ask Abdullah if he wants me."


Meeting of the Coordination Committee for the Social Reorientation of the European, Russian and Asian States. "Welcome gentlemen! I hope you had a pleasant journey. I would like to give you a summary of last year.

1. abolition of the right to stand as a candidate for the unconditional basic income and restricted voting rights for women.

2. cost reduction by introducing houses for orphaned, unmarried women and restrictive marriage mediation (i.e. women without the protection of a family can be referred to Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, etc. for marriage).

3. clothing guidelines and code of conduct for women in public to bind them to domestic life in the long run.

4. introduction of polygamy, limited by the man's financial situation and sexual potency. As you can see, we can look back on a very productive year. And I'd like to open the discussion. Thank you very much!"


It was 16:00 and Abdullah drove to the ice cream parlor to pick up his wife and her girlfriend. He's been contemplating a second wife for a while. He knew exactly what kind of sweeper Annette looked like before the dress guidelines and she was much smarter than Clarissa, but unfortunately, she was too old for him. The new wife should be 10 years younger than Clarissa. A 16-year-old would be fine with him. He parked his share car and went to the ice cream parlor. After he registered, he was led to the women. Annette had to sit behind an extra screen. She had to put on her gag to avoid insulting the Imam with her voice.

"Well, my dear wife, I hope you've had a nice NoPants day!" He asked for a coffee.

"I have chosen to marry a second wife, soon you will have help and company at home." By tapping on the table softly, she sent him a request to write to him. But he ignored her by continuing to speak:

"She must be 10 years younger than you, a 16-year-old will subordinate herself to you quickly and integrate more easily into our family. You want to write me something?" But Clarisse just shook her head.

Annette sat behind her screen unable to present herself and her qualities. All she could do was resign herself to what had been said. When she took the gag out to speak, she would only upset Abdullah. After drinking his coffee, he urged them to leave. The females had to sit in the opaque female pendant. Then he drove to Annette's apartment and rang for the janitor so she could be safe, registered and supervised in her apartment. Arrived at home he then opened the box for his wife and canceled the Sharecar.

Clarissa brewed him tea and took a seat at his feet. After all, she wanted to try again to convince him of marriage with Annette. So she softly knocked on the table. When Abdullah read her report, he had to grin. He said:

"You still haven't figured out your responsibilities in our marriage. I like marrying a younger woman, and what I like also pleases you. Only that which delights me, wife, should make you happy, and now silence, I am very angry. Piss off in your kitchen!" She quickly fled into the kitchen and there she cried so calmly that he would not be disturbed by her. She knew she'd never see Annette again.

Meanwhile, Annette was taken to her apartment by the janitor. He grumbled about, "Bitches send to Anatolia anywhere." And Annette couldn't figure out his buzzing. Eventually, they stood in front of her door and he opened it for her. She went in and, if she wanted to leave the flat again, she had to request an escort from the central office. Being a woman, she was not allowed to move freely outside. It was a furnished room. In the process of their conversion, the apartment was furnished by the niqabi sisters. The furniture was spartanly a flat table a pair of seat cushions and a crockery chest. A radio exclusively broadcasting Koranic verses rounded off the equipment. In the bedroom, there was a rolled up sleeping mattress, a laundry box, and the obligatory prayer rug. She brewed herself a cup of tea and tried to digest what she had experienced. She was only allowed to see Clarisse with Abdullah's permission. Maybe not again. But maybe Clarissa could persuade him after all. She said her prayer and then went to bed.

A week later she was moved to a virgin's house. There she had to fully disguise herself for 23 hours a day and share a room with five other women. To make her more attractive on the international marriage market, her vocal cords were cut and her nose-ringed three times. She now lived the life of an unidentified cone. She was taught strict Muslim housekeeping. Then three months later, she became the fourth wife of a 61-year-old Pakistani businessman. Thereby she lost her complete identity, from now on she had to speak of herself in the third person. She lost her name and her title was 4th Wife and so she disappeared forever from her friend's reach.

Whether 'NoPanties' or 'WithPanties' the story of two friends ends here.