Veiled PAGE


Part 1

The Hotel (Devenport serum 1)

by T_G

The widow Suzan Fuller and her daughter, 21-year-old Gloria, visited London. They lodged in a small suburban hotel. The only free room was next to a Muslim family who was praying too loudly. Gloria knocked on the door after the first prayer. A black-veiled girl opened the door. A dense black veil covered her completely. From her eyes, she only saw two oval nets. Then Gloria introduced herself and told her why she had come. The veiled girl introduced herself as Fadela Hussein and she was 24 years old.  She promised to be quieter. So they remained. The walls of the hotel were still thin, but it didn't bother anymore. Already the next day they visited museums and exhibitions in the city, but it soon got boring for Gloria. "I don't understand my daughter! There are so many beautiful attractions not to be missed! Then what would you like to see? All those tickets I bought in advance shall I throw them away now? " "I don't know what I want, Mom, but I've seen enough attractions," Gloria replied. When they had returned to their room at noon, they could hear loud Arab arguments next door. Gloria knocked again. The veiled girl opened the door and Gloria heard her weeping. "What's the matter? Can I help you? "Gloria asked. "We are here because I' m so excited to see it all. My father had promised me, but we cannot leave due to mother's veil. “ "Then take off the veil! Or does your father not allow it? " " That's not the problem. We have no other clothes, and if so, my mother is not willing to show herself without her veil, because she is too religious! However, my father is not willing to accompany me. I may take off the veil, but then I am not allowed to go anywhere." "Fadela, to whom are you talking?" asked a man in the room. "The neighbor girl I told you about," said the veiled girl. " Please ask her to come in and don't talk at the door," said the man. Gloria entered at her gesture. She merely noticed that she was wearing black gloves under her veil. There the man sat at the table and his black-veiled wife on a pillow next to the wall. They were introduced to her as Omar and Mahdia Hussein. "Thank you Saalam Aleykum," Gloria greeted them. "Waaleykum salaam!" "Do you speak Arabic?" the Arab girl wondered. "Since I was always bad at mathematics, I had to learn Arabic as a foreign language to get a good grade in the final examinations. And I studied hard. I have a good comprehension of language. " said Gloria in Arabic. " You speak our language very well. You hardly have an accent! " he said and laughed. "Fadela told me what her problem is. Maybe I can help her." "And how?" Fadela asked curiously. " I will convince my mother to take you with her until you become as bored as I am now. " "Great idea! Do you agree, father? Please. " "Okay, I am," said the man. "But my Lord! We don't even know her! What if they simply kidnapped our daughter," the veiled woman protested. "Don't be so silly! You believe too much of what you hear in the mosque," he said. "That's not amusing at all! I insist on more security! Otherwise, I won't let my daughter go. And she can't go undisguised! It is not allowed in our religion! The Muslim woman became truly poisonous. "But mother this is not written anywhere! Islam does not command it," protested the veiled girl. Again it knocked on the door. Suzan was searching after her daughter. Fadela also introduced her to her parents. She was told what they were arguing about. It was a bit difficult because the Arab women only spoke Arabic and Suzan only spoke English. "I would suggest that Fadela join me. We will find something suitable for her in my daughter's wardrobe and I will leave Gloria as a hostage with you," Suzan said laughing. "Me as a hostage? That's a joke," laughed Gloria. "Yes, hostage! This girl will be my daughter if my daughter doesn't come back! But I want that in writing! I insist on that", the veiled woman said with deadly seriousness. "But Mama! You are being exaggerated," Fadela protested. " For me, that is no problem at all. You will hopefully come back, won't you," Gloria asked with a grin. They wrote a contract in Arabic and English. Everyone signed it. " Now I feel more confident," Mahdia said a little more relaxed.   Suzan and Fadela went to the neighbouring room and Gloria stayed by the Arab couple.   Fadela chose a conservative dress from Gloria's clothes. Jeans and jacket, a colorful t-shirt, panties, bra, pantyhose, sandals, and jerseys. In the meantime, she looked at Gloria's sexy clothes. Tangles, lace bra, short top, mini skirt, short perforated shoes. "I want to try it all on," she thought excitedly. On their way back to the Husseins, Suzan teased the Arab girl: "You look like an English girl coming out of a solarium. "Fadela, you look great," her father said. "It's a scandal! Changing your clothes immediately, my daughter," Mahdia angrily grumbled. "But Mama! These are very discreet clothes," said Fadela. "You should see Gloria's sexy clothes first", the Arab girl thought and smiled. "Don't let my wife drive you crazy! I'm inviting everyone to lunch," Omar said. "All right! But if Fadela is allowed to dress up as an English girl, Gloria has to dress up as an Arab girl! She should wear Fadela's veils," said Mahdia sternly. "Why not? I am very curious how pretty my daughter will look like an Arab girl," Suzan said laughing. "All right! Until evening I will play the role of the veiled Arab girl," Gloria said. Mahdia grabbed Gloria's hand and accompanied her to Fadela's room. The small windowless room must have been a wardrobe at some time. A small bed and a closet just fitted in. Mahdia opened the closet and took black clothes out of it, while Gloria undressed in the meantime. Mahdia gave her long trousers and shirt, stockings, shoes, abaya, hijab. All in black. Then she tied the niqab in front of her face and pulled the gloves on her. Gloria observed herself in the mirror through two little slits in the niqab. Only her blue eyes betrayed that there was no Arab girl under the niqab. On top, she pulled a burka on her. Gloria could only look dimly through the two small oval nets. "Perfect! As if you were Fadela, a real Arab Muslimah," Mahdia said and stroked the veiled girl. "You are so gorgeous, you English girl, in those black veils!  I do not understand my daughter's refusal to wear it! "Mahdia said. At first, Gloria was completely blind, but her vision adapted, even though it was all grey in front of her. Her breathing was difficult due to the thick fabrics, but she enjoyed her new dress. For the next few hours, she will be Fadela. As long as she would be able to stand to be a veiled Muslimah. "Look, I'm bringing here a simple Muslim-Arab girl!" Mahdia proudly presented the black-veiled Gloria as they went back to the others.

Part 2

"Now you look like you're Fadela!" Suzan smiled when she saw her daughter, more precisely the black veil that completely covered her. "But if you be Fadela, then I am Gloria. Please give me your ID and you'll get mine," said the Arab girl and laughed. "And how are you feeling among the veils, Fadela?" Suzan asked. "Thank you, it is all right. Wearing a niqab and a burka is not as bad as I expected. I was afraid I couldn't see anything and could hardly breathe, but I can see everything right in front of my eyes, albeit gray. Otherwise, if I want to look around I have to turn my head, as these two little nets restrict my field of vision very much. And I get a bit difficult air. It's a tight, warm, dense dress. I will hardly be able to get used to it," Gloria said. "Your veils are not just a piece of clothing, my daughter! It's so heavy and hot because it has to be so dense. It's all about hiding you from the men's eyes. And as you can see, the veils completely cover your body, my pretty Fadela," she said. This English girl was a great delight to her. Without controversy, she had put on the black veils and she was happy about how well she behaved in them. She wondered if she should pray with the veiled girl. At least she wanted to try! Maybe she will become a common Arab girl! An obedient Muslim girl and not as stubborn as her real daughter! "Then let's go. You are an Arab girl, Fadela and don't speak a word of English. Gloria is now an English girl and does not speak Arabic. Agreed?" asked Omar. Everyone nodded. Omar, Suzan and "Gloria" walked ahead, three steps apart, followed by Mahdia and "Fadela", whispering in Arabic. And Mahdia talked about her culture, religion and why she wears a veil, what it means to be an Arab woman. "Fadela" listened with interest. When occasionally she didn't understand a thing, she asked after that, Mahdia was delighted because the veiled girl listened closely when she explained something to her. She showed her "daughter" how to behave in a restaurant and how to eat properly veiled. For now, she liked being disguised. She turned her head around to see it all. "Don't wiggle your head so conspicuously, my daughter! Mahdia whispered to her, "That's improper!“ "But I can hardly see anything! It's as if I had to look through a small hole," Fadela whispered back. "Then let it go, Fadela! Get used to staring straight ahead, and whenever you have to look around sometimes, then very slowly, so that nobody else will see how curious you are! "And what should I do if I have to pee? It has been a long time since I was put into all these clothes," asked the veiled girl. "There is a gap in your panties so that we don't get into trouble," the Arab answered. Fadela's eyes started to get used to the veil. It bothered her less and less that she was veiled. " Being Fadela, I learn a lot about the life of Arab women, and Mahdia talks about everything so captivating. It's much more interesting than looking at pictures in an exhibition. The veil also makes it all the more interesting. I feel like an Arab girl going for a walk with her mother," she thought. When they arrived at the restaurant, Mahdia and Fadela then had to sit at the table next to Omar, Suzan, and Gloria. "Here's a male waiter! We are not allowed to speak a word with him", Mahdia warned her "daughter". " But then how do we order?" asked Fadela. "Your father will order us something. Don't be afraid that he will order something incompatible with our religion," said the Muslim woman. "Then we eat Arabic. I hope it will taste good," Fadela thought. When the waiter arrived, Omar asked: "Do you have halal?" "We have excellent lamb." "Bring it to my wife and daughter! And two cold mineral glasses of water. Until then we will have chosen something for ourselves," Omar said. The lamb was very tasty. "Fadela" has never eaten anything like this before and she liked it. When she drank the mineral water, she felt that she had to pee. She spoke quietly to the Arab. Omar called the waiter and he showed her the way. Using the toilet was easier than expected. She hadn't soiled herself. There she met two girls. "How can you properly use the toilet in this dress?" "Fadela" shook her veiled head as if she hadn't understood what she was saying to her. The other girl repeated the question with bad Arabic pronunciation. "Fadela" explained it to them in Arabic. The two girls giggled. She was in no hurry to return to the others. The Arab girl interpreted. "Fadela" smiled behind the veil. She liked the idea that they thought they were talking to a real Arab girl. She told them what she had heard from Mahdia. When she returned, the table was empty to her dismay. Nobody was there anymore! "Where should I go now? I can hardly find anything in this veil. What will I do if I can't find them?" she thought anxiously. Luckily for her. They waited for her outside the restaurant. "Where were you so long, daughter? I started to think that something wasn't right," Mahdia complained. "Sorry, mother! But I talked to two English girls and we forgot the time about it," said the veiled girl. "That was very naughty, Fadela. Your parents were worried about you. And you also kept me and my daughter waiting," Suzan said smiling. "Excuse me, Mrs. Fuller! I'm sorry you had to wait for me with your daughter Gloria," Fadela replied and laughed. "In the meantime, my mother and I have agreed on the afternoon program," said Gloria. Mahdia said: "We want to visit the nearby Fadela Mosque and your father goes to the bathhouse." "Can't we go to a bathhouse instead?" "We'll go to the bathhouse tomorrow! Today is men's day. The bath will only be open for women tomorrow." Mahdia explained to her that on one day only men were in the Muslim bath and on another day only female guests were allowed. Suzan and her daughter left, the veiled girl and her mother went to the mosque. They entered the building through a side entrance. The mosque was large and looked even bigger from the inside. Fadela tried to look at everything in the mosque despite her veils. Mahdia took the girl's gloved hand and led it to the prayer mats. "Now we pray. That's why we came here, not to look at the mosque! "But I am not a Muslimah, I cannot pray," whispered Fadela. "Nonsense! You are my daughter Fadela. And it's easy to pray. I will explain to you the way." It wasn't complicated. Other veiled women also prayed in the room. "Fadela" prayed with them. She knelt, touched the carpet with her veiled forehead, stood up and spoke the prayer text as if she were a real Muslim girl. She didn't even notice how time passed. Mahdia grabbed her hand. "Let's go home, Fadela! Maybe your father has already come home," Mahdia said. "Is it that late already? How long have we been here," she wondered. "We've been praying for almost three hours, my daughter," Mahdia said and was very satisfied. "Fadela and Mahdia hurried back to the hotel. On their way she asked her "daughter" about how she had enjoyed the mosque. "Everything was very interesting. The prayer calmed me down. I had forgotten everything around me.“ Mahdia smiled behind the veil. Her new daughter was better than the old one. When they reached the hotel, Mahdia asked for the key and they went to the room. She pulled out a Koran and handed it to her "daughter". "I wish you would read aloud to me until your father comes home. My eyes can no longer see it so well. “ "No wonder! I can hardly see anything myself," thought Fadela. They sat down on the pillows on the wall and "Fadela" recited aloud for her "mother". In the meantime, she thought about what had happened to her that afternoon. She lived as a veiled Muslim girl, even prayed in the mosque and read the Koran now to her "mother". If someone had told her that before, she would have laughed at him! But now it became more and more exciting for her. After an hour Omar came back.

Part 3

Mahdia stood up, went to her husband, knelt before him and greeted him. "Fadela," noticed her " father " watching her and waiting for her. She realized that he was waiting to be greeted by her in the same way.  So she did. After all, she is Fadela, Omar's daughter, and if she was expected to do this, she had to do it. Omar smiled at her.  Mahdia was very happy. The veiled Gloria did what she should. "Go change your clothes now and make dinner afterward," the man ordered. Gloria was upset to have to remove the veil. She found it so exciting to be an Arab girl! To her surprise, Mahdia didn't hand her old clothes, but another black dress and a veil. "As long as you're covered like your mother, you can talk to Fadela next door." "Fadela" knocked on the neighbors' door. "Gloria" opened the door and said: "Come in Fadela and talk about your day. Then I want to recount where I have gone with my mother. “ The veiled girl sat down on a chair and told her what she had experienced that afternoon. "Gloria" then told "Fadela" where she was with her mother everywhere. "Gloria" wore a white jacket, a white T-shirt and a knee-length skirt. The heels of her fashionable shoes were higher than the sandals she was wearing before. Also, she had applied more makeup now. " How does it feel to be a veiled Muslim girl, "Fadela"? And how was praying at the mosque to you? "Suzan asked friendly interested. "Thank you so much for asking me, Mrs. Fuller. The veil almost doesn't bother me anymore, although it's still very dense and hot and visibility is very limited, but I've got used to it well. And the prayer has touched me deeply. "said the veiled girl. It knocked. "Gloria" went to open the door. "Your father and mother are here. They invite us to dinner. I don't think your mother will like my dress. Maybe she thinks it's too overt. Of course, she's not right, it's just less decent than my previous one," Gloria said and laughed. Now Mahdia and Fadela were sitting in the restaurant again eating halal dishes that Fadela liked so much. Again she had to go to the toilet, but this time she found her way alone. She secretly hoped she would meet the two English girls again, but of course, they were not there. After dinner, "Gloria" went to the veiled girl and said: "I go to the cinema with my mother. We'd invite you, too, but I think you'll have to hurry home soon. " "Yes. It's almost prayer time and we'll go to bed early! "Mahdia said. The veiled girl wanted to protest, but Mahdia grabbed her arm. "You are "Fadela", the veiled Arab girl, my Muslim daughter and therefore you have to respect the prayer times," the Arab woman whispered in her ear. "But I was only supposed to replace your daughter by the evening," the veiled girl whispered back. "Suzan and I have considered that if you would stay with us during the holidays and Fadela with her, each of you would have an unforgettable holiday. It's only for two weeks! You will see, it will certainly be very exciting for you," Omar said. Mahdia didn't agree, but she didn't want to contradict him. Otherwise, it also has a good point, as the new "Fadela" is much more receptive and obedient than the old one. She behaves like a well educated Muslim girl already now. She had prayed with her for hours in the mosque, and she enjoyed it very much. The real Fadela would have never done that! She grabbed the veiled girl's gloved hand and pressed it tight. In the end, "Fadela" nodded. She had persevered for one day, so why not two weeks. "Fadela" shook her veiled head and said: "Unfortunately, I cannot go to the cinema with you now, as my mother said, we have to go home." On their way home, the veiled woman told her that she was originally the wife of Omar's brother. After the death of her husband, Omar married her so that she and her daughter would not be left alone. That is common there. I fear my second husband cannot have children. So they had only one daughter. "Fadela" was listening interestedly. She understood why she was so attached to her. She hadn't minded going to the movies at all. Mahdia could speak so interestingly. Then she learned that Mahdia had been trying to get her daughter into marriage for years, but Fadela had always refused. Either she said she didn't want to marry the chosen groom or she behaved so badly that the other family refused. "And now she is 24 years old! Much too old to get married! Nobody will still be willing to marry her! She remains alone and we do not get a grandson with her. To get you married would be much easier because you are only 21 years old! "Mahdia laughed and was amazed to see how great it would be if she could finally have her daughter married. The Arab woman showed "Fadela" a dozen photos of her daughter's former fiancée: "You see! These were Fadela's fiancées. Which one would you like best? " Fadela looked at the photos one by one. She chose one and showed it to her "mother". "This is Mohammed. He was really in love with my daughter and could hardly bear her rejection. He comes not only from a good but also from a very wealthy family. Could be a good husband to you. He would like you very much," she said. When she went to bed, Mahdia accompanied the veiled girl into the small room. "Goodnight, Fadela! I sleep in the veil, but it is not obligatory for you. If you want, you can take it off, because nobody can see you here, but I hope you give it a try, daughter! A good Muslim girl always sleeps veiled," Mahdia said and closed the door as she left. "How am I supposed to fall asleep in veils," Gloria thought. She turned off the light and went to bed without taking off her veils. She fell asleep after only a minute. The next morning Mahdia and Fadela took a shower and put on the freshly washed black dresses and their veils. "How did you sleep in the veil, my daughter?" Mahdia asked. "Very good. I thought I wouldn't be able to sleep, but I fell asleep immediately. “ "You slept so deep, Fadela, I could barely wake you for morning prayer." Mahdia and Fadela laughed heartily. They liked each other more and more. When they arrived at the baths, Mahdia gave her a box. "Fadela" took off her clothes and opened it. There was a black burkini inside, a Muslim swimsuit that left face and hands-free, but the box contained an extra pair of gloves and a strange mask. The mask covered her face, only two small dark lenses were visible. A tube above secured her breathing. "Fadela" looked at herself in the mirror. The swimsuit covered her just like the veil. Even the color was black. It knocked at the door. "Are you ready, Fadela?" she heard Mahdias voice, quite distorted. When he opened it, Mahdia was wearing the same burkini. "My pretty Burkini daughter!" "My pretty Burkini mama," her voice had the same distortion. Many women wore Burkini. Some also wore a mask. Fadela taught Mahdia how to swim and she was very grateful. Fadela" asked why they wore such a swimsuit when they were surrounded only by women. Mahdia explained to her that only her husband was allowed to see her face when he wanted to. Mahdia knew of marriages where the man had never seen his wife's face before.

Part 4

In the evening they all met at the hotel. Omar insisted that "Fadela" speak only Arabic. "Fadela" found it funny that she had to speak Arabic to her real mother in black veils, while Omar translated it into English, the other way around she had to pretend she couldn't understand her real mother and Omar had to translate it from English into Arabic. Wondering how she would ever explain this to her friends. "Gloria" did not say a word in Arabic. She played the Englishwoman who only speaks English. She wore a fashionable dress and had dyed her hair blond. She wore a golden chain with a golden cross on her neck. Smiling, she looked at the two veiled women, on their pillows, and thought. "How much better is this life than their life!“ Mahdia looked at Gloria angrily and thought: "This is not my daughter! Only an English girl that has nothing to do with her could be in this dress. She is even wearing a cross as if she were a Christian!  She turned her head to the side and looked at the black-veiled girl who kneeled next to her and who spoke only Arabic. I wish you were my daughter! It's a pity that this perfect state will end in a few days! Then I will again quarrel with my real daughter to finally get her married. And how could she persuade her to wear a veil again? Suzan smiled at her real daughter. If she likes the veil so much, I'll buy her one that she could always wear at home. Then she said: "Fadela! I'm thirsty. Would you please bring me a glass of water? " "Yes, Mrs. Fuller. I'll take care of it.", said the veiled girl. "Bring me one too, Fadela! I'm thirsty too," said "Gloria". "Yes, Miss Fuller," Fadela said and bowed. "How obedient this Arab girl is," said "Gloria" and laughed. Mahdia replied: "Not like some other girls!" Gloria knew what she was thinking. But she just smiled. Omar translated the dialogue. He remembered what his wife had told to him, how well she got along with the new veiled girl. "Maybe it would be better if this girl stayed with us," he thought. "Fadela" came back with a small tray of two glasses of water. She bowed and placed it on the table. "Thank you, Fadela!" said the women. The veiled girl went back to her "mother" and knelt next to her on the pillow on the wall. "Good Fadela! Sit with your mother in your black veils! You should wear them for me," Gloria thought and smiled. Fadela's life was simple. In the morning she went with her "mother" to the bathing house or they took a walk. They talked a lot. Mahdia could talk about everything so well and "Fadela" could listen well. In the afternoon they prayed for hours in the mosque. "Fadela" got used to it more and more. And her deeply religious "mother" seemed to be very happy with her. Why not "Fadela" loved to please her. Wearing the veils too was now easier for her. Sometimes she even forgot that she was wearing them. Each evening everybody was in the hotel again. "Fadela" had got used to wearing a veil around the clock, and everyone treated her like a Muslim Arab girl. In front of the mosque, Fadela saw Gloria. She wore a very sexy dress. She wore a short top, a very short mini skirt, sexy stockings, and high heels. She stood together with a handsome young man and talked to him. Then the young man hugged the blonde girl, kissed her and left. "Glad Mahdia didn't see that!  However, if she doesn't want to go back, what happens to her? Does she like her new free life so much that she leaves me here? Will I have to wear the veil forever?" thought the veiled girl and for the first time, she felt fear. When the two weeks were up, the real Gloria, who was still wearing the black veil, met the real Arab girl. The blonde girl's skin looked much lighter, almost white. Her eyes were so strange. Somehow it wasn't the eyes of an Arab girl anymore. "It was nice to be a veiled Muslim girl, but now it's time to stop! We're going home tomorrow," Gloria's voice was heard behind the niqab. "It was great! I enjoyed it. Come on, I'll show you something! " she said. The black-veiled girl followed the blonde. What does she want to show me? As she entered the room, she felt a sting on her arm. "Oh! What are you doing?" she asked angrily. The blonde girl quickly hid the injection needle. Gloria got weaker. She was forced to sit down. The blonde girl took off her veil and the hijab. Gloria hadn't shown her face to anyone for two weeks, but suddenly her face got darker and darker until she looked like an Arab. Her features also began to change. Her blue eyes turned brown in a matter of seconds. Only the blond hair betrayed the former Gloria. But the other girl took hair dye and dyed her hair black. Now Gloria saw Fadela's face in the mirror. "That's fantastic! My husband was right. You must know, I got married yesterday. The young man that you saw with me. I fell in love so much. Now I tell you everything. My husband is involved in genetic research and has developed a serum that changes people. When a new gene meets the old one, it will be overwritten! I tried the serum. I have used your genes. Have you noticed how bright my skin is? Due to the low dosage, it takes longer than with you, but I will soon be the blonde English Gloria with blue eyes. That was always my dream! My husband says that my Arabic language will be lost. It's a side effect, but I'm not sorry about it. I am Gloria Devenport, née Gloria Fuller. You become Fadela Hussein. I gave you the full dose so the effect would start immediately. You're already a black-haired, dark-skinned Arab girl. My genes have already overwritten yours! The hair dye only covers your current blonde hair. Black hair grows underneath. So long, Fadela! "said the blonde girl with a laugh and left her. "Fadela" had to remain sitting. When she could move again, Mahdia, Omar, and Suzan came in. "There is my biological daughter! I see that you have already changed, but why don't you put on the veil? You know, Fadela, we don't like to show you without a veil! "Mahdia said seriously. "Where is my daughter? Where is Gloria?", Suzan asked. "I am Gloria! I know it's hard to believe, but it is," said the black-haired girl in Arabic. No matter what she tried, she couldn't speak English anymore. She told them in Arabic what had happened to her. Suzan did not believe Omar's words as he translated for the Arab girl. But Suzan asked her questions only Gloria could answer. Omar translated for her. Suzan was shocked by the answers. No doubt! The Arab girl was Gloria! But that is impossible! Impossible and yet true! Mahdia went to the Arab girl and gave her the hijab and the veil. Fadela had no objections. That was also the effect of the serum. It made her obedient. "But why are you harassing my daughter? We'd better find a doctor! You have to change that again," said Suzan. "Not necessary! She is my daughter! She is Fadela! Have you forgotten what you signed? If my daughter doesn't come back to me, your daughter will be my daughter! And where do you want to go? Who would believe you? This is Fadela, an Arab girl who only knows Arabic and is genetically my daughter! You can't take my daughter away from me," Mahdia said for sure. "Don't you want to lose your daughter, don't you want her to be far away from you? Do you want to see her every day? "Omar asked Suzan. "Of course I do! Whatever happened, she is my daughter! "Suzan said and embraced the black-veiled girl. "I don't think the process is reversible. Better you get used to it. For two weeks now she has been Fadela, the veiled Muslim Arab, our daughter. It should be a game. And believe me, I liked this game! But now she has actually turned into Fadela and the game is over," Omar said. "I don't know what to do," Suzan said desperately. "The solution is that you, Suzan, get treated with the serum and Mahdias genes are injected into you. Then I will marry you and you will live with us in Saudi Arabia and wear the veil like Mahdia and Fadela. "Omar said.

Part 5

Epilogue The Devenport couple got rich. Gloria enjoyed the prosperity of her husband. The secret service confiscated his invention but paid him a large sum. As the serum appeared at the black market Gloria tried to get in. Soon, however, she was seriously threatened and she got scared and withdrew quickly. There were only a few confidants. When she received an anonymous letter, she immediately understood the message.

Omar and his two wives:

Mahdia and Sura (Suzan) played a lot with their grandchildren. Sura quickly got used to the black veil. Niqab and Burka covered her brown skin and eyes. She couldn't speak English anymore because she had received the Devenport serum. She had become a good second woman to her husband. An obedient religious Arab woman who could have been Mahdias twin sister. Indeed, she was even genetically. Mahdia was happy with the second wife. Most of the tasks were now done by Sura, but they cooked and bought together. Now she had someone to pray within the mosque. There the three black-veiled women prayed every day. Mohammed proved to be a good husband to Fadela. He took care of Sura's grandchildren and that Fadela could enjoy a good Muslim life. He was still in love with his wife, but he was also strict with her. He never let her go alone anywhere and Fadela was never seen without the black veil. He rarely looked behind his wife's veil. Only once a year: on her wedding day.