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Spies by T_G

Sergeant Elza Hamilton and her lover, Corporal John Wilmoore, stood in the guardhouse in front of the Colonel. The colonel read the documents and said:

"What am I supposed to do with you now? I'd love to kick you out of the Army, so hard that you fly all the way to America. You got caught dealing drugs, John! That was your third fault! For a long time you could be a lieutenant if you didn't annoy the internal department so much. You have beaten your superior, refused your service and now this! I know you were right, son, but the lieutenant is still your superior! But you are lucky. This man here next to me, his name doesn't matter, would give you another assignment. " A man in a black suit stood up and said:

" You are two excellent soldiers here. You might be heroes, but you're screwing up your career for lack of discipline. You both speak Afghan well. We need such people. They both look like the people here. You would be ideal spies, and we really need you. Between three big areas of warlords there is an inn. Those three warlords represent the greatest power there. Also the Taliban don't dare to mess with them. We need information about them! You buy the inn from the current owner, you run it and you listen to your guests! "

"We're not Afghans! They'll find out we're spies and slit our throats! "Elza said. "They will not notice! But if you don't need help and prefer to be put on trial, that's doable too!" He smiled cruelly. That's what a CIA agent was. That's what made him a CIA agent.

"I think it might be of interest to us if the documents were lost in exchange," John said. The agent nodded approvingly.

Then he accompanied the two soldiers to another building. There they received various injections. They had to sit down because they became too weak. Their whole bodies were tingling as if ants were walking around on them. It disappeared after a few minutes. They were approached by the agent, but they didn't understand anything. They knew he was speaking in English, but they didn't understand a word. The agent smiled contentedly. Then he shouted something and Kabul Kid came in. Kabul Kid was an Afghan young man of about 20 years. No one knew his real name. He got this name from an Afghan film about a found child. That's exactly what he was. He had been working as an interpreter for many years. Elza and John have learned Afghan dialects from him. Since then he worked for the US military. Kabul Kid was happy that this task was taken over by them. So he told them he was their contact person. He gave them documents stating that they were an Afghan couple. Their names were Mohamed Khan and Hassina Khan. Kabul Kid became Mohamed Khan's brother, Rashid Khan. Elza noticed by her hand that her skin became like that of an Afghan woman. Then she jumped up and ran to a mirror. She saw a young Afghan woman in an American uniform. She turned around and looked at her lover. John became a typical Afghan young man.

"What have they done to us?" asked Elza in Pashto. Then she realized that she could no longer speak English. Kabul Kid told them that this was the only way they could pass as locals. They did not speak or understand English anymore. They would not even fail a genetic test. That was the effect of the Devenport serum the CIA had received from the English Secret Service. When asked how long the effect lasted, whether it was reversible, Kabul Kid shrugged his shoulders. He had no idea. They brought them Afghan clothes and left them behind to change. Mohamed looked at his beautiful Afghan wife with satisfaction. Hassina saw that her husband liked her and that made her happy. Kabul Kid is back. He was holding a blue burka. "Take this Hassina! Only your husband is allowed to see you without a burka! When we drive off, you climb into the rear. This is the place for Afghan women! My brother is sitting next to me and now we wanna leave! ”

Hassina sat in the back seat of the devastating car and looked outside through the small hexagonal net of the blue burka. She saw very little, it was warm, but the dense material of the burka kept at least the street dust away from her. As they approached their new home, she wondered what her life as an Afghan woman would look like. Several times they had been checked over the long distance. First from US posts and later from a Taliban patrol. Hassina's face was examined by an Afghan woman in a burka. She raised the front of Hassina's burka and looked closely at Hassina's face. She asked a few questions, which Hassina answered. She nodded and was satisfied. She pulled the burka back and nodded to the leader. "Everything is fine. She is an Afghan woman, as on her identity card. " Meanwhile, a Taliban questioned Mohamed and his brother. Who they are, where they are going and why. His brother and sister-in-law want to move to the country, Rashid said, he accompanies them because he owns a car. Asked why his brother didn't have a beard, Mohammed said angrily that the American soldiers had scraped his beard. This also made the two Talibs angry. The two Talibs were searching the car but found only Afghan clothes, two blue burkas and some cheap used household appliances. Then they were released. The old owner of the inn greeted them. His wife presented food and drink to the men, bowed and gestured to Hassina to follow her to another room. She also put some food in front of them. But she didn't lift the front of her burka, she pulled it slightly forward over the plate so that she could eat comfortably but completely covered. Hassina followed her example. Meanwhile, they chatted. The old woman and her husband wanted to come near their daughter. She wished them good luck. She said this had been an island of peace so far, but now the three warlords are angry with each other. Rashid and Mohamed entered. Rashid said: "We agreed. My brother paid the negotiated price the host had set." The old man and his wife packed up and drove to their daughter. He still called: "Be wealthy and have many children!"

Mohamed and Hassina could not even look around the house when guests were already coming. Two men and a woman under the blue burka. It was one of the warlords with his son and his wife. Hassina made them something to eat quickly and placed it in front of the men and apologised that she had not had time to cook before. The two men demanded that Mohamed should sit with them, and ordered the women to leave. The blue burka and Hassina bowed. They stepped out and talked. Hassina made herself comfortable. The Afghan told of her own family, most of all her daughter. "Zinobe is beautiful and clever," the blue veiled woman praised her daughter. After more than an hour, another warlord came with his brother. And after another hour, the third came, too. Now all three of them were there. Next to them stood two blue burkas. The warlord's wife and eldest daughter. Muhammad counted the money the three families had paid for their food. "If we earn so much money every day, we will never run out of money! Let's see what kind of vehicle Omar was talking about". he said laughing. They went behind the building, where there were a two-wheeled wooden cart and two donkeys. Mohamed laughed. "What vehicle did you expect, sir?" Hassina's laughter came from behind the burka. In the evening they went to their room and she could finally take the burka off. As well as other clothes. Hassina moaned next to her husband. The sex with Mohamed was very good. Being an Afghan woman is not so bad! "What if I get pregnant, sir? "I'll be happy, ma'am!" "Me too, sir!"

For the next few days, Hassina lived the life of an Afghan. She worked hard, had little rest, but at night it paid off for her. The burqa she was wearing all day was lying on the back of the chair, and she enjoyed sex with her husband. The number of guests increased steadily. Hassina cooked well and it tasted what she presented to the guests. Rashid visited them every 3-4 days, delivered what they needed, and listened to their reports.

The change came suddenly. Only two weeks after their arrival, a convoy of cars appeared. Men and women in blue veils got out of the cars. Many men had weapons. The third warlord returned with his large family. It turned out that Mohamed should marry the warlord's eldest daughter. "This crossing is an important junction! And this restaurant is an important source of information! When you marry my daughter, she tells me all the news about the other two warlords who would like to see me dead. What Maala finds out is important to me! Maala is young, beautiful, and she also wants to be your wife! It was her idea and I see that she is right. I am a very good friend and relative, but I am a very bad enemy of those who opposes me! But you won't do it," he explains.

In the meantime, the women tried to convince Hassina with similar arguments. Maala came to her and said: "I know you also want your husband to be happy. From now on we will both do our best to make him happy. Two women are more than one! ”

Before a decision could be made, new cars appeared. At least 40 armed men stared at each other, but nobody fired. The other two warlords, men and women in burkas with their children, got out of the car. A lively debate broke out and it only took a small spark to make a massacre. Fortunately, the parties calmed down. The three warlords withdrew to a room to consult. They argued for more than an hour when the door finally opened and they came out.

"We agreed. The innkeeper will continue to have the opportunity to pursue external activities. One of the daughters of each of the three families will be married to Mohamed Khan. In this way, everyone will be present in the same way and no one will be preferred to the others. ” The big wedding was a week later. It was still talked about in the area after many years. Rashid Khan delivered a lot of information to his boss.

Two years later

Rashid said: "The CIA has finished the operation. A lot of information was analyzed, but they found no really important data. The area has become much safer since the three warlords made friends. And you and your women play an important role. Unfortunately, I also have bad news. The effect of Devenport Serum is permanent. You are Afghans for the rest of your lives. But you, John and Elza, with your little daughter, will be brought back to the USA. ”

"And what shall we do there, my brother? We don't even speak English. I tried to learn it again, but it didn't work. I can't even say hello without an accent. Hassina had got used to wearing a burka. Is she getting used to not wearing it now? What about my other women and my other children? No! I am Mohamed Khan, who has four wives and currently three children and two of his wives are pregnant. Hassina is expecting our second child and hopes that she will have more. But what about you brother? What if you also got married? All three Warlord families have single daughters who would suit you! "Mohamed said.

"I am glad that you are not angry with me and that you regard me as your brother. I never had a real family, just the street. The Kabul Kid stuck to me as a derisive name, but I got used to it and endured it for a long time. But now look at my ID! I am Rashid Khan! I owe that partly to you, my brother, and I am happy with you. As for the wedding, I think it wouldn't be bad to get married. Do you think, my brother, that I would be a good husband who could feed four women," he asked and everyone laughed.