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An African cow

from Vulcan

Part 1

First, I should introduce myself: Birgit Janssen, 22 years old, single, Development Director for natural resources. My commissions were between €80.000 - €120.000 per month. For me, the main thing was that I was the boss and that made me not very popular with my employees. But I wasn't interested in their sensitivities, bullshit. I was gonna generate business. A maybe even two more years, then I would have had my mite in the dry. I would have been financially rehabilitated until the next Stone Age. However, as sometimes can happen, from one day to the next planning disintegrated.

I was caught in a village in Uganda. It was the home of the Kaoli, a tribe which to this day has resisted every form of our civilization. Their village was located on enormous deposits of rare piles of earth. The company had already sent some colleagues to get mining rights. No one succeeded. Now, I should try my luck. Unfortunately, Mayer, the cupped nut, came along to support me.

After we landed in Kampala, we had to face a difficult journey to Kitgum in the north of the country. Finally, arrived there in the conference room of our hotel we met three blacks in tribal costume, hiding nothing essential. It was the Kaoli chief, accompanied by two warriors. He greeted Mayer in impeccable English and completely ignored me. Even worse: he demanded me to leave the conference room during the negotiations, otherwise, he would leave immediately.

Deeply humiliated, but in order not to jeopardize the business success, I left the negotiations to Mayer and went to an adjoining room to wait. The two warriors came to me not long ago. They called me Ngana, and they said that I would insult the chief the way I looked now, and they ripped my clothes off. I screamed and raved until the chief and Mayer were there. Mayer said that the chief would negotiate a contract only on the condition that he got me for free. I yelled at him what a stupid asshole he was and that he'd never get through with it. All he said was I'd soon be a great pregnant Kaoli cow. Since I didn't stop to strike and swear out loud, the chief gave one of the warriors a sign, so he knocked me out.

When I regained consciousness, I was in the trunk of a car driving on a bumpy track. Eventually, this ordeal ended. Totally shaken and dazed, they pulled me out of the trunk by my hair and took me to a hut.

Here two impressive women awaited me, they were almost 1.80m tall, with wide hips and tits bigger than my head. Gently they took me in their arms and we sat down on a mat. They gave me something to drink that I swallowed thirstily. It was delicious and I immediately calmed down. It was nice being with them. Their names were Ungas and Atto. They called me Ngana. They washed me and began to tattoo me all over my body, including my face. 

I didn't feel any pain at all, but that astonished me a little. Curiously, the fact that my whole face would be drawn with these symbols forever didn't frighten me at all. On the contrary, I was happy to receive so much attention. I listened to their constant giggling and felt calm and secure. They even spoke some English, but only like five-year-olds. When they finished my beautification, they gave me a loincloth and some jewelry. My hair was braided into two thick plaits, which showed to the front from the sides, how they wore it themselves. A little bit like a cowhorn. They pierced my septum and attached a beautifully decorated oval plate to cover my mouth. Then they taught me how to eat like that with a lot of giggling. Finally at the end I was given a drink of this delicacy again. They called it Makala. Then I fell exhausted asleep. I had no idea what all this stuff would do to me. All I knew was I'd probably never had a drink so delicious.


Part 2

The next morning, as I woke up, I was lying on the mat between the two women. There was a fantastic feeling lying between these bulky women. I have never felt so safe and secure. We greeted each other with kisses and strokes and drank Makala again for breakfast. I followed them to the other women and their children. I spent the next few days helping them with the housework and learning the simple dialect of the women. It was extremely primitive and only used by females. All these women were very, very lovable, I think much dumber than their husbands, yet I never thought about it for long. This lifestyle was so wonderfully relaxing. Each time I got thirsty, there was always enough Malaka ready. The women and the children were separated from the men. At night the men called some women, who later returned to us to sleep. And I felt myself growing more and more like one of them. And they said if I continued to be so kind to them I would soon receive my forking. Then I would become a real woman. Whatever that is.

Then, one night, the chief summoned me to his place. I became suddenly really nervous and the women took me with giggling in their arms and gave me to drink. They accompanied me to his hut, where I knelt down and waited. Soon, he called me in with my new name. Shyly, I knelt before him. In front of my eyes, the splendor of his huge dick unfolded and I got wet like a dog in heat. He told me to serve him orally. But as my hands enclosed his member, it grew to such a huge stick and suddenly I recognized what I was doing.

Me, Birgit Janssen, top manager, was kneeling in the dirt in front of a Wild One and was supposed to suck his dirty cock. No way!

However, he reached for my 'horns' and rammed his stiff member into my mouth so that my lips painfully stretched. As he pushed me back and forth by my horns, my nose plate danced on his limb. And I felt terribly dishonored and humiliated. I can't believe I lived like this all day. I was an educated and cultured woman, not a cow. How have these savages made me? Then he pushed his limb deep into my snout...uh mouth and his seed poured into me, so I had to swallow it. Alternating with one hand holding one of my horns and with the other slapping me, he forced me to lick his balls and his dick clean. When he was satisfied, he used me as a footstool to rest.

At this point he could do whatever he liked to do with me, I was lobotomized with shame and shock. After some time, he yawned and kicked me.

Then he grabbed me from behind at the 'horns' and rammed his limb into my virgin anus. It hurt terribly and something broke inside me, something that allowed me to be what I was before meeting these savages. Now all I was anymore was pain, humiliation and despair. My self-confidence was completely destroyed. I was down. Without any request I licked, like a trained animal, his genitals clean off my dirt.


Part 3

I was kicked out of his hut into the arms of my friends Ungas and Atto. They washed me gently and with loving caresses and brought me to our hut. I calmed down a bit when they offered me Makala for a drink. The pains of my rape, physical and psychological, dissolved into pleasure and I passed happily in the arms of my friends.

The following days were without any special events. I stood with the other cows by a trough to crush grain with man-high mortars. I admired the bulging udders of my sisters and looked sadly at my puny boobs. But there was also something comforting about how my tits bobbed up and down in time with my nose plate with every mortar blow. Tomorrow is forking and everyone celebrates a big party. I heard my bosses were coming, too.

They woke me up and took me to the river. There I was thoroughly washed and given a large bowl of Makala to drink. After I emptied the last drop, they led me to the medicine man. I was very calm and full of anticipation. My yoke, which I had carved from a wooden plate with the help of Ungas and Atto, had been finished for a long time. Now it was a wooden collar decorated with filigree ornaments. Well, it was beautiful. In the middle of it, there was a hole just big enough to enclose my neck. I was wondering how I could put it over my head. Atto and Ungas giggled and said that it was the medicine man's job. Naked, without jewellery and without my usual 'horns' I knelt before the holy man and trembled with reverence. He drew in my face and I became dizzy, but Ungas and Atto supported me. It all disappeared before my eyes and I got the feeling that I was being pushed through the birthing canal again. Once I could see clearly again, my neck was adorned with a beautiful yoke and I had new tattoos all over my body, Ungas and Atto were in the process of braiding new 'horns' for me, this time they braided colourful leather straps into it and the impression of real horns arose. Not the little, puny ones from Holsteiner, but mighty buffalo horns. With a wide curve forward, they ended far in front of my cheeks and crowned the tips with caps and bells. I was so happy, for now, I was a real heifer and was allowed to grow into a real cow, I would soon be as beautiful as Ungas and Atto.


Part 4

When they were finished, I had to thank the medicine man and from behind I was taken by him, grabbing my new big 'horns'. As my nose plate, my new yoke and my udder swung back and forth in time, the little bells rang softly, it drove through me like lightning and again I was Birgit Janssen.

All of my memories returned abruptly and I knew I was doomed to become a cow like Ungas and Atto. There was no turning back anymore. That yoke had decided my fate. For the meaning of my forking was that I abandoned the woman Birgit Janssen and turned into heifer Ngana of the Kaoli tribe and that was forever.

So I fulfilled with disgust and aversion the duties of a young cow, a heifer, and was then washed by my cow sisters Ungas and Atto, and was decorated by them as usual with love and care just like high-priced cattle.

They took me to the village square. The chief, my bosses and asshole Mayer were sitting there and celebrating the signing. As they saw me coming, I was greeted with applause by my bosses. And they praised me for my great work, and they were really happy about me. They wished me happiness in my future life from the bottom of their hearts, blah, blah.... Then I was put to the other cows in a gate covered with straw and through the wooden bars, I watched the men at the party. The whole day in my gate I felt how I changed more and more. I grew again, my tits too, my pelvis felt like it was breaking apart. Without the big bowl of Malaka, which I had to drink in the morning, I would probably have died of pain now. I sensed that my face was also affected by the changes. The lips seemed to swell and the skin on my forehead and cheeks stretched strangely. But worst of all, the feeling of my mind slowly leaking out. However, I already suspected that I would sink to the level of a five-years-old. I would become a good cow, like Ungas and Atto. Later that night the party ended and I heard Mayer shouting:

"Ngana, Ngana, come here my pretty heifer!" He kept teasing me:

"Ngana, Ngana! Come my sweet heifer!" I wanted to tell that asshole to fuck off. But I got hotter and hotter. I couldn't resist, I was attracted to a magnet. He stuck his hand through the gate and I licked his fingers forcibly. He praised me just like I was cattle:

"Oh! What a beautiful cow you are, and your yoke suits you so well and your bells sound so sweet!" I turned into a cow in heat. Pure instinct determined me. Fully conscious, I lost all control of my own body. And he opened the gate to get me out. Something I could have done myself at any time, but never had the idea, after all, I was just a stupid cow. Then he grabbed the holes in my yoke and pulled me to his hut. There I licked his little tail, while I longed for the cocks of the tribal warriors until it stood. He then grabbed my horns and rammed his pencil into my anus. So I couldn't take it anymore and puffed out laughter. With rage, he stood up and kicked me in the ass, whereby I underlined my laughter with a loud, cheeky Moo.

Furiously he told me of how he had let me run into this trap assisted by my colleagues. When I got off the plane, I was already Kaoli property. In the meantime, they had acquired all my fortune, and I was now completely impoverished and cattle of the Kaoli Tribe.

Kneeling in the dirt, I desperately mooed at him. I sensed how I could resist less and less, too great was the loss of my intelligence. I was already cattle in heat and needed to be climbed. So I crawled up to him on all fours and licked his fingers. And when he didn't push me away, I began to lick his limb again till it was standing. I offered him my private things by stretching my ass on all fours towards him. After he was satisfied, he grabbed my yoke and dragged me to one of my bosses. All I know is that they also used my holes and that I was falling exhausted asleep outside a hut.



I'm Ngana. Got big udders. Been different, but forgotten. I gave my three holes to great warriors. Also from other tribes when chief commands. Ngana now good cow, carries son from chief, will soon be throwing. Him say, white cow good, new come soon. Great joy!